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  1. Hey. What is the name of that program where you got these graphics from? that looks really really useful! Is it a website or something? please tell me! Thanks

  2. WOW WOW WOW, what a brilliant concept, that's a math revolution. And that story with Omar, just mind-blowing!

  3. This is an interesting concept. Teaching math without words. As much sense as it makes, I would have never thought to use games as a way to reinforce topics without words. Sometimes the words can get in the way of the mathematics. ST Math allows the words to go out the window and the students to explore through an interactive game increasing the students ability to think about the math rather than the words. The story of Omar is inspirational in proving how much of an impact a program like this can have.

  4. I think this is a good beginning for teaching math, especially those with disabilities. Start with the concrete. They are making it entirely concrete, which most classrooms fail to do. After the kids master the concrete, then words should be added. It doesn't have to be either/or. It should be a continuum of concrete to the abstract. Words are abstract.

  5. Good evening! Does the program for dixlexia have in Portuguese? I'm Brazilian and I was interested in this educational method!

  6. Hi. I'm a college student in my last year and we are required to have a research. This video piqued my interest 🙂 so I wonder if he has a research paper regarding this and if we can have access to their interactive game…?

  7. I can do the algebra problem showed in seconds in my head, however, I have absolutely no clue what was going on with all the boxes on the visual part. This is very confusing…

  8. The visual game to explain the concepts are excellent. It is much more easy to grab what you really mean. But the ideal system should combine both visual and words simultaneously.

    The operation symbol should appear "-", "*", etc and the English word that this symbol represent should be clearly spelled "Addition" and "plus' need to appear

    When multiplying by a negative, a verb should appear on the screen or a phrase if the duck is speaking.

    It is important to both, understand what the math really do (visual is better than words for that) and to learn the English word which is likely to be used.

    You don't realize how your accent is thick. The child is used to read a word and pronounce it in a way that follow some logic. But the way you, teacher, pronounce that word, have no relationship with the writing. It doesn't help to become impatient and repeat too many time that same word which is meaningless up to that point.

    If the penguin or duck show that your endless amount of words is just trying to explain such a simple concept as the exponent ; those triangle expanding in group of same triangles and those larger group repeat ; that is easy to understand, this concept is already pre-programmed in the human brain like most basics concepts, like Noam Chomski elegantly proved. Once the duck show the word "Exponent", then the student may finally realize that this weird sound you keep producing is your way to say that simple word "exponent".

  9. I just want you to know that my son is now reading like a pro! We started the program [Check Details Here ==https://www.facebook.com/Teach-Your-Child-To-Read-731975013638587/app/208195102528120 ]about a year ago and nowadays he is competent that he corrects me while I read to him. Thank you for such a great program!

  10. Although I agree with the idea of using less and less textual language in lessons, I am a bit sceptical about the program.
    I did a little digging and found this: http://www.tandfonline.com/doi/abs/10.1080/19345747.2013.856978

    Apparently, when publishing at renowned journals, the results do not look so promising…

  11. Hello! Do you have any useful links or articles to read more? I saw a video not long ago about this topic and it intrigued me so much I want to explore it more and hopefully do it as my thesis on college. I'm going to an academy for applied arts and I would love to learn more about this. I have a dream to make like a book or something that would teach students through images and not just by repeating the same words. Maybe make a video or something. I believe we live in such a visual society with so much visual information it makes more sense to use pictures then loads of words. If anyone has any recommended videos/documentaries for me to watch I would be really grateful. Thank you so much for this great video!

  12. I'm trying to think how I could do this in my class, but I teach English as a foreign language. Without (English) words, students will just think in their native language! Any ideas?

  13. I know this would benefit my son. He has so many problems with math. He gets stuck with all of the words. He doesn't understand the instructions. Is this offered in Wisconsin?

  14. This man has changed the world! Just like the significant part of the dyslexics did ))) Proud to be dyslexic!

  15. I like the software you're showing, and it's great supplement, but I don't see it working without words.

    Want to convince me we don't need words, redo this presentation with words and see how many of us understand your message.

    A good example is right in your presentation, "Students want to talk about it."

  16. Maths without words – oh bliss – visual depiction of ALL formulas – oh bliss – …………..send it around the world.

  17. I disagree with this intensely. Einstein said if you can't explain it simply then you truly don't understand it. How on earth are you going to be effective in the workplace without being able to explain what you are doing? I'm a high school math teacher and am big on having then write and explaining why. Also this is what state testing is going to. I do agree on shortening lecture time and having instant feedback.

  18. I don't know dyslexia more than main idea,.. but stages n states of focus… Im pretty convinced it's that cognition difference again like W adhd

  19. What is the name of this program? Is it available online or for schools to access? Would love to see this used in our schools here in Colorado.

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