Teaching Speaking with Task-Based Learning

a great way to practice conversation skills is to have students collaborate to solve a problem or complete an assigned task today I'll show you one of my favorite task based activities in which students have to work together to create a utopian society in task based learning students have to complete a task either individually or in groups today my students will be in groups so we would call this consensus building they're going to work together to design their own ideal societies I'll begin by eliciting some social problems in the US and the students home countries and write them on the board this will get them thinking about things in society they would like to change and prepare them for the task ahead I downloaded a blank map from the internet and I'm going to tell my students that they have an uninhabited island on which they can create their own perfect country they have to decide where they will build things such as the airport school bank cetera and draw them on the map I've also prepared a list of things they should decide while they work such as the name of the country what laws they have how people dress customs holidays etc I want to encourage as much detail as possible when they're finished I'll have each group make a short presentation on their utopia to the class then we'll discuss who's utopian society would work best throughout the activity I'll be listening carefully and making know of some of the mistakes my students make then address them at the end of class so is the United States of America a good country to live in Nancy what do you think ah yes I think so compared to Mexico is kind of quiet it's quiet okay very good and Abdul what do you think but sometimes I hear about crimes crimes very good okay so all countries have social problems right crime is one of them very good what are some other social problems working with poverty or – yeah poverty very good keep it missing teenage pregnancy okay definitely that's going on and I'm sorry who said the other answer yeah let me win seen delinquency okay delinquency is kind of similar to crime pollution pollution big problem right now right very good okay so Anna tell me you are from what country TV Chile in Chile do you have any of these types of problems or that all of them have any other problems that's specific he all the world's the same really very good that is the net that are the principle rooting for me okay great well every country obviously has social problems but today what we are going to do is we are going to have the opportunity to create our perfect society and what do you think that is called you had a perfect country perfect place you might get world magic world variable if there were a perfect place a dream world this would actually be called utopia doesn't hurt that so what we are going to do is we're going to go and split up into groups and you guys are going to create your own utopia your own island okay you will also have a worksheet that will give you some examples of what you can put in your utopia for example what is going to be the name of your country what are going to be five laws regulations that you will have in your country okay so here's the worksheet you also have to draw I know creativity things like banks hotels beaches much it's going to be fun I could use your creative juices to think of your perfect world okay so wait chong-in Abdul have you be one group Ana Sutra yes money does money make you happy yeah very good that is why don't you use it more true okay – there's a forest okay okay oh great you know what sort of Jesse oh we won oh what a cow you already have the one week right when we get yeah I don't know I'll be this young oh yes yes mother whatever okay guys everybody ready yes excellent okay so now what we are going to do is each group is going to come up and present their own utopia their perfect society this is our perfect society and the name of the Oregon is paradise our country name is Kingdom of Dreams all right on the name of our city is happy land all interpretation is a bagel no motor no motor no today only nice Abud and what we all are the auto potential normal five thousands people who lives in these five thousand if I thought wow very limited yeah so you have the perfect weather always Nicole no too hot does it rain or only sunny not just Sun oh all the people is big all these panels no permit no that was lovely there's oh my something we Pilar okay with this there's no cracks they grow up without alright excellent I think my students were really creative with this activity and they got a lot of conversation practice and even learned some new vocabulary task-based learning not only strengthens general speaking skills but can also be adapted to specific language points such as phrases or verb tenses for example you could give students a murder mystery to solve so they have to use past tense to deduce what happened there are many tasks based activities online you can easily design your own don't forget to provide students with some guidelines beforehand so that there is a structure to the activity and it doesn't turn into a free-for-all want more videos like this one for over 100 how-to videos on teaching English as a foreign language check us out at Temple videos calm

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  1. I think this speaking lesson is great! I would love to try it with my class. Is there a possibility to get the worksheet that goes with it?

  2. I loved your class and had fun even when I wasn´t there. Task based activities are great and fun specially when students are able to communicate their ideas.

  3. I loved the method. Its very productive in fact, simple to use, it gives students chance to speak and express themselves…


  5. Congrats! That was a great TBL lesson demo; the pre-task and the task cycle were pretty clear. However, I would like you to show us how to properly give feedback to students. How do you point the mistakes they commited during the task?

  6. I think this is a great activity. I would also like to ask you for the worksheet you provide the students with. Thanks a lot.

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