TEDx Lesvos 2018 “Daring” : Innovation in Positive Education for Kids by Errica Prezerakou.

Good evening I feel profoundly happy to meet you you know, I deeply believe that people,
we do not meet at random and that when we meet, we always
have something to learn from each other when I heard the title of this year’s TeDx
“Daring” the athlete’s spirit awoke within me,
thinking “of course! I’m the one to be invited truth be told, it’s very bold to start
a competitive sport at 25 it is very bold to start creating
an innovative educational system It takes a lot of courage It’s very bold, all of a sudden
showing up on television, Latin dancing for the first time in my life And it’s very bold,
during these years of crisis, to want to create a new,
innovative school that teaches sports, inside the Olympic Stadium” And once I’ve boosted my ego and
felt taller and a little less blond… Suddenly all those feelings fell apart, under the weight of the real
meaning of this phrase “Be Bold” Perhaps, the most difficult
thing in a person’s life, is to dare.. to just be!! Me, you, all of us! It takes boldness, to recognize
your uniqueness and wholeness without ego, without comparing,
competing or trying to prove yourself The boldest thing is
to recognize your wholeness and create a field of opportunity,
with emphasis on love loving what you do,
doing what you love! Knowing that you are completely
different from anyone else, but this doesn’t make you
better or worst in comparison just allowing existence itself to flourish but in truth, how much we know
of this “wholeness” we really are? and how connected are we really,
to what we are? most of us, can only see a body in reality though we are a wholeness
a source of energy, a way of thinking that is different and unique,
just like our perception of things we are emotions and of course
we also are a body what’s interesting is that,
while being all the above in our everyday life, for some reason we are divided, we have
separated our 4 bases and we expect them to work
independently For example, the established educational
system, requires only the use
of the Mind Base this translates to children,
who are a wholeness, sitting in a class room
and taking in information through a teacher and then
the next and so on. And although children are energy,
are feelings, are a body.. tell me, how many times, haven’t
you as children longed for the break, in order to go out and play! How oppressive can it be for a child
that has so many aspects, to sit still and take in all
the knowledge by just listening? On an adult level, I cannot
forget my first time at the gym I‘m on the treadmill, my body running, my mind scattered in various matters, my feelings screaming
“how long are those 6 minutes!!!” and finally my energy, all over
the place instead of being present, to what was happening
at that very moment. Raise your hands all who joined a gym,
went 3 times and then quitted. You get my point! So while we are a wholeness,
and all our 4 bases ought to be present on what is happening,
for some reason we think that “you must first study in odrer
to go out and play” “you have to work hard
if you want to go on vacation” Why? Can’t I learn while playing? Can’t I both work and
have a great time? why have we separated those things
since we are wholeness and every part of us needs
to have fun in the here and now. For that reason I’ve decided
to talk to you today about The Replayce Method, which trains young and old to be whole. I’ll start by telling you about this Method but most of all I want to initiate
you into each of our bases. Because the fact is that
this method trains all four bases in a positive direction
but what’s interesting is that three of those bases are not visible. For example feeding children
makes them grow, what we can’t realize at that moment,
and it is logical because we don’t see it, is that we’re a source of energy,
we have thoughts, we have feelings and those
need to be fed as well and the point we direct them to
gets emphasized. What really matters is
to understand each base and how to best train it. Because through that process
we’ll better understand ourselves but also understand how
educationmay as well change. The most important thing is
or us to understand that we’re sources of energy,
a wholeness. Not many years ago if we spoke
of electromagnetic field, of aura, of energy, of all those things,
we would be considered crazy. Fortunately quantum physics confirms that we are surrounded by a
60 centimetre electromagnetic field, consisting of photons,
through which we radiate everything we love and
everything we fear and the universe brings us back
what we have vibrated. This is the beginning of everything. Think about an athlete,
do you really believe that if he has the physical potential
he’s just going to jump and make a leap? No! Everything starts from this connection to what we really are and the intention. I’m here, I collect my pieces
and say to myself “Where do I want to go? What do I want to
achieve? What do I want to happen?” Imagine now a classroom the teacher walks in and
there are 30 children One is sad, another one is aggravated,
another one is excited. There are 30 different kinds of
energy in that classroom and the teacher just walks in and says “Today class we’re going
to learn about oscillations..” and we expect from children
to take in information, instead of being tuned in to
what is about to happen. There is no way. They will be thinking about
something else, they’ll be feeling something else, their minds will be in a
completely different place So the most important thing for a team is to begin with a connection. To be connected with what
I am and what I bring. And with the intention. What do I want to learn? Where do
I want to go? Where do I head towards? At that moment there will be a tuning, a resonance, something that
will create a neutral field that will help start a wonderful lesson. This way children are much calmer
and complete tuned to their uniqueness. Think of children that could
resonate with their existence and feel good doing so,
expressing everything that they are There wouldn’t be any cases
of bullying in schools because children would be more in tune
to their own abilities, with what each of them are and bring. The second really important base.
Our mental base. According to our mental base each of us makes 50.000
thoughts a day Of which 35.000 tend to be negative. “He said, I said” And of course our words have power,
they are frequency and since we mostly consist of water
that frequency resonates within us. It resonates on our feelings. I will never forget this girl
on one of our camps who cried so hard saying
“he told me my tongue is blue!!!” And no matter showing her on the mirror
that this was not true she kept crying for what
the other kid had told her. Do you know why? Because we grew up learning that
what others think of us is important. We were never taught
how to support ourselves, to love what we are, how
special and unique each of us is. We puzzle together an identity with
pieces of what others think of us. Various researches have shown the influence other people’s
opinions have on us We were never taught how to connect with what we are and what we bring. That is the most important, to express positive words
and support what we are without holding on to anyone’s opinion, having the ability to support myself with love, not to boost my ego and
feed it with arrogance no, only with love and the deeper
understanding that I am unique; Just like my fingerprint, and I need to support Myself
and listen to my own cells. The third equally important base
is this Emotional Base Many researches confirm that
when children or adults are in sync to their positive emotions
they assimilate information much faster Someone once very wisely said “you can learn more about a person
by playing for an hour than you can learn by talking for a year” Through playing we express every
aspect of our self without any ego So, instead of talking about oscillations, imagine a teacher encouraging
children to stand and create an oscillation as part of a game,
including the Emotional Base On the other hand know that our
DNA is more open to being healthy when we are open to positive emotions,
to laughter and joy! When we feel emotionally drained
our body feels tired. Do you know why? Because our body in reallity.. I write here “When we express,
think and feel in a positive way… …then our body can perform miracles”
Do you know why? Because the body has amazing memory
but lacks initiative Unless someone tells me he woke up
and his legs took him all over the place No, the body has memory but follows what
you radiate, what you feel, what you think. And when these are positive,
then just like being in love, we can do a thousand things a day,
feeling energetic and alive. When it’s the opposite, we just stare
at the ceiling doing nothing So while we’ve all seen how it feels
after a bit of exercise, in reality it’s the opposite! The moment I connect to myself
and focus on my destination and not on what is going
wrong around me, that very moment I make a deep
connection with myself and all that I am, my purpose of existence,
that moment my body performs miracles! So for me, education needs
to include all 4 bases. It needs our energy in order to connect and give direction to where we’re heading, needs positive thoughts and
positive empowering affirmations and love for our self, not our ego. It needs to be a joyful experience,
with positive emotions and of course it needs the
participation of the body, because whatever we learn through
the body is turned into knowledge. I would like for you to watch this clip that shows what we do in the
facilities of the Olympic stadium. Education moves on and changes and we all need to be present
in the new developments Indeed, education needs to be
concerned about all our 4 bases. The best point to start is when the whole
class has a common field of interest a common start, the beginning
of a circle that opens up. Every lesson needs
to begin with intention and the resonance of the
connection to my existence “What will I learn today?” “Now with an open mind, I receive all the
information and I learn easily and quickly”. Children learn to understand
the power words hold, to participate with positive affirmations The whole lesson needs to by
a joyful journey of exploration, an experiential approach
with positive emotions. Children learn much faster through
joy and the body becomes the medium that will allow information
to become knowledge. The assimilation of information is
achieved though interactive repetition. The positive training on all
4 bases of children supports and teaches them how to be
present on everything they do, how to participate as a whole
in everything they learn with their spirit, their mind,
their emotion and their body. And there is no greater generosity
for future generations than to create education through understanding the
wholeness of what we truly are. “Whether lose whether win “I am worth it”
I will shout within!” The intention, the words,
the joy, the experience. We are much more than we think, and to discover all that we are,
it takes boldness. I’ll tell you something
that may sound childish, but I’m going to say it anyway. I believe that when God
sent us here on Earth, he didn’t ask for us to prove
or compare ourselves, nor to be better than
anyone else around us. He just asked us to
acknowledge our uniqueness, to bloom and manifest all that we are, in order to live the most
enlightened life that we can; and to do so takes boldness! Thank you from the heart.

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