37 thoughts on “Teaching the Deadlift on a First Timer”

  1. ive never heard anyone say the top of the motion is the weak point, i think most people even consider "getting out of the hole" the sticking point, or the bottom of the motion.

  2. That was a great video, so many people start training with bad techniques way to go Elliot, I watch all your videos very knowledgeable

  3. The teacher is really good! But I think it would be better if the camera was focused entirely on the guy performing the exercise. Most of the time I only see his back, like it's not important how to use your legs properly.

  4. Im a drill sergeant getting into powerlifting and deadlift is my Achilles hill due to my crap form… Been watching deadlift videos… This one is one of the best

  5. I love the strict attention to detail here, Elliot. And training motor learning through isometric and eccentric contractions.

  6. Fckn tyler1 trolling this guy as if he doesn't notice the dude is dying from carrying that supposedly light weight 😂

  7. Why do you bend your knees then hinge? Just curious, he didn’t explain that in the video and great tip will incorporate that next time

  8. This trainer sounds like a really nice bloke. Lots of time and patience, that's what it's all about. You never miss what you give back to others. That life lesson should carry on..and on…

  9. Fucking camera man is shit… wayyyyyy too shaky. He would be better off if he stayed in one place or at the same distance.

  10. You don't want lumbar extension. The goal in a deadlift should always be to have a neutral spine. You literally started him off wrong.

  11. I think asking him to take his shirt off fucked his form up lol great way to evaluate certain muscle groups though

  12. Is there a way to get a full range of motions without a free bar by idk doing grip variations?

  13. "I'm not against breaking your back/fucking yourself up" yip definitely sounds like the kind of personal trainer you want to teach you one of the most dangerous lifts.

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