17 thoughts on “Teaching the ABCs of Attention, Balance and Compassion: Susan Kaiser Greenland at TEDxStudioCityED”

  1. The talk is interesting and useful. The ABC for kids is nice. What I am wondering is that why have a separate Discraction screen going on simultaneously in the background. On one hand we are teaching mindfulness and focus and on the other hand we are showing parallel inputs to the audience. Talk of Irony. Whoever designed this program needs to focus and understand mindfulness.

  2. Is there a playlist of all the videos at this conference that contains the other videos she's referencing?

  3. Thank you for this amazing talk. It made me very curious to reade your book and learn more about your work with children.

  4. Sounds weird saying we are emotional brain vs problem solving brain. Maybe too similar to sexism vibes in my subjective mind reading? Isn't the problem solving brain meant to come with a warning about the 'drunken monkey effect'? If we are moving away from the emotional brain how to we grow the "caring & connecting" side? Surely that is the emotional brain? I guess I got confused by the end few minutes……

  5. I found the information useful, but I did not like the childish portions of it. Are we addressing adults or children?

  6. Thank you Susan. Your talk is exceptionally educational and informative. Thanks again. Peter Prasad Ontario Canada.

  7. Your presentation is original and unique. I have learned a great deal about mindfulness after watching your presentation. It is amazing. Thank you so much for your efforts.

  8. Yoish! Thank you for an amazing talk, truly amazing and i think the reason why the audience was not following along with the song is because you have an amazing voice.

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