what does the mouse do the mouse yes that's how you play the game what I'll explain it later anyways welcome to please with Silvie this is my sister Bree hello and I'm gonna be teaching her how to play today so it's gonna be interesting now you've been studying right I've watched your videos there you go see fans we're gonna be able to hopefully get you out today so you're in one of the darker maps which isn't which isn't great so you want to walk around a little bit okay so if you click the mouse the right click it you're gonna be able to move your camera yeah there you go okay and then you walk up to the door and press e there you go yeah you opened your first door in facility you good no are you just concentrating well if you want to go to your right I think there's some computers around there yeah move you came from a beat and there you go oh there you go one of your friends messed up should I go that direction then if you want you just hang them wall with you okay we're gonna oh wait hit shift it's just okay you're crawling now okay wait go back go back go back go back go back yeah there you go there you go Pressey press e there yeah and then go in that room and close the door do i press e again yeah you do oh there you go now don't open it don't open it Crouch crouch crush its capsule yeah don't hit caps lock okay your friend got captured but you're right next to them so that's good actually so move your camera Mugi so there's a vent right there you see it okay I'm gonna have you crawl through that just continue yeah yeah hold shift yeah you you've been hit you did you just let the beast take you where you might be able to actually get up so get ready to be able to run what am i press well you gotta wait till that white bar is all the way full and then you just run just start pushing buttons okay okay there was an open ok go through what what what you're upsetting the dog right now yeah there you go don't press caps lock okay you might be able to wake up again actually okay Artie Artie now don't press Artie that's not how you walk okay you might be able to you're about to wake up w you're about to wake up w okay close that door close that door close the door close the door I don't know what the other person like game is doing none of the computers are hacked it not helping me yeah they're not helping you either I'm trying my best oh she found it too you've been captured hopefully your friend comes and saves yeah maybe do you want to look around the tube how do I do that are you broke yeah there you go just move the camera around just look at yourself she cute that's the top of your head yeah there you go oh are you kidding me you lost was that the worst game hopefully the facility of ever witnessed um no I've played with my Fox before okay oh you're the Beast there you go let's go okay runner hackers see you're the right those aren't available yet oh I see it says not available yeah so that's all is that the hammer on my back yeah but you're gonna be holding it so there you go so how do i hammer people also a just click right yeah oh there you go there you go practice those swings yeah yeah there you go you got it and then if you want to run really fast you press Q hey galaxy well if you go around there to that door yeah there you go yeah press that open and then he should be still in here he's he's he's somewhere there's normally a computer in the back of the IT room if you want to go check there yeah towards that way oh my song yeah you saw I see oh I can't turn the corner wonky there you go oh you're just running now I can't oh there go go go go get him get him get him get him get him come on come on you did it okay now you just click yeah you had them on the rope okay there's a there could be wait look look to your right there's one in here isn't it yeah I think there's one right there yeah there you go and then you just walk up and Pressy you did I did do it oh if somebody messed up right next to you right next to you jump jump through the window can I get through with my hammer um yeah you got through the hammer okay they're in that room right there yeah to your left oh you see him you see him hit him hit him oh they scammed the door on you brute beasts but do you think they're going to save where are they there could be one upstairs they could possibly up on the stairs it could be possibly trying to save them wait go back go look that dark corner there's nobody there they saved that one person mother oh they did Fiddlesticks I'm sorry you weren't so hard Hey and they've already hacked a computer are you kidding me no they're probably not in that room again oh they could be actually if you want to check the computer oh they are there you go oh snap you like dragged her okay go put her in that tube and then you gotta make a watch out for that guy right behind you yeah turn around turn right turn right thanks Kim get him get him get him damn Kim oh just in time just in time there you go yeah there you go you got the robot okay okay and then there should be a there's one in the conference room if you know where that is do you know okay that's the wrong way yeah no you can pick a tube actually if you want is there one in here no Oh am I gonna I don't want to lose them yeah don't lose him you gotta watch out for him he's gonna be a sneaky one probably hope he got up he got up oh god that's annoying yeah and II slammed that door on you they're so rude and they saved that person right sorry I am so sorry um I don't know where you went there was one upstairs like a computer upstairs that you might want to go check that other side other side hello I heard I heard him I think they're upstairs they're upstairs definitely yeah there they are there they are run run to them plunder them you didn't ask you press came president cute there you go there you go get them get them get them yeah there you go come to me nope just just go up to him and click update and then there's one to your right and yeah no no no no your left actually in here yeah open that door e and then e there you go you got the the Red Devil Pro oh there you go oh you oh snap you got him there you go okay jump through and then I think there's one gonna be right behind you in here I you have her on a rope you don't have her own room okay just a little closer there you go there you go and they saved the other guy there isn't one in there wait go back go back blood yeah you can just put them in the same tube you put that other guy in there you go there you go you got Annabelle that's just on the lookout yes okay you might want to close those doors just so it's harder for them to get to did you close the other one no look I didn't even close that one did you no I don't think so it was Annabelle I'm sure you did okay and then you don't want to stand so close because she's not losing health because I'm standing here yeah so basically like they don't lose health if the beast is right next to them you might want to check behind you have to move the character rather than it's just weight me they might be upstairs – they've been hacking computers well that's okay you might want to go check on her because they're pretty oh no they did they left out the other side oh there you go get it oh wait that's not an ax bow who's that Joey yep in a quick-connect go send out there okay get that person first I'm gonna put you in a – yeah put her in the that same one and then we're gonna go look for that other guy yeah okay okay there you go you were frozen and then open that one and close it when you walk through it there you go you got it I think they are you saved Annabelle are you wait turn around yeah they definitely did it I think they were following you here so where am i okay no not I'm there not in there you want to go check on where they are well how do I know where they are well they just saved Annabelle oh there they are they're there they're in here where I'm not there one more room one more oh they are in there you should trust me Michael my bed I know what happened okay well they already left so we're hiding in here the closest convenient I'm not sure you have to open it again you just sorry they're not in there well that's what I would do I think they're hiding somewhere else or like hacking somewhere else you know where how many computers are left one ah yeah and you still have all three of them again well I think they're in the same room maybe you might have Dan turned up no that was another room no is the same that they just messed up in there just see well that makes me feel bad wait look look behind you yeah there there he missed there they are get her oh there's two of them okay just run back run back okay you got one you got one yeah are you on a rope why he's not a flopping fish thing Wow but it's a fun feature so okay wait there is one to your left left in here yeah in there oh yes hello and then you'll want to walk through that door and just close it behind you eat there you go okay oh you know Jim get over here okay jump through the window jump through the window okay you got them trapped in there at least so you got one okay he's right there he's right there he's right there you got him there you go heck's yeah come here oh there's another one oh you got her there's still um okay you got two people knocked out so go put that person and that same – yeah in there okay you're an 8 you're in the cabinet you're in the cabinet just move your little to your right I don't know how you don't have them on the rope okay now press e there you go okay and then yeah they're in there they're in there okay go to your right they're gonna be going through the window left left left they see they see okay yeah I just open that door what why'd you step away oh I didn't know you had to stay there yeah oh they're like normal doors huh yeah where you gonna stand close to the door yeah okay right there cute yeah you got him that's the last person to really yeah the other person left so you just gotta click there and then if you go to the through the window or the open door that I opened I open it there was a closer tube though well is there one in here no you got to go to the conference room where's that um do you write right through that door that's right yeah yeah come on so close it's so close they're off the leash where did they go I don't remember okay they're gonna call through the event go left left do that door I was pressing the wrong button it happens I'm a panic here it happens how'd it go I'm not sure you got one more person and they have one more computer just put on some eye of the tiger pump up music okay you're just gonna sing it I just got a hole in it is that the i/o tiger no that's the final countdown yeah hey you go really good okay well got the tube in case oh my god you thank you i depressing cute I've been crap is it and right and then left no right and then through that window or a door yeah she's right there right she's in one of the cabinets I think I think I thought I just saw her she might pass to you she was here I don't know where she went just full-on concentrate is it yeah okay I don't know where she went she might be trying to go back to that computer if you want to go swing around again yeah there you go and then no she's not it's yet the other one then you know where the last you are don't remember I'm doing no go back go back go back left and then no okay straight there and then right and then right and then left and then in there I don't know where she is it's not at either the key Caesars okay just keep walking back and forth from okay you're gonna help and then it's gonna be the window on your left yeah where's she is yes yes and then there's a tube right there I can't get what is she she's flopping away she's not a rope she's not a rope Oh what she left help Oh does that mean I won yeah technically my fourth it you would have had her but that do you want us the Beast watch out I'm coming for you


  1. Hi I got this account back woozlo I remember when you just hit 10k and now you’re almost at 40k 😀

  2. Hey woolzo can you make a video with your sister and your playing with her on beast plz notice and can I have a shout out! Plz

  3. Wooz you had a sis?!
    OMG she's so cute and beautiful ❤️ So wooz I like your sis and like your vids
    Pls add meh

  4. OMG woozlo had a sister? Btw she is good as a newbie she was even better then meh when i was a newbie:(

  5. Hey Woozlo I had a question I've been wondering for awhile now ok question is what is your real name?
    And also ur sister is really pretty

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