28 thoughts on “TEACHING ZEXY ZEK TO OLLIE!”

  1. 9:50 For some reason I that was more like "the faster you go the funnier the wipeout footage will be"

  2. Bro it’s sooooooo hard just for me to ride and everything this guy learning two tricks in like an hour

  3. Hey Aaron I'm from Indiana and I need help skating I'm new and am looking for good tutorials and yes they're a lot of skater from Indiana

  4. no idea who this is, but it wont leave my recommendations.

    also i expected his voice to be much higher for some reason..

  5. wow this video actually helped me so much with my ollies and manuals because I skate pretty much exactly like him

  6. Ngl I have been trying to Ollie and I just can’t get the back wheels of the ground and it’s really frustrating 🙄

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