Terence McKenna – Search For The Original Tree Of Knowledge, Workshop, 1992

46 thoughts on “Terence McKenna – Search For The Original Tree Of Knowledge, Workshop, 1992”

  1. probably one of the greatest tools in trying to reach people I find this talk to be. the whole link between the birth of agriculture and and ego/concept of ownership is perfect. and it makes so much sense. even the most indoctrinated must be able to see. It's just so beautifully and at the same time, simply put.

  2. I have no interest in movies that are over 2 hours, can't sit through an entire baseball game, and get bored during car races. But 10 and a half hours of McKenna? No problem. I'm in.

  3. Terence certainly was prophetic, I had know idea that the US would elect a facsit 40 yea=s later .

  4. William Blake was said to see things like this nearly all the time even while awake (angel like beings in trees and so on). It is possible Blake had a higher than normal output of DMT?

  5. tree of knowledge location https://i-h2.pinimg.com/originals/a8/d2/07/a8d207049bba9aebf5e74d053d4c4d49.png from https://www.pinterest.com/scjtuezday/four-theory-and-or-physic-my-four-theory-quantum-p/ justin

  6. Does anyone know if there is a video of this lecture? He has visuals he is referring to, would be splendid to have these references. Of course just listening to this whilst working in the garden seems to be enough to launch new pathways of thinking. Thanks for putting these on here, I will quote a phrase I recently heard on one of these, "the beginning is near".

  7. If you wan't to help transcribe this talk, you can here:

    You only have to do 6 minutes. It's about 83% complete so far

  8. 1:44:00 Terence begins speaking about a candidate from outside the political parties of control. It seems that candidate has come, yet many are, as Terence states, unwilling or unable to embrace him.President Trump has exposed the weaving of lies the msm has been perpetrating on the masses. The globalist venture to control has been slowed as America takes a breath.He is not the candidate many wanted but is the shake up, the change, that many, unfortunately also unknowingly and unaware-ingly, need.He is like the treatment for the parasite that has been in control of the masses for those 100 years, the two party system. The ugly tape that covers the nest of the botfly burrowed deep into the passive and melancholic psyche. He remains until the maggot suffocates and can be excised. Then and now as treatment has begun, it is up to the group, us, as a whole to get it together and stop, slow down, before the next snake oil system attempts o Ursurp that parasite which many have been host to for so long.

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  10. Even Dawkins believes in an original Eve and an original Adam; he just doesn't think it happened in an instant, a creation event. It's a matter of degree. There should be many sidespurs if it's a random walk, the product of chance. But we don't have the missing links. The coelacanth still swims in the sea. There's ape; there's man. Man has 23 chromosomes; apes have 24. We can postulate a fusion event; we can reference vestiges. But a vestige, embryonic gill slits or a coccyx, does not mean we've ever been under the sea or had a tail. Even chimps don't have tails. Terry questions the reality of quanta, the demonic abstraction of maths. He doesn't question evolution, because that would spoil his mushroom story. I'm questioning evolution and a geological Timewave. What if, as St. Peter says, "To God, one day is a thousand years; and a thousand years a day." What if what happens tomorrow affects today and yesterday? Effect is the cause. That makes sense, doesn't it? The story is already written, in other words.

  11. Is it me or was he talking about bernie sanders when he said we have to recognize the person who takes up the mantle. teehee

  12. though we both lay here together, we're a hundred worlds apart; different memories, different demons; different spirits, different hearts…though we may embrace each other, eternally we stay alone; though we both lay here together, we' re just two autumn leaves the wind has blown…

  13. How about Demons! really its your eternal salvation.JESUS IS REAL AND THE GOOD NEWS IS IN THE GOSPEL.

  14. he may be wrong or right. just smoke dmt or take high dose psilocybin and there it is. until you do this, please dont even bother posting.

  15. the tree of knowledge in my opinion is science ,internet etc, why else would apple computers have the apple with a bite out of it ???????

  16. Inspirational stuff, all the way. I love this guy and his kind. What a crazy shame that guys like him, or Jacque Fresco are so non existent in the mainstream, and I've got to the age of 37 before discovering them, on YouTube!? 
    'The Machine' sucks…

  17. "1000000 million BC" starring Raquel Welsh and Ringo Star.
    Hollywood has already made a movie about our evolutionary jump lol.

  18. i would say there are points for good intentions, meaning cooperation works together and can be effortless, and conflict takes much effort to sustain.  and i heard that were in school and i feel god is in for conserving novelty so wouldn't drop an asteroid on us, it feels irrelevant and thus not probable or intended.   channelers are considered for smartness because there connecting to the spirit world not cuz there dead.

  19. "We cannot evolve beyond the confines of our language, and if you have a language that makes telepathy impossible then telepathy will be impossible."   T. Mc Kenna  4:27

  20. "A great place to get to on cannibus is when you can say: 'My God!  I've done TOO much!" Been there, done that.  I whole hardheartedly agree that using more, less often, brings better trips.  Otherwise, like he says, if you use a little every day you're simply building a resistance to it's psychedelic effects.  The most profound trip I ever had was when my aunt gave me some Thai stick RESIN the very first time I every smoked it.  Now THAT was a trip!  I shook a lot but I did have an out of body experience.  ( I'm not even a user, I can count the times I've partaken on both hands. )

  21. The CIA promotes cocaine because it calcify the pituitary, but it forbids marijuana because it breaks mind control and brain washing social constructs. 

  22. this is all pseudoscience no better than creationists talking about their "science".  though still entertaining

  23. Terence McKenna – Search For The Original Tree Of Knowledge, Workshop, 1992


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