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  1. Will try this ASAP! Congrats for your video! You've made it in th begining of 2013 and I'm just finding it. I can't believe it.
    I know that the activities that will use this app are going to rock.
    Thank you, Charles

  2. Hello, sounds interesting! Can I contact you regarding the use of the app in the classroom? Thanks.

  3. Just imagine how much easier it is to visualize electro magnetic theory or any complex coordinate planes where the projection of an integral can easily be realized rather than imagined from experience.

  4. How did you get the images for the bulletin board? Did you just print them from Aurasma? It won't let me copy and paste so far. And as long as your students are following you, the trigger will work on bulletin boards, worksheets, etc?

  5. This is awesome! However, I've been trying to figure this out for two days and spent about 8 hours on it and not had an aura from the studio work more than once. It won't allow more than six seconds of video. I've been very frustrated, but have seen the great results you have here. Are you still on a free account?

  6. Hi, does your whole school use the same channel? Therefore allowing al students to see all videos? Just wondering how to get around the issue of having a channel and relying on student to subscribe to different channels for different classes…?

  7. This is great video showing how teachers/students have used Aurasma! The examples show what can be done in different subject areas, how teachers can use this as review and how students can use this to show their understanding of the material…not to mention promote school activities. Love, love, love this video.

  8. The idea of using a scavenger hunt with Aurasma is the first major idea that popped in my brain after being exposed to it. It could be a hunt to familiarize freshman or 1st grade students with the building. It could be to find a prize.

    Since Monday is President's Day and we are studying the Executive Branch, in the next couple of days I'm using Aurasma to create a presidential scavenger hunt in my room. Students will dress up as a president and role-play stating 5 major facts about the president and then it will be linked to a picture in the room of the actual president. These Auras will be saved to a school account that I created rather than worrying about a ton of channels. On presentation day, students will take their device and go around to get as many presidents correct as possible using the clues from the videos students created. I'm so excited, I just can't hide it! 

  9. I have posted your this video on my blogsite as I work to engage educators with AR. I hope that is okay and I will be watching more of your presentations and learning, learning, learning. Thank you. http://pottermomsponderings.blogspot.com/

  10. Aurasma is a great tool for both parents and students.  Augmented videos can be used to scaffold student learning and provide parents with useful information about classroom instruction. 

  11. You and the teachers at NWHS have done a great job integrating Aurasma in your lessons and school activities. I am an ID at a two year higher education institution in MD and have shown your video as I try to convince our professors to use Aurasma to engage their students. Keep up the good work. 

  12. When you finalize an educreation a URL is created to link to that product. Using Aurasma Studio, you can link an aura to that Educreation URL.

  13. You comment that it triggers an Educreation.  How did you do that?  I am not aware of any way to view an Educreations outside of their own app.

  14. Check out THRASYMAKOS on WORDPRESS for lots of hints, tricks and examples With Aurasma, anything can be a "QR Code". Instead of an ugly square placed somewhere indescribtely on your image or poster or what have you…Aurasma allows you to use your poster itself as the trigger mechanism for the video or link. Also, if you apply for Aurasma studio you can program the video to show up only on certain days or certain times.

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