TeachingCity Oshawa

♫ I think it brings energy, excitement, ideas, and solutions to the forefront. It is a great partnership. This partnership, which started in June 2017,
where the post-secondary institutions here in the Oshawa and Durham community, work with
the City to address urban issues. This initiative with the City of Oshawa allows
opportunities for our students to actually get hands on experience doing things, working
with the City on difficult, residential, downtown issues. It very much provides depth, context and expands
the understanding of the student, they really know that this is not theoretical it actually
matters. I think the success really goes to the fact
that we are working with the City, often we work in silos as organizations. This is really an opportunity for us to all
get together to share ideas and to work with the city and help to make this city a great
place to live. I hope the City will benefit by having access
to research that is being done to study the challenges facing the municipality and also
identifying potential solutions and opportunities for addressing and solving those challenges. My hope is that it is going to be a long-term
partnership that future students will be able to have this applied research. I hope that we as government continue to see
that we have a continued need to learn. You hope that this is contagious, that this
kind of idea takes off and that education becomes more directly tied to application. I hope that we provide opportunity for those
who are having a hard time finding opportunity and that we bridge the gap and we continue
to help Oshawa be a great City to be in. One little change can have a huge ripple effect
and I think getting students to explore that and be participants of those changes can be
really life changing.

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