22 thoughts on “Terence McKenna – The Tree Of Knowledge – [COMPLETE 10 HOUR TALK]”

  1. "1000mg of MDMA could kill someone"…
    My partyman and i took dosages 500mg per person [had hardcore hallucinations] one night in 6 hours we took around 3000mg… we didn't die but my liver and stomach are fucked up ever since… but can't lie it hit me harder then LSD i took a week ago…

    Now very interesting trips we had… Like i could recognize 3 colors green,red,blue… every other color is either green or red or blue… xmpl yellow>green,purple>blue etc… Seeing other people faces on wrong people [face swap even voice swaps sometimes],music with so many tunes that i could never usually hear,tattoos all over the body,hair color changing,sometimes i would see someone trying to give me something the next second i am in a middle of party holding a hand in air trying to grab that "thing" [hallucination]… We even had a moment of sharing girl…
    Things get nasty with MDMA boundaries disappear,pure love i think…
    Had hard time stopping…

  2. I'd recommend the 5g in silent darkness, but I did just that and all I did was trip balls. However when I took a quarter oz in silent darkness shit hit the fan and all of the sudden I was in the middle of a conversation with an ancient entity all the while laughing so hard I could barely breathe

    So I recommend 7g or more because 5g didn't do it for me, and I only weigh 105 lbs! Idk maybe those mushrooms were weak or some shit

    And if you feel like you met your maker on mushrooms, you probably did because we actually split off from fungi billions of years ago.

  3. Terence was a true blessing to all of humanity and I thoroughly enjoy listening to his lectures. His knowledge and love lives on through us all. You only hear it when you’re listening; and here we are, with open minds, eyes, ears and hearts.

  4. If you wanna have a great ass time, pack a bowl, turn on some LED's, play this video with a 10 hour chillstep mix in the background.

    Smoke that shit, sit, then pack another bowl

  5. 57:59 If one witnesses birth with no understanding of labor
    1:00:00 What’s wrong with DMT?
    2:58:25 Book on Octopus communication
    3:10:13 Terrence’s brother’s observations on mushrooms
    3:47:24 High dose psilocybin

  6. What a mind and great thought process he has! But I am glad I never listened to him until now. His I ching conclusion of Dec 22, 2012 would have been disastrous if was aware. I would have been on a mountain top tripping on mushrooms after having given all my worldly possessions away, awaiting for the "new age". next morning I would have woke up with a hangover and wondering WTF am I going to do now!

  7. Had to laugh at 49:40 when he mentioned the hole in the ozone. I remember when that was the globally peddled fear prom of the day after global cooling, then warming, now change=anything.

  8. Check out Terence McKenna meme's on Google images. They're great! & Create some if you can create!

  9. I enjoy his speculation on the Transcendence and his look at deeper things whether true or not true. But I can't help feel like an outcast when I read the comments. Am I the only libertarian conservative person that finds psychedelic use absolutely critical. You can't all just be burn it down communist right? And if so i think we all miss the point that we dont actually understand much.

    This is probably an unfair assumption but this comment will hopefully attract the exact type of people i mean.

  10. Lol what if the space wars in science fiction etc were actually going on in the dmt realm and you needed to trip to see them

  11. What an absolutely brilliant scholar! Thank you for keeping McKenna's research & recorded lectures alive.

  12. These long compilatons are great. I've heard much of it maybe two or three times before but going to sleep to let Terence's wisdom enter my dreamworld is such a pleasure. Normally I just have quiet for sleeping but Terence has that kind of voice and humor and the rest of it. Takes me back to another time yet the things he says are as current as the dawn. Nice to wake up to as well. Very special person.

  13. one of the greatest things to observe from our perspective.
    terrence not only describes a perfect DMT trip in This, but on the last day he actually goes through all of history via time-wave zero.
    history in the making

  14. Reminds me of the conversations I use to have with my dad when I was young. Many nights under the stars.

  15. It wasn't just his choice of words, but the perspective which so anxiously dripped like blood from his jaw.

  16. Any ideas for other highquality, long lectures from other artists (i think that's a proper description for this mouth-magician)? I realised I do not enjoy a lot of media anymore, but this elegant piece of thought got me listening to it for 4 hrs in one session.

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