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hello everyone so today we're going to be talking about what the teacher two and three-year-olds Emily's a little bit above two and a half last year we made a video with her what we did when she was one and you guys absolutely loved it so I wanted to go ahead and give you some ideas for tool to Rios so I haven't boxed it up for her every day we set her up the night before and we work about 15 to 20-minute sessions I want to bring you a little closer so you could see how I set up the box but this is really helpful because everything is set up and ready to go for the next day all right let me bring in the camera a little bit closer okay so here is the little box that I have for her on the top of the box that have a sticker chart every day she gets a sticker when she's done with her work so every day we do flashcards we read a book we do a song we do a literacy activity a math activity or logic activity and the interactive notebook now I have made a video for interact with notebook and I'll link it below for you guys but I will be sharing with you what we do let me show you how the back out of the box everything that I need that day is here set up for me from the night before from flashcards to manipulatives 20 little books I'm reading it's set up over here for her all right I'm gonna the ready to get started let's put this down and let's get started with our first activity okay so the first thing we start off is with a little flashcard session I rotate the flashcards out so we don't do all our flashcards in one day because I would be too exhausted it only takes about two minutes to go over all our flashcards that we do for that day today we're doing letter sounds for the alphabet we're doing awesome shapes and we're doing picture words and this is by um Trent enterprises I'll link it below for you guys I mean let's start off with the alphabet ready ready we moving to start off by using in the alphabet we got so that they can hear you ready go ahead next time won't you sing with me now we know that every letter of the alphabet has a sound so we're gonna go over the sounds and already ah but em there's two more shapes will shape this okay so the next thing we're going to do is some picture words and this is to develop the child's vocabulary and with today I'm focusing on like items of clothing because this set has animals clothing transportation common objects come in shapes colors and safety signs so we try to just do like a little bit each day whichever we're doing or Emily what's this glasses was this a coat was this a bird was this a cat was this I'm wearing one right now what is it Oh watch what are these and what color are these socks purple right was this shoes with this genius was this this okay so Emily for today's book we're reading Goldilocks and the three bears and here we have the little finger puppets for Goldilocks and the three bears and I want you to play with them while I read it ready okay so Goldilocks and the three bears once upon a time there was a little girl called Goldilocks where's Goldilocks show me Goldilocks Goldilocks she lived with her mother in a little house at the edge of the woods one morning Goldilocks decided to go into the woods to pick some beautiful flowers for her mother she forgot that her mother had told her never to go into the woods on her own soon she was lost but she saw a little cottage that belongs to three bears who had gone out for a walk Goldilocks went into the cottage without being invited right Emily look what I have your first son today we have Old MacDonald song so let's get started yes I could do that look open-close open-close look Old MacDonald had a farm eieio and on his farm he had a duck eieio with a quack quack here and a quack quack there quack quack here and a quack everywhere Old MacDonald had a farm eieio and on his farm he had a cat iio with a well so does the cat me meow meow here and a meow meow there meow meow here and a meow meow everywhere Old MacDonald had a farm eieio and on his farm he had a dog eieio with a woof woof here and a woof woof there woof woof here and a woof woof everywhere Old MacDonald farm e-i-e-i-o and on his farm he had a sack a pig eieio with an oink oink here and an oink oink there oink oink here boy going everywhere Old MacDonald had a farm eieio and on his farm he had a cow eieio with a moo moo here and a moo moo there moo moo here moo everywhere Old MacDonald had a farm eieio you want to try it out okay okay so here's the next activity and this is practicing colors I have this caterpillar forma listen Doug is the gears caterpillar I'll link anything below that you guys see in the video and then I have these some principles that I printed and colored in with some crayons and then laminate it to make adorable Emily I'm gonna sing a little song and then when I hate when I think the little song you're not to turn the gear okay ready let's see blue color blue color where are you here I am with blue color yes Here I am turn it Here I am how do you do okay take the blue gear off and put it on top of the blue teddy bear good job next one ah that's C orange color orange color where are you yes Here I am Here I am how do you – next is purple color purple color where are you Here I am Here I am how do you do put it on top of the purple teddy bear now good job let's put on top of the purple teddy bear purple next one ready yes ready next one green color green color where are you Here I am Here I am how do you do let's put it on top of the green teddy bear now good job there you go let's do the next one yellow color yellow color where are you okay so right here we have a three bears sizing activity that's the Mamas we have the mama bear papa bear and baby bear remedy can you take them off the mat for me take them off and I'll then kiss the girl for you guys for scream yeah we're gonna put them under bed so let's take them off the masks pop up there let's put them over here first mama bear and baby bear no I mean I want you to look pay close attention this is a large bed this is a medium bed and this is a baby small bed okay so what do you think goes into a large bed who who goes the Papa Bear goes into a large bed very good put them to sleep Shh sleepy goes in the medium sized bed Shh sleep and who do you think was in the tiny small bed the baby bear very good large medium small give me five this next activity is a number recognition activity from zero to five and we have a mat in which is going to be matching some penguins to the numbers right Emily let's see over here can you find number three put the penguin number three three there it is good job let's see over here can you find zero zero very good can you find number one number one very good can you find number four yes good job can you find them the five just five that's two was five it would look a little similar but they are not the same there you go put it right there five and lastly number two okay let's go over these numbers ready zero one two three four good job give me five okay so the next next thing she's doing here is her interactive notebook I made a whole video on her interactive notebook so she does this every week and she does just a little bit each day maybe a page or two I went over it and I will link to be mostly you guys can see how to make your own and a free printables Forge so Emily we are letter I today let's go start it love um so I'm gonna go ahead and glue this little iguana on the other side you're gonna put glue on it okay turn it over and we're going to be gluing it in to the notebook go ahead [Applause] he came out so beautiful I is for iguana hey wait wait iguana try man good job now we're gonna try to trace the I okay okay so here we are I'm least working on some four-piece puzzles here's a little set that I have of 12 insect puzzles and go ahead I'm gonna do the next one sweetheart and those are great for kids because they develop critical thinking logic so many ways either run up the minds with puzzles also words in the little hands so what I set off for something easy like meeting two pieces then go to three pieces then go to four then go to six there may be nine 12:48 and so on and kids just love doing these they can be here for a while trying to figure these out I put them into the bundle sooner so that's just good job to make it easier go pick another set that you're gonna build okay so here we have articles of clothing interactive book and I have four of these and these are great for building vocabulary and for practicing colors so today we're focusing on articles of clothing there's a little booklet that I created for her I'll link if you know for you guys if you would like it and so Emily let's go over the different coatings that we see in here already what is that I see a what do you see what do you see there okay that's not a cult he's just this is why this is good for look at it it's a slider and what color is that sweater can you pick the red color from this side and put it right here in this little box good job put it right there in the little box and let's turn the page let's see what else we see oh that's only just turn next page then that's a sweetheart okay the next one we see is what I see a yeah what do you see there and what color is the Hat mean can you put me in the square good job and put it right in the square for us good job let's turn the page what do you see here I see yellow you see a yellow what though what is it a yellow show can you put it where it goes a little yellow this is great color practice and also vocabulary practice as they're practicing these different clothing items what is this here I see a a purple dress can you get purple purple I love you little ones because these little yes purple is right there and now let's go to the next one I see what do you see I see some blue pants let's get blue color what's blue yes you found it put a ride in the little box good job let's see what here we have a sorting activity of big and small and I have these laminated cards which you can also laminate and print out for your kiddos for free I'll link it below in the description box ready I'm okay what's this an elephant right is he big or small hey where's big go yes right on that side but Emily look at this rooster over here see big or small small put on the small side this side over here this that over here look at this alligator oh you see bigger small big let's put him on that side over here big look at this little flower is that big or small small yes ready what about this cat see big or small big or small it's yellow that's right now see big or small big on that side ready what about no on the other side over here these are all the big items you see how all their other together they are all together are the big ones look at this house is this small or big small put on the small side the child goes on not sorting like this all of the cards small on this side honey it's a great activity to go over sizing is a very important skill to learn it's a pre math skill all right you guys I hope you have enjoyed the video for more videos like this please remember to subscribe to click on the notification bell so you never miss the video until the next time bye and see you later alligator

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