Teaching rural- “I was able to change the direction of his life”

Personally I choose teaching because teachers make
a difference everyday. The potential that we have to impact the next generation is just
profound and immeasurable. Before I knew it I had completed my degree and I was off at a permanent position to teach in Emerald. I really couldn’t have asked for a better place to begin my career. The experiences you can
have in a rural community, you really become a part of the community, you become a celebrity in the supermarket. I’ve had kids chase me
around in every aisle and say, “Hi Mr. Davis. “Hi Mr. Davis.” And it never gets old. For me to be able to make that difference is really powerful for me. I came home to Mossman last year for a rodeo and this young man pulled me out of the
crowd, recounted my time as his teacher and finished by saying, “Thank you, Mr. Davis. “Before you came along I hated art, “I didn’t want a part of it. “I just graduated high school “having studied art for five years.” I was able to change the direction of his life, something
that he’d never even considered before was something that he became really passionate about. For anyone considering going into teaching it’s so rewarding and
I guess the potential that you have to become a role model for the students you teach is amazing.

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