Teaching the Basics of Hitting

hi I'm Emily hi so at the Artic ocean volleyball and today I'm going to be teaching younger players the basics of hitting a volleyball and and in my experience I've noticed that younger players have some problems with sinking their arms with their feet getting the correct rhythm of the footwork and also getting their feet to the ball and just like in every other scale the most important part about hitting is the footwork of it so coaches as boring as it is need to spend a lot of time on the basics of doing the correct footwork with the kids before they actually get the correct arm swing down so in these drills were going to be focusing on the left right left of the fork without rhythm left right left and also getting your guide arm up and then getting the correct position your forehead to the ball when you're swinging so what we're going to start with is and for a right-handed player on a three step approach its left right left so we're all going to start with our right hand forward so our first step it's just a small step with our left foot left get after that the rhythm is right back so right left didn't want to land they see you stutter so so about that okay now that's to a full suite so right before bed a right foot forward left right there yeah okay one more time and are you ready left right good so a lot of younger kids will have problems with getting the correct rhythm they'll do the right door work of left right left but they won't have on the ground and what their partners are going to do is they're going to start a few feet behind them the first step we'll be in front of them and then they gotta hop over their partner with their right left right left left good what right yeah okay so now that we've got the footwork down incorporating what your arms do during the approach and so if we all might not get on the worst epaulets of the arts a little bit forward there's come a little bit forward when you are talking over your partner let's remember the right left that's what our partners come way back and when we land to jump so be left left for ginger onyx are all synchronizing their feet with their arts I'll have it won't answer the partner or with me and so that way they have to be involved in sync with swinging their arms together so you guys talk to each other left right left ready start right before right there we go okay and so a lot of their approaches they've been told you have to keep your guide around to your value or send your hitting notes or writer so what we're going to do tennis ball in there by dogs or in their left arm so they're going to do their approach towards the next that are going to start a little bit behind in typical we start there right before they'll do their left so this is working on a lot of little bits left right left in this truck so this is going to we get there by our box which in venerian and only one hand done so probably one of the first reading switch right yep alright Jackson in cryptographer over we stopped with our hands to turn our we've got our Fatima now is eating our food referee to the ball when there's a seven-step so lot of young tears perfect they go a little bit too far they stay a little bit short think a little bit deep we want America right up to the ball every single time so we're going to work on our rest request we're working on our project about my arms coming up loose and I ready to hit but now instead of waiting at the ball we're going to let the ball come through our hand and get us on the court so we're trying to our out of the ball oh this is the perfect fit in position we're not moving this we're not getting in from here nothing in from way back here waiting for it to fall and the important part is that the ball goes over it's just that it touches her forehead so then we're going to practice it back text so I'm going to be the center the pushes with a little bit we're strong x-ray biosphere a [Applause] down between directly with our parks in our garden in North Eastham all the trucks back on the lap substances thanks for visiting the Arctic Ocean volleyball website we'd love to hear your ideas on any future videos you'd like to see

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  1. She’s so nice! I want a coach like that ;( I’m thinking of trying out for volleyball next year…I didn’t go for this year cause I chickened out

  2. thanks. my coach isnt teaching us anything. shes basically just picking her favorites and praising them while she yells at us.

  3. MY goodness started playing for a club… BUT THEN after 8mknths of training when I felt like I can. I GOT pox and stopped. I recently started playing again and couldnt spike thia video just made my day. THANK YOU.

  4. the facing the setter idea is Mainly for hitters who are hitting cross. if they go for line hit the will be more prone to back injury do to the amount of hip twisting they do. TENNIS BALL IDEA IS AMAZING THOUGH

  5. Thank you so much for your content! Just started coaching younger girls and it’s taking some time for me to go back to super basic drills!

  6. We’re gonna make a video about How to play volley ball but we’re not that good at it becuase we are a group of 8 people only 1 knows how to play.. (sry for my grammar.. english is not my first language)

  7. I'm (trying) to learn volleyball on my own through videos
    So anyone got an idea on how to toss the ball to myself?

  8. This was actually very helpful as a middle schooler who still has trouble hitting. I’ve played two school seasons and am starting my second club season, and I’m really hoping to get this down. Thanks so much.

  9. Ah. Sport in US is on high level. I always wanted to play voleyball but there wasn't any school here in my small city of Kazakhstan where i could play it ((
    Now i am 25. still love voleyball. Still no school here though. Lol
    Makes me sad.

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  11. Winner of a video, I have been researching "volleyball conditioning drills for middle school" for a while now, and I think this has helped. Have you ever come across – Renndrew Volleyball Victimless – (Have a quick look on google cant remember the place now ) ? Ive heard some awesome things about it and my mate got great results with it.

  12. i'm going into my freshman year and tryouts are next month 🤞 I was on the varsity team for 8th grade last year but we did baddddd. At least i have experience though lol. wish me luck!

  13. I bust my legs wide open, and I'm not saying one infront of another in my jump but i still manage the steps and to hit properly and have enough power… it looks funny, but is it bad?

  14. What controls the direction of your hit? Is it shoulder being square to target or follow through.

    And where should the ball be positioned when hitting? Is it in the center, above your head or off center so arm movement is straight?

  15. I'm an 8th grader and I am on the volleyball team and I am a middle blocker but every time I hit the ball my hand makes like a slapping sound and it barely goes far. ANY TIPS???!

  16. I'm about to be freshman w: tryouts next week.. I'm a middle blocker/hitter… for those who made a volleyball team or have any useful tips ….can you guys please help me out 😫???

  17. i want her as a coach my coach is so mean and makes us do push ups and burpees and suicid runs but i guess it works bc we don't mess up

  18. I found this super helpful although I wish you had a left handed guide. I know it's opposite but just seeing it would help.

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