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hey everybody out of here with simply skills in second welcome back to my channel thank you so much for dropping by today so I am so excited to do this blog today it's called teacher tag and I learned about it actually through Michelle from pocketful of iron and she actually is did hers based on Jennifer from genuine teaching and Charlotte from apples and Tiaras so as you know my channel is pretty new and I'm so excited about it because I'm wanting to do it for years so I jumped on the bandwagon and I took the plunge and I started my channel and I'm really excited about it so I got this idea from Michelle as I said and then she got it from Jennifer at genuine teaching so I'm so excited to take part in this teacher tag so basically what a teacher tag is is Jennifer over at genuine teaching put together this teacher chat a teacher tag and we answer questions we have ten questions that we answer and we just tell you a little bit about ourselves so before I start I wanted to tell you that today is solar eclipse day so excited so we are going to be watching the solar eclipse and and now I'm in New York so unfortunately we're not in the path of totality but we're still going to get to see a partial eclipse which I'm super excited about and I just pick these up this morning so I'm really excited about that so we'll get to do that around 150 between 115 and like 2:45 is when we'll basically see the whole little partial eclipse in New York so I'm excited about it so anyway so I want to just start it with the teacher tag and basically like I said and there's ten questions to answer just so you can get to know me a little bit so here we go the first question is how long have you been teaching what grades have you talked so I have been teaching for 23 years and primarily most of my years in teaching were in second grade so I taught um my first full year of teaching I taught first grade and then after that I actually taught second grade for the rest of my career I did teach prior to getting my first full teaching job I did teach middle school math sixth and seventh grade math and I loved that age group but then I was hired as a first grade teacher so I decided to go down to Elementary and I did first grade for one year and then the rest of my career has been in second grade second grade is really where my heart has always been and I just I just love the age I love kids because they're still sweet and just you just want to hug them all day long but yet they're still good but they're starting to learn how to be independent so it's just a wonderful grade to teach and and I just loved it but I really did enjoy my time in middle school when I did middle school math that was fun for me too so that's kind of where I am now I recently decided to take a leave from teaching so I have been working on working on professional development and I've been working on some online classes I've been an adjunct professor at a local university here so I'm starting to kind of change up kind of my career a little bit I'm kind of in the next chapter of my career so I've decided to make some changes so I recently just decided to leave the classroom and now I'm doing an adjunct professorship and I'm working on my business as a curriculum designer and of course teacher author through Teachers Pay Teachers and I have my own membership site called subway skill teaching so my career it has kind of changed over the last year or so but I'm still super passionate about working with children so I actually work with children privately now in the town that I live in so I'm really excited about these changes that my career is kind of taking but I'm excited to share all of my experiences that I've done and I've had over the last 23 years of teaching so that's kind of what I plan on doing on my channel is just sharing all of my experiences and my knowledge that I have about teaching and learning and students and of course curriculum and sharing it with you on this YouTube channel that's kind of where I am right now my career so question two well question two is what grade you currently teach and where do you teach so I kind of already answered that question I was teaching in a suburban community of pretty affluent suburban community in New York to the last 18 years and my first four years of teaching I was in a title one school in a city about about 20 minutes south from where I live right now which is about half hour north of New York City so that's where I started my career in teaching and then I got my job closer to home in the suburbs of New York a Westchester County so that's where I've been the last 18 years so it's been a wonderful journey and I've enjoyed every minute of it um what is just school mascot well the school that I work at our mascot was the Bears and the school that my children go to they're the Panthers so how many students are in your class this year as you know I don't have a classroom this year but primarily my class size ranged from 18 to 24 so it really kind of depended but usually my class size is 20 to 22 that's kind of the norm that my class size has always been my last year that I was teaching it was 18 which was honestly the lowest I've ever had so I love my I think that's actually a question one of the questions is what is your ideal class size so I have to say I definitely like 18 to 20 that is ideal but it has to be an even number you have that belief or number of kids because you don't have any one-on-one kids partner activities are just brutal so I love having an even number of kids I there are times where I'm like please give me the new student so I haven't even never a kid it gets that bad um okay so the next question is what is your favorite drink at Starbucks so I love caramel macchiatos oh my gosh so good so fattening is so good so caramel macchiato hot I don't like any cold coffee or anything like that it has to be hot it could be a 117 degrees outside and I have to have hot coffee and I do say coffee because I live in New York so I do have that awesome um what is your favorite online resource hmm oh my goodness well I guess there's a couple of things I would have to say I guess one of my favorite online resources that I used in my classroom was go noodle that was one of my all-time favorite websites to use in my classroom I also love Brain Pop jr. I used that probably almost every day in my classroom as well but if you're talking about like a digital resource that I've used hmm I have to think about that one because primarily when I'm doing an activity or a lesson in my classroom I usually created it so um let's see oh gosh this one's hard I think I should have prepped these questions all right Caleb um let's say let's see let's see what have I used you know what I couldn't say that I've used Jen bangles reading passages for some of my struggling learners so I have to say that I did love using that so that would be my go-to all right um can you describe your bonus clip I'm sorry can you describe your perfect classroom can you describe your perfect school so my perfect classroom would be large I actually had a pretty large classroom I actually moved classrooms after one of the teachers retired on my grade level so I went from a smaller classroom to a much larger classroom and I loved it it was just it was so pretty I loved my classroom but I would definitely say it hat would have a lot of space I would have multiple areas for kids to sit at which I had in my classroom so I always had a main carpet area and then I always had like a little secondary carpet area where my listening station was so I have to say my classroom that I kind of decorated and developed was really my favorite um my ideal classroom would have all matching furniture though yes I have to have magic furniture and that wasn't always the case a long time to get that in my classroom and it still wasn't exactly all matchy-matchy but I love matching furniture like that makes my OCD heart like super happy so I would say matching furniture matching chairs because I had like all different types of chairs which drove me a little batty but I would definitely say matching furniture perfect school has to tell you I really did work in a perfect school I love my school it was definitely stressful at times because there was tremendous amount of expectations but I did love it and I love my colleagues and the students were wonderful and I had amazing parental support so that was great too the next question is what is your favorite and least favorite part about teaching okay so my favorite part about teaching is when I teach a new unit or a new lesson and my kids are just completely engulfed in learning and they're excited and they want to learn more and they keep asking me are we going to do this today are we going to do this today like when they ask me that and they come in excited about what we're going to learn that just lights me up as a teacher and I did I got that a lot in my classroom but there was one unit that I do every year that my kids are obsessed with I call it the travelling tourist its tourists it's when we learn about American symbols in our classroom and I have a whole unit on us symbol and I actually just did a YouTube video on it not that long ago because it's probably one of my favorite units that I teach and the students love it oh my goodness we travel from punch of I'm sorry from state to see and we learn about different u.s. symbols and we learn about different tourist attractions and I would say that that's probably my favorite favorite thing to teach I just love it it's so engaging and the students are excited to learn about you know the different symbols American symbols and tourist attractions that we go to and they would run in everyone and go where are we going giulio airlines today like it was just so cute so that's definitely one of my favorites and then what's your least favorite part of teaching I would have to say my least favorite part of teaching is like testing and data like there's such an emphasis on that now you know about you know recording data and having a lot of data and collecting data that I would have to say is my least favorite part of teaching because it just it doesn't excite me it doesn't it's not about teaching and learning it's about a numbers game and my kids aren't numbers and my kids aren't data I want my kids to love to learn so um I would have to say that that's probably my least favorite part of teaching I mean I know we need benchmarks and we need summative assessments to find and make sure that they are reaching mastery levels I get that but when there's such a heavy emphasis on it it just takes away that excitement and that love of learning and because kids get so anxiety ridden over that and it just it makes me sad that we have to do that so I'd have to say that that is my least favorite part of teaching okay next question what is some advice that you would give to a beginning teacher someone who is thinking about going into teaching or someone who is already teaching I would say the most important thing that you need to do as a new teacher is to create relationships not only relationships with your students but relationships with your parents having an extremely open line of communication with parents is so so important because when you start your year off with a positive note to parent or a positive message to parents and having them understand that you're there for their children and for them it just creates this connection between the between you and the parent and then when you have to have those difficult conversations about behavior or grades it's easier tab so the way that I cultivate that in my classroom is before the year starts now I know this might be hard for some people for some teachers because you might not have email addresses or know your class lists before a couple of days before school but we always had our class list before school the school year ended and if there were any changes they would make sure that we got those over the summer and then what I would do is I would go into our school database and I would copy and paste all of the parent emails and then I would send a personal email to the parents in my students my new students in a video I would include a video of me saying hello to them and welcome welcoming them to my classroom and to the school year and that was always so well-received by the parents and my students loved it because it took away all of that anxiety that children are feeling they didn't know what I look like they didn't know what classroom I was in and it just really reduced the amount of anxiety my students have had and honestly the parents had parents have anxiety about this too and when they see that you're going above and beyond by reaching out to them before school starts and you're putting effort into it like a video or you know I love video because I feel like you're able to connect with people much better and they can see you and they can see your enthusiasm and your excitement so I would have to say that that is probably the most important piece of advice I can give to new teachers is to reach out to those parents and students before the year starts because you immediately create that bond and that connection with them that will take you and guide you throughout the year so that would be my most important piece of advice to share with new teachers going into the field so that is the last question for this teacher tag video I am so excited that I kind of joined in Michelle had said in her video that I Jennifer from genuine teaching for this back out in December so I'm really late to the party too but I just started my youtube channel not that long ago so I figured I'd join in on the and take part in the teacher tag so thank you so much for watching this video I would so appreciate you giving it a thumbs up you can always click that share button below and share it out with your teacher friends and I would love for you to subscribe to my channel so you can get updates when I put new videos up every single week so thanks so much for watching I really appreciate your time and I'll see you in the next video bye for now

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