Teaching remote – “At the end of the day, it’s the most rewarding job I’ve ever done”

(bright music) – Hi, I’m Eva, I’m an
early childhood teacher at Mornington Island State School. I studied journalism first and travelled, came back, and then I had
my first child pretty young. I thought, “What can I do that
is a good work-life balance?” And I thought teaching
would be the job (laughs). At the end of the day, it’s the most rewarding
job I’ve ever done, which I know is a cliche, but you are making a difference, especially when you look
back at the end of the year how far the children have travelled. I always think of how can I make it fun, how can I make it engaging, how can I make them go home
and remember what they’ve done and wanna come back the next day? This is now the biggest
classroom in our school (laughs). Mornington Island is pretty
much the size of the Gold Coast, but everyone’s located in the one area, and all the teachers
live on the main street, so we’re all within five
minutes’ walk of each other, two minutes’ walk of the school. We’ve found that going remote gave us a better work-life balance. On the weekend, we usually take
the children out somewhere. In an indigenous island, you need to get permission anywhere you go which is not in the town centre. Sometimes we’ll go with
locals who own the land, and there’s only the beach,
’cause we’re an island. So we always go to the beach (laughs). My son, he loves living
here, which he tells me, wants to come to school
even when he’s sick. He’s got better social life than me, so he does after-school sports every day, does discos on the weekend at the PCYC. The one thing that I
found really rewarding is just being immersed
in a different culture, and they do become your family, really. You build a very strong relationship.

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