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Ahhh, the age old question. Temecula or
Murrieta? They say at parties you aren’t suppose to talk about politics, religion and
if it’s better to live in Temecula or Murrieta. But I like to talk about all of these things,
so today’s video is about Temecula v Murrieta and we are starting right now. Hi, I’m Jessica Genung a local Realtor with Realty
One Group Southwest. If you are interested in all things real estate related in the Temecula/Murrieta
Valley, I hope you’ll subscribe to my channel below. I post new videos every week. Alrighty. Temecula v Murrieta. Full disclosure,
I live in Murrieta and have for 10 years, so for me the decision was Murrieta. BUT,
with that being said the market has deemed Temecula as more desirable. How do I know
this? Because it’s more expensive to buy a home in Temecula. So that’s the first thing
we are going to talking about: affordability. The pricing gap between Temecula and Murrieta
seems to be growing. Year to date the median sales price of a single family home in Murrieta
was $430,000. The median sales price in Temecula is was $451,000. So this year it was $21,000
or about 5% more expensive to buy a home in Temecula. Murrieta gets the win for affordability
as you will have to pay a premium to live in Temecula. The next category we will look at will be
“things to do”. There are now 40 plus wineries in Temecula wine country and tons of restaurants,
events, concerts, festivals etc that are happening at the wineries. Temecula also has a quite
large and bustling Old Town area with dining, bars, shops, and a theater. Murrieta has a
much smaller-I call it an up and coming old town with just a few bars and restaurants,
but I still really enjoy going down there and it is being developed more all the while.
Check out my video on the 5 best restaurants in Old Town Murrieta right up here. Temecula
also has a very nice shopping mall called the Promenade with indoor and outdoor shops,
as well as many restaurants. There is no retail shopping mall in Murrieta, you have to drive
to Temecula for that. Lastly, Temecula is in closer proximity to casinos and is home
to the very large and nice Pechanga Resort & Casino. I use to work there when I was only
doing real estate part time, shout out to my Pechanga Peeps:) Temecula takes the BIG
win in the “things to do” category. Which city has higher ranking public schools?
Both cities are known for high ranking education. 12 public schools in Murrieta are rated 8
or higher by GreatSchools.com. While 17 schools in Temecula are rated 8 or higher including
the only school with a 10/10 rating which is Great Oak High School. To get in the top
rated school zones in Temecula, it’s going to cost you a little more money. You can see
this grouping of highly ranked schools right down here, and homes in these areas are going
to average in the $500 and $600 thousands, higher than the median price we discussed
earlier which again is about $450,000. Examples of neighborhoods in these highly ranking school
districts are: Wolf Creek, Morgan Hill, Redhawk and Crowne Hill. In addition to higher home
prices to be able to attend these schools, some of these developments also have particularly
high property tax assessments such as Morgan Hill and Wolf Creek-These neighborhoods are
pretty pricey. Temecula takes the win on public school ranking. How about safety? Which city is safer?
For 5 years in a row, Safewise, an online safety resource, has released a Safest Cities
Report This year, in 2019, Safewise analyzed the
top 50 safest cities throughout the US to raise a family. Murrieta is ranked 20th, while
Temecula does not appear in the top 50. Also this year, in their overall safest cities
report for California only, Murrieta ranked #5 and Temecula ranked lower at #15. Last
year by the way in 2018 Murrieta ranked #2. This is out of 228 cities on the list, so
both Temecula and Murrieta are pretty great, but Murrieta takes the win on safety stats. Lastly, we’re going to talk about which city
has less traffic. California in general is known for bad traffic, and Temecula and Murrieta
are no different. They are commuter towns and a popular commute is during business hours
down to San Diego. Freeway traffic is bad coming from both Temecula and Murrieta to
and from SD for the 9-5 commute. But freeway traffic does normally let up when you get
to Murrieta at the 15 and 215 freeways split. Most of the traffic issues in the areas take
place getting to and from the freeways on the side streets. Let’s look at the map here.
Temecula is accessed from the 15 freeway only and you have to drive inland for the most
part to get to residential neighborhoods, which can take quite a long time factoring
in traffic and signals. Murrieta on the other hand, has 2 freeways running through it, so
many more residential neighborhoods have close freeway access. Also, with Temecula having
so many more entertainment destinations as we discussed earlier, the wineries, the Promenade
Mall, Old town, and the huge Pechanga Resort and Casino, there are more reasons for folks
besides residents to be travelling to Temecula. So my conclusion is that Murrieta takes the
win on Traffic, although they both aren’t great if we are keeping it real:) Given all this info, which city is better
overall in your opinion? Tell me in the comments below if you agree or disagree with me. I
really do like them both for different reasons. I’m feeling in a politically correct mood
to today:) Lastly, I wanted to offer you a couple of things for free. Maybe you are already
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