Teaching My WIFE How To Use a Baitcaster (FUNNY!)

49 thoughts on “Teaching My WIFE How To Use a Baitcaster (FUNNY!)”

  1. Been a fan for a while no one has said u look like tim the tat man can u please make a video on that

  2. That's awesome I just got my first baitcaster in the weekend I love it already slammed some smallies and one giant Pike 🤘

  3. Absolutely awesome to see a young couple have such fun, Family man = real man….Exactly what this country needs. I am subscribing because I want to see more of you and your family and fishing!!!

  4. Back when I started, baitcaster were direct drive, no free spool. The handle turned with the cast. Damn, I getting old. Today's reels are fantastic but you still need an educated thumb.

  5. Omgosh. Im so glad that [email protected] this because im a 30 year old female and just got into fishing and none of my friends are into it so i fish alone, i teach myself with your help and i was goung to ask you to make a video teaching us how to use a baitcasting reel so this video is exactly what i needed. Thanks so much lojo and holly.. You guys rock.

  6. I was always a spinning reel guy surf casting on the beach but I love my baitcaster for freshwater. 7' Medium power Fast action is so versatile!

  7. My wife is 8 months pregnant I just taught her to use a bait cast and she is tearing them up! I don’t take her on the boat just local ponds and she’s a champ! Couldn’t ask for a better partner/ best friend! I can’t wait to buy my daughter her first pole she’s going to put all of her boyfriends to shame!

  8. lojo you should do another budget fishing challeng and use the baits and combos to fish with

    i am a huge fan of your channel i have been sucribed for 2

  9. Hey been watching you for a while and it motivated me to start my own fishing channel. Would u mind doing a shoutout to my YouTube channel it’s BG fishing with the bass icon. Awesome videos

  10. I just started teaching my son fishing bait caster it was fun 👍 keep going Lojo I wish you best you and your family

  11. Holly is a true Bassin Gal. I'm glad that she was able to catch a nice bass. Did I hear a "bullfrog" at the end of the video.

  12. congrats on the baby on the way Lojo! My wife is currently 21 weeks pregnant and we find out this weekend if it is a boy or girl.

  13. Bought a new abu Garcia black max combo a couple of days ago. Taught my wife how to throw it. Now she wants one .

  14. I just recently took my girlfriend out to teach her and I gave her my black max with braid and she’s using lol mine now

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