1. The first thing you should learn in any language is its swear word. Skurwysyn! I'm learning Polish.

  2. My grandfather who spoke Latin, French, Spanish, A bit of Polish and Romanian and fluent in Russian said swear words are the most important parts of learning languages. He actively taught people swear words as his time as a Spanish teacher.

  3. if that women doesnt think swearing is disrespectful,then we irish must be disrespectful cuz we do it alot :]

  4. Me: being swedish
    Foreigner: trips
    Foreigner: oh fuck.
    Me: are you disrespecting me you fucking BrownShit?

  5. my 6year old son is japanese and he Loves to swear, especially calling his mom kuso baba and saying fuck off…

  6. Hmm…I do use the f word at times but I'm not exactly sure about it's dictionary meaning…I just know it's a profanity word~

  7. When a Japanese man is very pissed of at you, the words: Caucasian and white (dirty white) come rapidly, but it's very rare.
    I guess the Japanese keep their racism for them self.

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