Teaching Vocabulary through Context and Examples: “3-2-1 Go!”

we’ve talked about how important it is for students to generate context situations and examples for them to interact with the word to build deep understanding three two one go is another strategy you can use in your classroom for this write three sentences in this format name three name two and name one let’s look at an example for the word fatique to understand how this works name three activities that might cause you to feel fatigued let’s see hiking up a mountain or helping a friend move or gardening perhaps second question name two things you feel when you are fatigued tired exhausted thirsty sweaty or pain and the last question name one thing you do when you feel fatigued you could stop and rest or sit in a shape drink some water or take a nap the questions you create should require students to generate examples of things events feelings situations people reasons creatures and so forth it could be anything as long as it lends itself to that word this activity is a good way to get students out of their seats and interacting with one another right the three questions on the board then have students walk around the room and when you say freeze they should find a partner the person closest to them Partners should discuss the first question for about two minutes then repeat the process with the next question and so forth at the end of the activity discuss all the questions with the class see how this and other vocabulary strategies are used in word grader an online vocabulary gained for students in grade two through eight I’m one of the lead content developers and designers of word raider word raider implements the principles of good learning games by leading expert dr. James G we also integrated the research vocabulary experts like Robert Marzano and Isabel Beck research in vocabulary and comprehension shows that students need to encounter and interact with the word more than ten times but depth of knowledge and retention let’s see how word radar provides students with multiple exposures in a variety of contexts for each word the player sees a word tile that animates the word meaning and puts it in context then the player looks for the sentence that gives the definition of the word later in the game the player sees the same word but this time in a different type of puzzle and in a different context the game focuses not only an establishing word meaning but also on grammar and usage and the different parts of speech as shown in this puzzle the game items also include illustrations that help build meaning in context here the player is presented with a situation described in a sentence and must choose the word that fits the situation then the player chooses the sentence that uses the word correctly students are being assessed for meaning grammar and usage here is the word rival again in this challenge a conversational exchange the gatekeeper uses a target word in the sentence and the player chooses a response that shows understanding of the target word in that context the concluding statement consolidates the meaning well that’s it for today’s how-to tip be sure to visit ballot – Thai comm slash how-to for more activities downloads and videos there are a variety of subjects that we will cover to help you teach learners you can learn more about word Raider at word – Raider calm and don’t forget to share this with other teachers who might find it useful until the next video bye bye

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