Teppanyaki LOBSTER & STEAK – Amazing Knife Skills and Fire Cooking in Waikiki, Hawaii!

hey everyone I hope you're having an amazing dance mark Wiens I'm in Waikiki and Honolulu Hawaii and for dinner tonight we're gonna go eat teppanyaki and Kevin yaki is where they cooked the food right in front of you so you get this amazing cooking show and then of course you eat the food so this is gonna be an awesome dinner I'm in Hawaii visiting relatives my mom is originally from Honolulu born and raised so I come back frequently and on this trip I was posting some photos on Instagram and I get a message from his his his user name is chef ninja his real name is Barry and he says mark you got to come into my restaurant I work at this restaurant called Tanaka of Tokyo I'm a teppanyaki chef he's known for his teppanyaki cooking skills he's traveled around the world he's won some competitions you know something that is interesting is I've been to Japan a number of times but I've never had Cap'n yaki in Japan so this is gonna be actually this is like gonna be my very first meal of teppanyaki ever in Honolulu hello gets our reservation for mark please yes thank you very much you can already see planes going up in the air [Laughter] there's gonna be the cinnamon we say recommend these parts on the menu with the best quality they offer in the restaurant thank you very much in order a la carte and get single dishes but I think the best way to order so that you get a well-rounded meal with a little bit of everything and I was just talking with the manager he recommended this Kotobuki set which includes the rarest and tastiest Coldwater lobster filet mignon scallops and ahi poke a soda it's a good mix that sounds incredible that's what I'll be eating we're starting off first with a salad there's some cucumber there's some tomatoes and carrots and then it's topped with a bunch of dressing it's always good to start a meat feast off with some vegetables well that's a nice dressing it's oniony a little bit nutty and maybe me so there might be some miso in there this set that we ordered also comes with polka and polka is the Hawaiian style of sashimi cubes of aji which is tuna they're onions in here that just melts in your mouth the onion is really incredibly sweet here's some green onions as well and then what I like I really like it with that squeeze of lemon that's so refreshing the starters were excellent berries about to come you just brought out the main course so we're gonna have the steak the filet mignon now we're gonna have there are four lobster tails that you and I are sharing and I'm not sure if Mike I can handle any lobster yet no Lobster for Micah sorry Micah but soon man in a couple years you're gonna be having lobster – awesome okay so others do that okay and some scallops what's up Barry what's up how you guys doing great all right I'm Mike what a recipe on a bell pepper here okay and sweet Maui onions and some mushrooms here okay here we go all right three barbecue okay you like it no I can't wake up I'm still alive Aloha how long have you been tipping Africa step one yakushev fifteen fifteen or sixteen years have I been coasting part of all it's one years now and you're originally from employee from here we're in a race area good vegetable selection is that oil that you spray down for the for the fire okay so that ignites okay a little bit of oil a little bit of rum goes in those so that's what makes it ignite that's what makes it you guys yeah don't try that at home but it is a very cool show thank you a first fight from chef Barry is some shrimp and these are hot off the griddle awesome men so good then what's awesome about that it's not even salty but you taste the sweetness of the shrimp it's so sweet naturally and here we go sings damn you're welcome soy sauce went in here you can see the char you can see how it's just oh you can smell the smoke coming off of it you can taste the smokiness of it and those are sweet Maui onions yeah the other sweetness shines in those onions yeah I have some garlic in here guess like a lot of garlic or garlic is good oh yeah the more garlic the better this is a ride it's a ride all right look at that okay we're gonna try something new today okay [Applause] hit and here all right this is mr. egg all right here we go my favorite tree we're gonna add this right on to the rice like this like that's by far the coolest fried rice I've ever seen being made he did and it was an entire show he just flies on that spatula and like chops the fried rice oh that's like you can breathe Scoob you can really taste the garlic in there every individual grain of rice is so evenly coated in that soy sauce glaze mixture all right all right so we got some Lobster going down I'm gonna put down some scallops here okay you're loving it yeah and steam it with some water and here we go some scholar thank you I really wish you could smell the steam coming off of these scallops and lobster it's that that steam is is overwhelmingly incredible it just it's it's a part of the teppanyaki experience is the entertainment and just check out the Nuggets check out the size of these chunks of lobster Paul that's that's just a mouthful of lobster it's so naturally sweet again very little seasoning on their taste a little bit of that rich butter that he added and that squeeze of lime so freshly cooked that's extraordinarily juicy okay Humber the scallops oh hell that melts in your mouth whoa engines in but I have that caramelize there from where the soy sauce kind of burnt on to the edge of it it crumbles in your mouth all right here we go sneak one down the stakes here some soy sauce some garlic on the area awesome oh that's it okay and your bean salsa baby all right so he's also here Berry has just finished with all of his cooking that was absolutely entertaining and really fun to watch him he's so much skill he juggles he chops he slices with such precision such such expertise and so fast he cannot even barely follow him with your eyes and let alone with the camera I was just like I was amazed that his cooking skills he has so much skill so thank you very much to berry the tenderness that's juicy tender I got mine medium rare and then the garlic is really nice in there and again it's just very lightly seasoned just good quality meat the tenderness that steak is so good yeah you actually don't need sauce because it's so flavorful on its own but I do want to try the sauce the sauce is pretty good though I think it's a soy sauce based okay I still have some lobster left I haven't had a chance to eat it all and for this might all try some of the sauce maika couldn't have any Lobster but you can try some green tea ice cream Micah also loved the show the entertainment the drumming the beats Michael is actually dancing that entire meal thank you by micro bye bye bye guys see you men thank you bye bye thank you very much it rained outside while we were having dinner I had no idea it even rained we were so entertained in there you can just hear the clanking you can see the fire balls going up there's fireworks and there people are kind of cheering and laughing it's a really nice environment it's really fun as well our total bill came to two hundred and thirteen dollars and thirty cents you pay for the food which is really good quality but you really pay also for the entertainment and it's really entertainment it's really fun Micah loved it he sat there just just staring at Barry as he cooked the food and as he chopped the ingredients and as he juggled Michael loved it they gave us these photos complimentary and then here's just us three ging Micah and I being what did you think about it and Micah what did you think loved it loved it we all enjoyed it the food along with the entertainment big shout out thank you to Barry again that was awesome and the whole staff all of the staff are really nice really friendly remember to give this video a thumbs up if you enjoyed it and also remember to click Subscribe I'm gonna be publishing lots more food in travel videos thanks again for watching and I'll see you on the next video

46 thoughts on “Teppanyaki LOBSTER & STEAK – Amazing Knife Skills and Fire Cooking in Waikiki, Hawaii!”

  1. Wow…. wow….. waah……
    I love it… I'm a Foody too….
    Excellent video … keep it up…
    Love from India 🇮🇳

  2. Who in the hell would dislike this? what do you guys eat? ants? this made me so damn hungry, good job mark!

  3. I love going to these types of restaurants because of the onion volcano show they do all the time it’s the second best part about going to these types of restaurants first is the food

  4. A God dam baby who brings a baby or a kid to a place like this take the kid to McDonald's where they belong

  5. Delicious video. Enjoyed every morsel!
    And thank you for including the bill. Now I know I can charge $6 for water. Or, free water but $6 for bubbles.

  6. Mika is gonna mad when he gets older. And see this.. y'all eating all that good good.. and YOU giving me some measley green tea ice cream……

  7. Everything looked so delicious and everything was cooked to perfection amazing chef I’m so glad I came across your video 🙂 new subscriber looking forward to more videos

  8. No offence but I see nothing unique about the dishes except for the crazy knife skills… Most of them I can cook it in my own kitchen… And after that ridiculously crazy knife show.. what do you get? Fried rice with eggs?
    But yeah… I will definitely complement his knife skills… One of the coolest I've ever seen.

  9. Dude let's see what your wife thinks about it she should be having it first kind of ticks everybody off that you said they're neat but your wife and kid you're not even paying attention to

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