Teaching With a Common Toolset: Digital Flagship Educators

When I agreed to work
as a pilot instructor, I was excited about having the opportunity
to have equitable access in the classroom. Knowing that everyone had the same access
to the same tech was something important, because I've often held back
on doing certain things. One of the things I'm doing towards
the end of the semester is, they're doing a podcast assignment right now,
so they're creating their own podcast. >> I'm in English 1110 and
our class is specifically about podcasts. So we've been listening to podcasts and working with podcasts
in our English class. Everything we get assigned,
we can do on our iPads. So other classes, we might be able
to do things on the iPad, use it. But in this class specifically,
we're involving the iPad into the class. >> The iPads allow for collaboration,
not just between students, but also between students and teachers. The more we engage with our students, then the better the classroom
environment's going to be, the more they're going to kind of
retain what we want them to retain. >> I use Internet a lot in sosh,
cuz there are words I don't know. So it's easy to look up something
that I need for that class. Or look at the textbook and compare that
to what the professor is saying, and put that into my notes. Everything is right in front of me,
it's not like I have a textbook and then I have my notebook separately. So I think it's a lot easier to just get
things done in a shorter amount of time. Sometimes teachers talk really fast,
and they have a question up that we've never seen, so
we have to write down the question. And it's hard to listen to the professor
when you're writing down the question and have enough time to put down their answer. So when I can just move everything
onto the iPad, it's all there. And I can just listen and just follow along with how
she's working out the problem. >> It's important to realize
that we live in a digital world. And assigning tasks or even major
assignments that are more tech-heavy is something that will benefit
our students in the future. Having this continue and
thinking about these kind of tech teaching changes that can go into higher level
major-specific courses is really exciting. Because it allows the teacher to
think about kind of real world application to what they're
doing in the classroom.

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