I'm sorry revengeance were filming me literally literally what it what all right so do you guys it's not some blocks out of the video drop it right here hi guys I'm here with these three dorks and take a little quiz for them mom today I'm gonna find out how well guys know periods oh I forgot my scantron I'm actually pretty good at grammar so I think I'm going to Ace this yep it's just let's just what you guys can work together on this oh my baby sobbing I'm gonna english-made you by the way I'm all about excavation point okay whew semicolon it's like not a colon myth like a semi party you don't lock the Oxford comma oh there's no drama with that ought to tell them oh wow anyways I just picked out a few random questions so you guys can work together on this okay I just want to get it girls or guys no periods because this topic is avoided at all costs by men either throat and one each one always no mom I have to go call your boss that she's calling you hear my mom yelling so what's up easy okay the vagina sorry just guessing did you get it did I get you right okay I think it had to be one in sec okay why do girls in their period because the uterine skin sheds every month so I don't know the rest of it I just know there's eggs there is eggs because that's how God made you isn't it we're like the computers can in check I don't know I don't know if the correct terminology for this is like the steps every month or there's a cycle of ovulation that's going on you know and lastly if you have chocolate you should prob hand it over true and I learned that your baby dodged the question the bee was like yes so there's this Oviatt final answer okay show me just to read you what the internet says like this's what the answer is it's like one of yours what type egg is not the heck is not a tranquilizer yeah it's not fertilized so a new X combination so every Monday so the uterus lining gets thicker to prepare for a fertilized egg if the woman becomes pregnant and the angle the table oh the egg does not get fertilized cell lining is released from the body as blood knows Oh so I feel like you guys what kind of clothes I got that I think it's not about the Bible I'm pretty sure that was in the Bible though mom do period class on average like what's the average period six inches wait like for five days I'm gonna 5 to a week yeah oh I think it's up to like a wreath of white like dislike I'm trying to remember how much chocolate did by my ex-girlfriend okay so yeah so the average period is two days also don't because some girls not get period because like nutrient deficiencies there's a bunch of different factors that go into how long period is how often you get your period actually it's like a lot of girls are on birth control do we get a break so I get extra credit for that do we get extra credit did you feel more in depth about that yeah well you see when the when the uterine lining sheds in the fallopian tube then there's the clitoris is the anatomically correct structure and that then Falls and I used all the vagina words I know how often are you supposed to change a tampon I'm gonna go with the hygienic way of saying every time you feel like it's time to change it there's like no I can't without the bullshit you say hey when it's the right time I think it's the right time don't let you go clients and took my flow X physics over oh I love for good carry the one know every I'm gonna say oh my god delicious twice a day tall for show yeah probably like once in the morning maybe one at night okay you're like maybe like five times ago around every four hours ha I knew it I don't change my tampon day it's really good to be even go longer but you can probably go four to six hours you're asleep like depends what yeah I but then also in your laying down your books open like it like it will flow more like you're on their side oh I'm just gonna say show you a vampire what does the period blood consists of oh it looks liek so it's blood as well as extra tissue for the uterine lining so it's tissue tissues whatever it's human body part um what does PMS stand for Oh post vanish for Sigma self-contained underwater breathing apparatus menopause most men still snowing no no remnants it wasn't a QT Perry song I'm sorry I know in from there but awareness is it folks either post menopause I think why would it be push men upon us and so why would that ever be the way alrights post the meander menstrual syndrome I want to say cycle with that stairs I know I did to a post Malone yes it's congratulations platinum you got post Malone symptoms I got post virtual symptom jet clothes premenstrual syndrome oh there's our five questions wait woman hang out together a lot like what usually happens there period I was like they make friends although that this has not been like it's scientifically proven every woman knows that like it's somehow they're up and they tried to do Studies on it but they are way to prove it all right oh yes I love what it goes back to that okay when menstruating if there a time when the bleeding stopped yeah wait you didn't ask that it sounds like a situation yet to be in oh when you're sleeping he's correct you're sleeping you're not you're having sex no you're in a desert is kneeling with Santa Claus no when you're swimming because the master won't let is a counter a bitch successful it's the pressure the water pressure on the outside we go swimming on the work on this you think I'm on my period I guess I mean they just this yacht soon because like you feel fat I feel fellas you're beautiful what's like the do a nice nice day everybody results our last question trying to name some common period soap dos loading loading bleeding we are true maybe a little more emotional brands oops like pain right here any loading sure Friday I'm just trying to think yeah yeah I get not shithead I lost everything young turn into a Velociraptor yep headed I'm on birth control do you float away that's why there's a string well thanks for watching this video channel we tried our best guys like they did actually pretty good I just use a lot of buzzwords yeah I feel like they I'd like talking about periods makes guys uncomfortable some glad that you guys face that comfortable what's that man whoop it up finicky riders n if you're uncomfortable by it it's Plex symptom when you get your period I knew that all right well thank you guys for taking a little quiz ago sit pretty okay you guys said all right I strive for pretty okay yeah don't smell like a seat you gotta be the okay I was voted it was pretty okay thank you alright guys what we did other videos on their channel so make sure to click the links below to check those all out and yeah thank you guys and hopefully your periods don't suck period period

20 thoughts on “TESTING GUYS ON PERIOD KNOWLEDGE (ft. react cast)”

  1. I'm 13 and I first got my period when I was 11 but then after the first time for 2 days it stopped and it has not happened since then

  2. Eric, if your uterine lining is shedding *into your Fallopian tubes*, then you have some very strange anatomy and should see a doctor.

  3. 0:27– 0:50 shes literally just sitting there like "shut the hell up already" 🤣
    3:17 "how Long do periods last on average" "6 inches" lmao🤣

  4. 10 days once every 5 weeks for me. But after traveling for a month or so I get a two month light bleed period

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