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[MUSIC PLAYING] Thank you for enrolling
in this course. [SPEAKING GERMAN] I was raised at Iviksuk, about
30 miles south of Barrow. I’m here to talk to you briefly
about Justice 315, Correctional Counseling and Rehabilitation. You might be wondering why
I’m getting out of a DeLorean. Because I can. [SPEAKING GWICH’IN] [SPEAKING FRENCH] So material from this course
will help you in so many roles that you have
throughout your life– as a friend, as a parent, as a
partner, and as a professional. [MUSIC PLAYING] Who, what, where,
when, why, and how. These questions are
where reporting starts. And all lines radiating out
above the horizon line is blue. So you can kind of
pretend that’s blue sky. This dot here in the center
is the vanishing point. [SPEAKING GERMAN] And on this axis
over here, comparable to your real outcome, we
would have factual guilt. Here you can tell the upper
portion has been stretched. Generate and conduct
the action potential and ultimately cause the
release of neurotransmitters. Even though there’s a
derivative existing, it may not be continuous. I’m Heidi Rader, here
in the Alaska Garden. Firm it in there, maybe put a
slight well around your plant. Different regions
around the country, or even within the
state of Alaska, have different ways of speaking. And we’re to call
it Quoting 101– specifically, when to quote,
why to quote, the 80/20 rule, and then, once again, an
important APA reminder. You will actually
be collecting data that I and my research team
have never seen before. [MUSIC PLAYING] So let’s get started. The first thing
you need to do is click on the Start Here
button in the Blackboard site for this class. Judge how your own opinions
are developing and changing as we go through the
study in this course. I am here to assist you. Being successful and having fun. This is where it’s
all happening, in Fairbanks, Alaska. Welcome to the class. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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