Technology in Education: A Future Classroom

35 thoughts on “Technology in Education: A Future Classroom”

  1. How do you feel about this perspective on the classroom of the future? Do you think gamified learning would get students excited about school? What role do you think teachers would play in a tech-fuelled classroom? Share your thoughts below!

  2. سریہ ٹیکنالوجی ھمارے ایشیائی ممالک میں کب آ ئیے گی شکریہ

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  4. we should adapt our teaching strategies and methods to the tech changes because what i have seen in my career is traditional education with new tools ( smart board- tablets- net-…)

  5. lt is really amazing… By this technology every student's grasping power will increase and it also looks interesting to see that .With all this advance technology teacher still teaches student by standing infront of class….

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  7. Boriiiiing… Evolution of technology without evolution of method. Future schools will for sure use vr games, to start with.

  8. Everyone well humanity is so hyper focused on new cutting edge technology what about countries that don’t even have food,tech, and don’t even have a guarantee to clean water! We gotta focus on helping other countries and places to get them up to date and then we can finally get on this stuff.

  9. Really interesting video. Certainly technology will surely have it's place in education. It will help people grow what they know and come up with their own new software/programs.

  10. A classroom shouldn't be "tech-fuelled". Technology should be used to support learning. The teachers role is more of a facilitator.

  11. Great video. But this "future" classroom shows today's learning methods (teacher talk + students taking notes). The only significant change is the furniture.

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  13. We cannot deny the fact that the technology plays an important role when in comes to our studies nowadays.

  14. This video is an indicator of where technology can take us; but challenges the educational delivery system that brings these ideas to the student.

  15. I am Tripura university students Education. So much m.a after ph. D preparation. Then try again

  16. Technology in the classroom has led to increase student achievement and engagement in most cases if used appropriately.
    Check out this blog post about the role of technology in education

  17. I think that it is very important to use the techology in the classroom, nowadayas students like to use and learn more. it helps us that students learn better.

  18. In the SAMR model, this is all beautiful augmentation but no modification or redefinition whatsoever. Instruction must change, technology is useless without and deep change in the instruction.

  19. This is an awesome video! although maybe instructors might not be the ones explaining if there is the possibility of holograms? Maybe they can use an expert in the related fields and teachers can be support for questions and discussion

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