Teaching Number Lines for iPad and iPhone

let's have a look at little monkey apps number Lions it's a free app and of course you've got the option to remove the ads similarly to many of other of the little monkey apps there's a teaching tool and then some activities that are more specific let's have a look at the teacher nice little frog noise initially you might be quite confused about what to do here of course you can go back to the start and have a little look at the teaching notes there cute little formulas as a teacher I would I would ask students to put maybe put the Red Frog on five bought the yellow frog on one and put the blue frog on the 15 just to introduce what a number line is number lines are continuous you might even ask what would happen if the frog was to make a jump this way off off the iPad 16 you might start of course I could press that that would be easy um you could even ask put the blue frog number five make him jump two spaces forward and of course with number lines the concept of forward is often new to young students we know straight away that forward means that way but some students often make him jump that way so you can talk about jumping towards the right you might even put a little symbol you might say that wants plus 1 to minus just to help students so 5 plus 3 is 1 2 3 jumps 5 take away 2 means jumping backwards two little jumps the pencil is also useful if you're talking about skip counting so start at one and count by twos when we call it skip counting often young students let's just remove the frog out of the way um young students say well if I was starting at zero you start here at zero and I'm skip counting and we're gonna go 2 4 6 8 they see that as skipping one number because there's only one number that hasn't been touched but you're actually stepping so I often call it step counting so 6 7 8 so you're stepping up by 2 every time you can of course talk about with other students who are more advanced that if we count by twos a little frog above him and I could make you know this little frog count by fours looking at the patterns you could make let's just put this I counted by fives this by fives 5 10 and talk about the relationships there let's go back to him we've put skip counting here oh this one's practice now the aim of this is to show that counting by twos 4 is that leap and 4 are all counting so you're asking a student to say the numbers as you land on them notice that there's no voice-overs in this because you want the student to say it themselves you don't want it done for them saying things out loud Roach practice actually do help it to sink in and of course it's threes fours and fives they're so little froggy jumps the tongue comes out every now and then so you're asking the student to say 5 10 15 in the classroom you might have a number line like this whether it's 215 or 250 and ask the students to actually step it out or to be little frogs and to jump by five so I proved a challenge if you have big numbers but you could do that by threes or twos so this is practicing early roach multiplication and of course test is a little bit more challenging you'll notice that the Frog doesn't start on zero he started on a different number he's actually started on three and we want to jump by fours this time so we've said jump to get over that's that step or skip counting problem so you're going to make you're going to jump by fours so you're going to make one two three four and then you go is green one two three four well I'm a little bit different here we got eleven one two three four so so until we've made all the jumps possible no it doesn't make that noise I came jump then jump in bo3 so this time he has actually started on this zero it's important that students can make these jumps and that that limits to addition so that was skip counting test let's have a look at second see this is probably the activity that I would begin with complete the number line remembering that little monkey apps doesn't have voice overs that's because they are created to be used in conjunction with the teacher and the teaching tool rather than used independently of course this can be used independently after a child has been physically taught what a number line is this one's a little bit more challenging okay so he didn't go straight on the number one he really needs to sit there properly it's wrong oh that's right I've got it wrong silly me thinking I had a little problem with one half so he doesn't just lock in you actually have to get any exactly on the right spot thought I could write in this so that sequency here I jumped forwards and jumped back now and look forwards okay starting at eight plus five one two three four five oh there we go almost took him to fun one plus 13 some students might go straight there or they might physically need to jump one two three this is something you can also do in your classroom with that number line Oh physically acting it out let's have a quick look at Rapids 14 take away 4 1 2 of course other problems so that was a little monkey UPS number lines don't forget teaching notes here about what you can ask in the classroom or at your at home link to the little monkey Apes website don't forget you can remove ads for a fee

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