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Date : October 08, 2015 [00:00:00]
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Male 1 : Do you love the smell of hot bread coming out of your kitchen? Find nothing more
delicious than butter melting onto warm croissants? Imagine working with your hands every day
in pursuit of that perfect loaf. Whether you’re a pastry chef looking to perfect your skills
or a novice looking to open your own bakery, the Institute of Culinary Education’s Techniques
in Art of Professional Bread Baking program will teach you to master the science and craft
of artisanal bread. ICE’s exclusive 200-hour bread program was developed by Sim Cass, a
New York City bread-baking icon. Chef Sim was one of the founding bakers behind Balthazar
Bakery, introducing New Yorkers to a whole new world of European-style bread.
Sim Cass : Please don’t worry if the edges are rough. That’s good. We don’t want neat,
straight lines. We want nice, raggedy edges and all looking beautiful, like me.
Male 1 : Sim revolutionized the bread scene in New York City, captivating New Yorkers
with his famous, deeply toasted and crusty loaves, which earned him the nickname “The
Prince of Darkness” from the New York Times. Sim Cass : You’re gonna have to excuse me.
I do cook everything pretty dark. Male 1 : Sim is nationally recognized, frequently
lending his expertise to some of the world’s most respected restaurants and bakeries as
a bread consultant. Don’t miss the chance to learn from a bread legend, exclusively,
at the Institute of Culinary Education. Our intensive eight-week bread program is broken
down into five 40-hour courses with the focus on natural yeast and fermentation.
Course one covers the basics of bread. Students will master dough preparation, bread science
theory, pre-ferments, natural ferments and more. Course two is all about shape, with
the focus on shaping baguettes, rolls and loaf breads plus, you’ll learn the techniques
needed for cutting and scoring bread. Sim Cass : It’s kind of like holding a snake.
The trick is to not let it get too skinny in any one spot. I want it nice and neat.
Male 1 : Course three focuses on especially breads from around the world like ciabatta,
focaccia, pugliese and more. In this course, you’ll also learn about baking with alternative
grains like rye. One of the highlights includes a tour of a major New York City bakery. From
savory to sweet, course four takes an in-depth look at Viennoiserie and breakfast pastries,
from croissants and pain au chocolat to laminated doughs and donuts. Course five rounds out
the program with a focus on natural ferments and sourdoughs. In this course, you’ll also
learn about the business side of bread with lessons focused on opening a bakery.
The bread industry is on the rise and you could be at the forefront of this emerging
trend, from bakery owner to kitchen enthusiast. Now is your chance to shape the most widely
consumed food in the world. Explore, master and find your culinary voice in the world
of bread at the Institute of Culinary Education. Visit or call 888-949-2433
today. [Audio Ends]

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