shell-shocked has finally returned people but I couldn't get anyone on except my last resort no I'm joking we have Talia today Talia has never played this game before as you can see by her being level one so I'm basically gonna try and carry her to a victory we're gonna play people who are like in between I'm level like 80 78 she's level one gonna trap play against some level 30 40s whatever see if we can get her a win all right Talia we are going to move right use D move right okay I'm moving okay this is bad this is bad okay I feel like we can do this our levels even out I'm gonna carry you to victory yeah you know you have to shoot right yeah oh you want to get like a chill this is gonna go really badly no look that's the solid look bang you need 40 damage you don't bother me okay okay let's calm misconduct you're about to die one one turn so what I'm gonna need you to do here you're gonna just move to the left side of it just still on the mound but to the left side yeah see you're learning yeah when one minute in and you already you can't move yet I think you know don't you go I heard you spamming nothing okay look see they're not very good see that's missed that's fine no it's fine you should be able to make it up the hill still but hey you can't okay just try and get some form of cover you see like how I am it's fine it's fine it's fine it's fine oh good okay you can always ask me what they are remember yeah okay see this is why you shouldn't have been so quick to say who's carrying who you aiming for Dragon Master okay let's aim for Dragon awesome together that should remind you here oh I don't think mine will I think I went way too far oh okay okay don't worry no no no don't worry you ain't gonna die you ain't gonna die I'm gonna save you and even if you do die I'm gonna win it no well yeah then you can get your daily win bonus even if you're dead you get your daily wooden bonus okay that's fine you're fine you're fine you're fine you're fine okay that's very weak yeah don't worry don't worry don't worry don't worry joy you may die here yes huh no he just hurt me a lot your death okay don't worry don't worry i'ma win this for us what's this I need to get rid of this Dragon Master he's the good one oh oh keep saying Oh keep saying oh oh oh keep saying it yeah hey no more joking basta now not a lie down I'm a Shawn this guy no opinion did yeah oh okay this is a bad place to be but you know what I can make it work don't think I can't make this work No yes fine that's what we like I'm in a hole though right now this is bad III Oh each okay it's kind of terrifying I'm not I'm kind of nervous okay you know what let's just get some let's just make sure we should almost a hundred percent here oh should end it next go oh what's he used was he I don't know what he's used that's far he I understand the game here I know how to use this you know what we good we're about to win watch bang on the money oh that's what we're saying you just won your first game no look it shows your damage 45 see you're leveling up I'm ready to be a show shop Queen okay I hmm you might want to move right a little bit yeah geez this is a dead yeah this may uh could go either way yeah okay oh no okay so who'd you want aim for front or back Alphen okay okay make sure you don't hit that little ledge in front of you I've no idea this is gonna work as close as close the knife close close quite cuts it doesn't matter now you know the shot now you know your shot okay good he's going to be oh you're fine you're gonna you're gonna survive in my face oh no you are you are you are I don't mean the game by the way I mean I use the characters oh no I did 116 damage please okay wait just okay okay can you hit Alphen yes I think okay I'm gonna trust you okay you got him yeah as your first kill okay don't know if you're gonna survive this one though oh wait he might not know how to use that you're fine you're fine you're fine here now to use that okay I'm in a pit but you're good I'm gonna struggle from this position there oh okay I'm in a bit of a pickle here Ya Allah can't you move No okay okay I'm good okay I could I could help me out it's hurt me can I move nope still can't move i talkin pretty weak and either 20 yes yes miss okay if I hit this this is huge please bounce onto him oh no it's just off oh that would have been so good yes this guy and understand the game because this guy to understand the game Oh big ting little bit past him get the double damn double damn how was none of this hitting him I'll hurt me it's fine it's fine it's fine it's fine I get new weapons next go yo honestly honestly he's got some juju he's got some Majid you or me did you or me oh he's got a disgusting shower for trying here that please portal yes oh that would hurt that would add a lot okay there's a hit it doesn't do much damage okay now I can get out and I've got good weapons here we go come on or I could end him right now oh that could have been huge I'm bored now this is how I get girls comments Talia how impressed are you and by my epic shellshock skills see you hear that water in your pants see that you see that big win Talia don't lose okay you still did less damage than the other person alright big rematch move left move left let's just watch one of these over oh that's fine that's fine it was see you like you see that you see that okay we need to take out Twinkie Twinkie rock that's fine a little little damage all right let's take out Twinkie please please no okay oh okay didn't hit him but I may have the shot now no he's moved Twinkie Twinkie jeez okay that's fine that's fine yeah we can do this we can definitely do this and we get that double damage I'm gonna hurt them same well don't get the double damage I'm hoping you think okay okay big Hut big herds bang nice your alarm went was that time to kill them is that what the alarm was you've got kill when you've got two wins this is promising this game as well no it is because their that's a hard shot for them if he hits that fair play yes he us missed that's gone over me I might get a little bit of damage but nothing nothing much so you look a little damaged and have you got you've got your shot now yo we're about to win this right now okay you went a little bit too far it's fine it's fine it's fine it's fine that's fine don't worry about it your look you're almost safe bloody boy Jack is about to kill himself he is just fired into his own portal unless he's using an earthquake oh okay we may have to go to the other one yeah it's fine Twinkies the good one Twinkies the good one yes air strike just don't don't shoot over make sure it just land near Twinkie can you do that probably not okay oh it's not close enough my shot missed as well decent note decent effort decent effort these don't ever means nothing it does for does it's all about the effort I was really excited about the win again that's fine you're not getting hurt from that okay we didn't get hurt okay I'm gonna get you this K move move right a little bit and if you can shoot through that okay don't worry I'll get it good I didn't know we can see me but my hand keeps figuring like right over my mouth no no oh okay I'm a mess out for you Wow yeah I mess out but but much but mine did damage because of it you aim for buddy boy jack really yes Twinkie has a like it's a very hard hit ow ow can you stop it loser I feel like I'm safer and like going to Twinkie okay well let's go and keep both of us and just try and make sure we can end them we Gucci no I missed hmm this is bad would ya tell me what you talk to me breaker bigger flame grenade roller ton rock okay a roller yes you can just if you just land a roller in front of him you'll hit him in front of whoo Twinkie either just whoever a roller literally is lands and then rolls like a second or two okay I'm going for Enki steel I want to try and get one of them I've missed both of them no fine you've got the kill that's a shame and now we only got to deal with one of them okay and you're gonna live you are gonna live go the other way yes that weapon is entire luck okay can please reach please reach it's fine it's fine now we get we're gonna get new weapons in a second I'm tempted to say if you can move left okay do you want to move right and I'll move towards him you move right on they've left really yeah I'm in the hole but it's fine this is a bad place to be but it's fine no no yes I got a big one it's finest Madsen and so I just said I got a big one I'm gonna charge at him and hopefully take his attention away we're about you're about to get new weapons that's at me a while know this go see look now I charge I make it through here new weapons what you got tell me we got air strike okay yeah no sinkhole I'd use an air strike if you can make sure you just make sure you don't go and watch try and get it near him again yeah I don't think you would have here we won no you don't lose your life as well we got your first win your first win we got your first kill we got your first survival see jeez all right well if you want to see more let me know in the comments down below leave like you enjoyed check out Talia in the description and yeah pose


  1. This game reminds me of the worm army game (can’t remeber what it’s called). But a amazing game that was. This game looks epic tho as well.

    Does anyone know if you can get this for PS4 or iPhone? Please

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