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  1. Yes , I think also in our modern world the vajrayana teachings based on the ethic and all other perfections are most important and efficient for our modern world . People with western education specially the intelligent fortune people seem quiet right for , something like this . Thank you for sharing this genius thoughts of his holynesss .

  2. May be we can consider , that how his holiness was teached by his tudors is an old out to dated way of give lessons ? I mean wouldn’t it be nice to be completely happy as a child and learning seeing what is right and wrong by himself in a playful way ? Also to separate a little kid Of his / her mother to force him / her in a monastery is may be a force full way what not brings the fruits they are meant to bring ?

  3. बौद्ध धम्म को आसान हिंदी में समझने के लिए ये चैनल HINDIBUDDHISM सब्स्क्राइब/ज्वाइन करे व अपने सभी सामाजिक भाइयों को भी ज्वाइन करवाएं , लिंक इस प्रकार है :


    कृपया सब्स्क्राइब/ज्वाइन करना न भूलें


    IN THE CURRENT MIND OF ME, perhaps the words of Buddha ( Prince Siddharta ) is like any existent or nature , is an arrow or a signboard pointing at ME , pointing at what I am or like a mirror that reflecting ME.

    Awaken to this , one will realize he is EMOTION that travelling in a natural process that leading him back into a state before he existed , into a state of nothingness .

    He is from nothingness and now is travelling in a natural process back into nothingness .

    I recognized I am EMOTION . I am desire / love / anger / hate / greed / ego / fear / worry etc and I am travelling in a natural process back into a state of nothingness .

    Change and decreasing is the natural nature of this process and I currently recognized this natural process is Buddhism .

    Buddhism is a natural process becoming ME and is now leading ME back into a state before ME existed , into a state of nothingness .

    ME like all others existent regardless living or non-living is a “ Buddhist” and “ Buddha” is a state before ME existed . Buddha is a state of nothingness .


    So Human is Mind + Physical Body .

    Mind is EMOTION ( ME ) + Referrals .

    Referrals is a form of knowledge / faith / beliefs / experiences / skills etc .

    Emotion is the one that propel a human .

    Emotion like others living has a natural nature of growing .

    Emotion feeding on referrals to grow and to travel in life .

    Emotion generating referrals by using physical body as a tools to sense /detect .

    Thinking is the action of emotion . Thinking is a process of knowing / understanding to creates “ Referrals” .

    Emotion not only feeding on referrals to grow but is also hopping on referral to referral travelling travel in life .

    Life is emotion that travel .

    As emotion growing or referrals increase in mind , mind will expand .

    Mind is like a balloon with hole and as the volume of air inside the balloon increases , pressure inside the balloon increases , pressure resembles suffering .

    So as emotion or referrals increases , suffering increases .

    Each moment , emotion is hopping from referrals to referrals travelling in life , like a monkey hopping from tree to tree but each moment , the hands/legs of the monkey must hold on to a branch .That is the nature of understanding and also is the nature of living .

    But concurrently as emotion ( Buddhist ) is naturally growing ( in Buddhism )…….emotion is also travelling in another natural process that pulling it back into original state before emotion existed ( also in Buddhism ) , into a state of nothingness ( Buddha ) .

    So ,

    As emotion trying to generate referrals in a process of knowing / understanding …there is another natural process that react in an opposite nature , in a reverse manner that returning emotion back into the mind .

    Just like when you throw a rubber ball onto a concrete wall, the ball bounce back to you .

    If the mind is of less emotion or less referrals ( a mind that at ease ) …the mind will received back this returning emotion and this process is REALIZATION .

    Realization is a process without holding on any referrals .

    Only realization will reduce the growth of emotion. As emotion reduce in growth, mind will contract.

    As mind contracting is just like a balloon losing air , pressure inside the balloon decreases …suffering reduce .

    So only realization will reduce suffering .

    Perhaps the words of Buddha is about REALIZATION not something one should understand or know as knowing / understanding will lead to creation of referrals that will only lead to greater suffering.

    The reason I claimed Buddhist Teachers are misleading Buddha’s words is that Buddhist Teacher is apparently holding on referrals in mind not only they will suffer of this but by teaching it to others , the holds on these referrals will increase .

    Buddhist Teachers are apparently teaching others to understand / to know / to experience Buddha’s words that will lead them to create referrals in their mind ….their mind will expand and they will suffer .

    For the last 17 years I had communicated with hundreds of Buddhist Teacher from various background from all over the world leads me to at a mind that claim all Buddhist Teacher are in greater suffering holding on to an expanded large mind filled with referrals .

    They are in great suffering holding on to their nature and referrals and is teaching people to know / understand / experience on the referrals that they hold and this will lead others to creates referrals in them .

    I currently at a mind that claim all Buddhist Teacher are robbers that robbed Buddha’s words .

    They claimed as “ The Teacher” of Buddha’ words instead of the words itself .

    They acted with the nature of parasite , feeding on Buddha’s words to enjoy frame and recognition from public .

    Perhaps 2500 years ago , Prince Siddharta ( Buddha ) had found a key that could lead into realization of human nature but his followers are trying to be smart explaining Buddha’s words with their suffering mind and transformed it into a form of knowledge / culture / faith even ritual .

    These group of people is now known as Buddhist Teacher but in the current mind of me , they are the “ Terrorist Of Mankind” for not only misleading Buddha’s words but leading people into a path of greater suffering in the name of Buddhism .

    I am now STILL challenging this current mind of me therefore I cordially invites all Buddhist Teacher to debate with me.

    Regardless what , everyone is a teacher to me that provide a great source of realization.

    My name is Ee Chuan Seng from Malacca , Malaysia and I am not a troll or a spam . I am here with my registered name and a face on my profile picture .

    I will be responsible with all these claim . My email is [email protected]

  5. The media has a moral responsibility to warn the public about what the Tibetan culture is really like, including the Dalai Lama’s collusion with abject evil.

    The Tibetan culture subscribes to forced arranged marriages which means systemic cultural RAPE, no matter how much the Dalai Lama talks ad nauseum about “loving your mother sentient being”. Tibetans prey upon Western females globally, targeting them for a forced wedding, rape, extortion for money—by even Tibetan Abbots to “purify” the raped female’s “negativities” about the rape, forced marriage (without ever her INFORMED consent) because of the Tibetans’ ruthless agenda to STEAL the fraudulent marriage Visa. There is NO informed consent whatsoever from the raped female. The Tibetan relatives, who work for the government, make fraud passports to conceal felonies in other countries and that they illegally entered without EVER permission. The female is targeted and relentlessly ambushed by them to override her will. They pray to evil spirits to possess people—to override the person’s will.

    If you follow “their” vows, you WILL be raped. Part of their vows is not to tell anyone, because they are protecting their own abject evil—which they call “divisive speech”—But this ONLY serves to continue to conceal their abject evil behavior and desecration and harm to females.

    No matter how many times the Dalai Lama is apprised about rape-extorted-STOLEN marriage Visas, he ONLY ever colludes with the Tibetans’ abject evil.

    There is NO informed consent whatsoever given to the female by Tibetans that their real secret values are (for instance): gang-rape; prostitutes; sex with male transvestites; fraud passports to conceal felonies in other countries; bigemy; that they’re secretly gay; etc. They do not care who they lie to, including the Dalai Lama. They only care about STEALING and luring females to be HARMED—to degrade their morality, because he has NO morals. He is LYING to the public.

    They later use the STOLEN marriage Visa to bring over yet another wife and children to the stolen country. They destroy the Western female’s life. Tibetans also subscribe to bigemy.

    The Dalai Lama has NO morals and NO conscience, no matter how much he talks about NOT stealing, he COLLUDES with the Tibetans’ global RAPE-extorted fraudulent marriage scam rings to unconscionably STEAL.

    Tibetans think that praying “pujas” gives them permission to keep stealing and stay in the STOLEN country, which they obtained via deceit, FORCED marriage against the female’s will, RAPED her and committed felony marriage fraud. Their Tibetan ABBOT
    relatives collude with this.

    He is NOT a safe refuge for females whatsoever. He lures females to be RAPED, extorted and STOLEN from.

    The Dalai Lama is NOT sovereign truth whatsoever.

    Do NOT follow him.

  6. Buddha is always there with every religion… Open your eyes inward to find. All time true love reality with eternal consciousness…… _%

  7. https://youtu.be/OWBi4Yhtn4Q please share Quinn Michaels amazing research, he's fellow Buddhist monk brother xx💞😇😘👍😻🎶💕🌈💞😇

  8. What type of fool would dress him up in robes a s a monk just to act on his evil desires illogical to think that an evil man would spend his entire life a s a monk I mean this man is almost a t his end he has literally been a monk since childhood in his 80s does it make any sense to think he's is evil or working for the CIA

  9. Buddha means the one that possesses logic or wisdom. If logic or wisdom is pointless then everything is pointless, even the logic of following certain religion is pointless.

  10. The search for peace through complete denial of all that relates to life and supports it, seems to have taken hold in both the major Indian religions, Hinduism and Buddhism. This is tantamount to denying the struggle for existence and the survival of the fittest. In application to the human pursuit of peace, this can only mean surrender and acceptance of defeat.

  11. I can respect his holiness in wanting to speak his native tongue. Unfortunately, I am not able to understand. Just FYI, there are a host of Westerners wanting to hear this kind of presentation from the Dalai Lama in English, or perhaps translated in English. Thank you.

  12. As a buddhist, i was taught that no religion is more superior than other, the essence of all religion is compassion and spreading message of peace and love. But rather than spreading message of love and peace, we instead commit violence, incite fears in others all in the name of religion. As a Tibetan, i strongly believe in my cultural values and morals but like His holiness the dalai lama said " there is no need to be temple or complicated philosophies, my brain and heart are my temples, and my philosophies is kindness" thus i strongly believe that we are all equal and have every rights to believe in what we want to believe.

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  14. all the other monks reminds me of some movie or something where all the old war chiefs gather together to fight the baddies or something hahaha

  15. Great kshatriya prince budha of isvaku linage gotra gautam we rathore rajputs are direct linage of budha family.isvaku Rajput family great avatar are Lord ram worship by 70% indian population and worship by all Hindus. After ram Lord budha worship by billions. Lord resab dev worshipped by jain religion. Great family of isvaku. We are indo European our ancient language sanskrit near to Latin English one sans ik two sans twi three tri four chaturd five panc six sas seven saptam eight astam nine navam mother matar paternal pitar berry ber no na etc

  16. The end goal of Buddhism is to rid oneself of all desires. Yet, one must have a desire to rid oneself of all desires, which is a contradictory and illogical principle. Please correct me if I wrong

  17. You will have extraordinary power if you repeat this to yourself over and over again.. "I love you, i'm sorry, please forgive me, thank you". Say it often over and over again throughout the day. Watch what happens when you go outside. It usually doesn't take long before the sky starts to clear up depending on conditions.. You'll be astonished. Just remember to say it throughout the day. It will clear up the whole sky. And much more. It can heal diseases and other problems if you focus on the issue while you repeat it, and it brings you closer to God! He will speak to you if you use it. The more you say it the more it works! If you look directly at the chemtrail and say with sincerity as a believer "I rebuke this evil on the name of Yeshua Hamashiach" over and over again the chemtrail will completely dissolve. This works better if you do it as they are being sprayed. It will dissolve very rapidly. Believe in the Lord Jesus Christ Yeshua Hamashiach and you shall have eternal life. Romans 10:09 If you confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved., Matthew 7:13-14 The Narrow Way 13 “Enter by the narrow gate; for wide is the gate and broad is the way that leads to destruction, and there are many who go in by it. 14 Because[a] narrow is the gate and difficult is the way which leads to life, and there are few who find it.

  18. There are some serious questions about the Dalai Lama, his version of Buddhism and the horrific violence HE has launched against the Buddhists! It seems obvious in Myanmar and other areas that the so called Dalai Lama is NOT a Buddhist but a political hack who IS involved in a bloodbath. This is a despicable situation and it's obvious the real truths have been withheld all the while the Dalai Lama and his sleezy ilk have been portrayed as a bunch of sweetie pies. His message is simple. Do as he says or he will kill you and your family. That IS a fact.

  19. I’m not impressed from your introduction of Buddhism, Dalai. I still like my country’s monk, Bupryun. You got to listen to him before address the introductory.

  20. People of Nepal used to believe that he was " aubhtari lama" it means incarnation of lama. when we say lama, lamas are followers of Buddhism, but people misinterpreted that he was incarnation of Buddha….however, he has two face, one is as a monk and other is Tibetian activist is being supported by Bharat and CIA…..he even try to kill Rinpuncey lama accusing him Chinese spy….his latest speech he lied to the world saying that Buddha was born in india, which is lies every Buddhist know that Buddha was born in Nepal……. every brick of Lumbini you turn up….there is proof that Buddha was born in Nepal, despite, knowing all this Mr. Lama deliberately lied, now he known as liar, not true Buddhist.

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