Teaching Tomorrow's Teachers: Professor Tamara Spencer

I think that my story is in some ways
typical American story I was born and raised by my mother her roots are in New
Orleans Louisiana an african-american family the diversity of my experience is
just the way of the air that I breathe I began my teaching career 19 years ago
now that I spent the first 10 years of my career working in public schools I
always knew that I was interested in issues that related to equity and social
justice I came to Saint Mary's because of the teachers for tomorrow program the
model that we currently have for our students major in justice community and
leadership and side-by-side are developing the pedagogical knowledge
needed to become an elementary school teacher is groundbreaking what it does
is it fundamentally Orient's teaching as a social act I was always curious about
students who were being framed as struggling readers or destined to become
struggling readers and yet here they were in my classroom and they couldn't
stop talking or sharing or engaging or wondering when I had bookstore when we
had experiences or song and so I was interested in research and in
conversations with new teachers around how we could spin that deficit lens in a
way that was more productive not just for our work but also in the ways that
we're talking about literacy in today's times knowing that the impact that our work as
teacher educators has not just in the lives of our students but then the
students they teach really is what gets me up every morning and gets me here

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