42 thoughts on “TEDxDirigo – Zoe Weil – The World Becomes What You Teach”

  1. Was the audience drunk? i've never seen (or heard rather) an audience laugh so much in a ted talk, sometimes she wasnt telling a joke really.

  2. I don't know if it would solve EVERY problem in the world because there would still be mental illness and human issues that are not easily explained away and cause great trouble for those impacted. Although, I appreciate her innocence and hopefulness. I also see how what she is saying would make a huge impact and wouldn't it be wonderful!

  3. Outstanding. When we shift to examining purpose of education, we become less attached to how we do it (aka: how we've always done it) and more committed to why we do it (little Simon Sinek reference).

  4. The way we treat animals translates into how we treat each other…respect the earth and all who inhabit…

  5. This is beautiful. We gotta teach kids how to love the earth and each other. This is a great start. Thank you!

  6. This is a wonderful talk. I just shared it to a bunch of folks. You should too, unless you think that Zoe is wrong. (Hint: she's not). 

  7. Wow, what an inspirational talk. The thing that stands in the way of changing the school system is the current political and economical system that doesn't want this change. In fact, the current school system is shaped in a way to support the establishment. Either there is gonna be a shift in consciousness on all levels or we have to wait until members of the "old" elite have died out.

  8. Great principles. Sounds very much like Plato's solution. Change education and change the human. But, are there any other system forces that we also need to change? Like the way money works? Or, property rights?

    Paying interest on money is what drives people to cut corners and compromise their ethics and integrity before the banks stop lending in the bust. Michael Rowbotham writes about this insidious influence on our deep psychology. David Graeber in Debt: The First Five Thousand Years shows that chasing more gold to pay interest on old gold is what drove the conquistadores to the "New" World.

    Once children grow up and get jobs in corporations, this money system is what they are faced with. A developed ethics then, unless they can get out of the situation, actually makes them sick, with all the pathologies we know about in our own deep lives.

    Enclosing land and allowing private monopolization of the commons is also a way that lack and scarcity is thrust upon us. That also puts us in a bad way with all this manufactured scarcity. This is property rights doctrine from Europe that we inherited from the Romans, and then the British.

    Humane schooling is a good thing. Definitely. But, allowing the two systems that manufacture scarcity in our world to persist only sets up the young adults who are willing to compromise their integrity as they get drawn into these systems. They are willing to compromise empathy, and they emerge the winners in this system. We see this now on Wall Street and in all our corporations.

    We need to change education, and we need to change more systems, too. Plato left this out, too. And, look where it got Ancient Greece. And, look where it got us!

  9. Agree. In my high school that I attend, we have been educated to act upon global issues, by multiple projects and such. Thank you for inspiring me and putting purpose into my education about humanities. I've always wondered whether people chose to act to solve the world's issues, because so many people seem clueless or uncaring to these global troubles. You are a fantastic presenter and motivator, and thank you for bettering the world by devoting your life to spreading knowledge of these issues

  10. Super way to talk about the impact that teachers/educators can have on their students. Excellent speaker.

  11. Why are we thing about 'creating jobs?'Since I was a little child I thought-there are So Many world Problems that no one is looking or thinking about.But there's Job-creation. Jobs need to be solutions to problems,not keeping what we already got. Like Zoe said – IF we were to be solution oriented, and think,care and create- learn the basics by osmosis – for once – have a youth driven culture guided by 'elder' gurus but – youth driven.

  12. Zoe great talk.My suggestion for another aspect of inquiry for True Price has to do with what prices and wages are measured in~ which is money. So what is Money? Where does it come from? How does this effect equality, justice and sustainability? Thanks

  13. I love what you say. I believe it is indeed a solution to the problems that beset our troubled world and the pathway towards a brave new one. I intend contacting yr Humane Education site with a view to doing a Master's course.

  14. if Hemp was legalized in America, we could have made that tshirt and that tshirt would not effect the environment in a negative way. that tshirt would last your lifetime and you can hand it down to your child and so on…

  15. It truly inspires me when Zoe speaks, but because over the time in school I have been taught to be complacent and I still feel lost and confused about so many of the problems I face each and every day. I am just one person I can't tackle them all. I just want people to care about others, the world and the creatures we share it with and ultimately themselves.

  16. As I said, interesting idea, but the heart of moral education is the family (all education really), regardless of how incompetent the family may be. I will not submit to a bureaucratic form of moral education, any more than I trust "The System" with any critical aspect of my life. Self reliance and individual preparation, not systematic involuntary collective action, is the highest ideal. Basically, don't let others run your life, you are the responsible one.

  17. Interesting talk. Unfortunately, institutions are imperfect actors. I am not comfortable handing my children over to some hired hand (teacher) to handle their moral education. That is my responsibility. I have encountered too many incompetent teachers in my time (and some great ones too) to allow them to handle this most sensitive of topics on my behalf. The family, not the government, or the collective "we", is the heart of revolution. This cannot be institutionalized without distortion.

  18. You may, if you have not already, enjoy looking into Waldorf education as inspired by Rudolf Steiner.

  19. Very inspiring Zoe! I share your dream of empowering our youth through education. I think another important thing to address in looking at some of our destructive and non-sustainable systems is "who is benefiting or profiting the most?" from them, and how can we get those who are profiting on board for change? Thanks for the inspiring talk! Peace, Linda

  20. Thanks from the heart, Zoe. You are an inspiration. "Solutionaries" is a whole new word with a whole lot of meaning!

    Live Long and Prosper!

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