14 thoughts on “Temperature *Part 1* (Vital Signs & Critical Thinking Nursing Students”

  1. Ever time my vitals are checked my heart rate is rapid and my BP is spiked. I do have a history of hypertension and thyroid conditions. But I'm a very active, slim, healthy 25 year old. I get short of breath and chest discomfort sometimes. I get short of breath laying down. One time I went to ER with chest pain and they took vitals the doctor there admitted me over night. My blood work turns out fine. I feel fine now until shortness of breath..

  2. what?lol the normal temperature is 98.something ,ive thought 35.4degree celsious ..hmm maybe different thermometer

  3. I have to thank you. I got a 93 on my 2nd test, thanks to your videos. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

  4. how about ear route for temp mike?? we utilize that route in our hospital… how accurate is it since ? would you consider that as a core temp?? 

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