19 thoughts on “Teaching Teaching & Understanding Understanding (1/3)”

  1. Hi,
    great work, I am a dental academic in Arabic countries. Is it possible to have an Arabic Language subtitle for this series?
    Thank you,

  2. because i'm not used to using Youtube, i cannot reach this movie's owner. i've just made korean subtitle version. can i upload it? if you, claus brabrand express your refusal after i've uploaded korean version, just let me know plz. 

  3. If the lecturere realised that learning is an inter-active process, instead of just talking AT students, Robert may be more interested and respond accordingly. Why blame Robert for this? Most teachers – and I am a teacher – are boring and don't know how to tech, they just know how to repeat information.

  4. this is all that is wrong with people today, sterotypes is what makes the massive divide in the first place then they are further reinforcing sterotypes e.g. the bad student looks bad because hes smoking, their building up a corrupt image. but usful video for my assignement

  5. This wasn't convincing at all. Using stereo-types won't work in this context since different people learn differently and a simple one-size-fits all approach like this will obviously not work. I was especially amused about the so called "3 levels of teaching" they use to characterize and label "good" and "bad" teaching truly revealing the simple underlying assumptions about learning that has motivated this "project" –> 1) That we KNOW how ALL types of people learn. – Completely subjective!

  6. Please be aware-there are several misleading assumptions inside!
    its NOT "Susan's" job to help "Robert"! he has different goals so needs different activation! Woman are not the smart part of this bad student-good student world!
    loved the Haleluja! LOL

  7. A strategic Robert will probably earn a better living than an academic Susan. If students, after considered their goals, want to be a Robert instead of a Susan, they have the right to be Roberts. Teachers shouldn't set out to covert Roberts into Susans – if the students themselves have decided to be otherwise. This is at the university level. Respect your students – they are adults too. Not every university student wants to end up like their university teachers.

  8. Muy bonito video;
    Aquí podemos observar las dos diferentes actitudes que muestran los estudiantes. Ahora bien, ¿Cómo cambiar una actitud como la de Robert a una como la de Susan? Las personas, los adolescentes poseen diferentes objetivos en la vida. ¿Podríamos o deberíamos unificarlas a uno académico a través de la enseñanza de niveles avanzados de aprendizaje?

    Regards from Tabasco, México.

  9. A very good video;
    Here we can observe so well the two different attitudes of the students, now; How to convert an attitude like Robert's to a Susan's one?
    Different people, different teenagers have so many distinctive goals in the life….. Could or should we unify them to an academic purpose by teaching them to employ higher learning process?

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