Teaching my sister how to drive…

oh my god why did you gotta hurry up yes many walnuts better lost maybe them will be better ball I'm hoping it at confidence what's up guys so my sister just got her permit and we're gonna go on a little drive around the neighborhood it's your first time driving she's kind of freaking out right now but uh I see how it goes yes there's a car there's gonna be cars all over the road and what what okay alright so first you need to check your seat the gas is the little one the gases are right so previous you're like okay I push anything yet okay is your seat far enough over so you can you're comfortable yes yeah alright so now makes your foots on the brake it's not okay now it is so means you're pushing hard on the brake yummy to push on the brake yeah for you push on the brake now at that because you can only go into drive or reverse or anything and if your foot unless your foots on the brake okay hey what you found the brake i turn the hazards off you turn those off in a second so sit on the brake okay it's on the roof okay move it in to try big one right yes okay Drex right there move it into drive pull down keep going there you go okay from gentlemen turn the hazards off hey keep your foot on the brake okay you're on the left side take your left foot and you're gonna push on the part on the ebrake push hard okay let go no I didn't hit it did I yeah you did okay so now now the car can move that's the emergency brake so if you need to really stop quick right and it stops the car from rolling by like oh right now it's gonna hit your car no you're in Drive you're not gonna go backwards you can you're and drive but we're on a hill no you're fine yeah so why don't you two start turning the wheel left okay fifty check we should check your mirror make sure there's no car coming I can't check it the same lease you kid alright not too much not too much okay now let your foot off the brake come on let your foot off the brake turn turn left turn left turn left turn left Hey I turn my right straighten out straighten out straighten out is that me keep going she becomes very straight oh he's like straight yes no don't keep turn just straighten out gate now put your foot on the gas a little bit because you want the gas okay hey hang on to I say keep going shake keep going straight not too hard there you go nice and easy nice and easy hey but what am i doing you're gonna turn around oh wait don't don't put on the brake on the brake not too hard oh okay am I doing this right yes okay now slow down on don't rush the gas too much better than sterner oh my gosh all right you're good keep going keep going you're good not just cruise you don't have to put on the brake a little bit put your front brake my seatbelt on oh my god I mean why did you wear your seatbelt on hurry up you kidding me Oh forgot their course probably okay sir so usually you see on the right side of the road hoon don't hit the ditch then brake so hard make sure you're on the right type of road okay am i turning no just stay straight that you need to stop with the side okay okay you guys keep going keep going don't stop in the middle the road keep going straight relax just relax holy there's a car and you need Matthew there the car stuff only guys don't stop it Oh gasps oh my goodness this is good of you I keep going straight step on the gas the reward you told me to not to he's don't step on the gas you can go down this road so using to make sure you stay straight so you don't go into these cars on the side keep going sorry yes stop oh my oh jeez you don't have to push so hard I didn't know you can you can roll up to the cycling you're gonna turn your left signal stops out I don't know what the signals are you do so picky right there all right I'm turning left yes just turn your wheel and go don't you press the gas yeah whoa whoa whoa okay fast and furious okay go straight oh I'm sorry yeah okay there you go make sure you're on the right side the road no no not too far right well yeah you don't want to right side of the road until I'm are eating relax no you're not right why is their car in milk this car just go around take that stop sign slow down your meeting to make sure you're on the right side the road easy go hurry to going now to new life signal she's know you need to stop at this things you can't hear and when you poke to the stop sign you need this told me to turn yeah but what pull over I can't I'm doing it just on the brake push on the brake go good that was it good that was a good break okay what you need when you go to a stop sign even folk to a stop sign for you to pull up enough to where you can see crossing traffic okay I was fine no you couldn't see anything did I pass it yes you stopped here's the stop sign you stopped it back here so you can see anything on the road yes I could no you couldn't you couldn't see anything on the road so you turn turning you need to stop cut like this watch see how you came to stop he looks like it'll be on the brake yes alright the hazard lights don't stop the car for you well I know that all right just take your foot off the brake okay you know merge over okay all right so you're gonna turn left signal and then turn there you go Oh Ernie you turning there you go don't turn too much straighten back out there you go you stay away from the cars sandwich wait when am I supposed to stop at the stop sign she keep going so slowly push on the brakes slowly slowly keep coming keep going keep going you don't stop yet you told me to push them slowly push on the brakes now I know what you're saying I have to see here keep going keep going stop now you can see crossing traffic turn on your blinker now go oh oh turn quick turn quick turn quick here you go that's right now there we go don't hit this car all right so these somebody brakes so at least oh you need to turn you right you turn on the right signal Oh watch the car go straight all right you're gonna do the same thing we just did except you're gonna pull up further instead of stopping way back here and make sure you go around this cart come on to the right side a so keep coming keep going stop and look both ways Oh turn your blinker on which way down there you go and then go oh right oh there's a car country no no you're fine you're fine right turn right slow down slow down slow down slow down you forgot to tell me to put my blinker on you don't need a blinker when it there's no other way to turn now you need to slow down when you turn this thing keep going straight oh well you wanna help you going straight I'm going to the right side of the road look there's the thing that's his children wedding break screams brakes brakes brakes brakes there you go all right this is dangerous no let him let him go I don't like this straight go straight I'm going stop stop slowly slowly stop stop stop stop stop there you go left signal no much animal this is you're not going into the dirt wait hang on let this car go by Aaron this is just a straight road there's nothing there are cars on this road go wait I feed on the right side yeah keep going you got to turn onto the right side Aaron both don't you're on the right side of the road Aaron oh my god turning into the wrong side what's this feeling right here 45 oh that's so fast it's not it's nothing 5:35 now all right just relax to stay straight it's just a straight road I'm gonna miss our turn you're not make sure you come on to the left a little bit so we can turn left left side are you slowly step on your brakes slowly step on your brakes turn your left turn go on okay now turn you just make sure you stay on the left I don't know what you're talking about oh we going so fast all right start slowing down a little bit turn your left signal on okay and you're gonna turn there you go same thing it always watch that car she's my break break break all right look both ways oh she's alright turn the love signal on and to make sure you turn that on and go oh gosh third time right there I do the same thing right you done turn slow down slow down slow down sir then turn your icing on turn oh please geez where am I going relax just slowly turn okay and then you're gonna turn your icing on and then you guys start turning in relax relax relax oh this is bad easily this is no this is really bad yeah hit the gas little bit oh gosh backward let's hit the bricks there you go all right now push with your left foot don't let go to break I have to push this push that and then put this into park there yeah we're done now if you imagine me on a road yeah you're gonna need some work things on a road trust me oh I get it easy no oh my driving well there you have it Aaron and her driving skills oh I'd watch out guys watch out on the road and dangerous anyways that's not gonna fill you test you have six months to learn anyways see you guys next week ah if stay ready you only gotta get ready already yeah y'all ready look if you stay ready you ain't gotta get ready already look y'all ready y'all ready yeah

46 thoughts on “Teaching my sister how to drive…”

  1. My first time driving was when I was like 12 and I just remembered how my dad would drive, so I was a legit pro for my first time. Plus, I had one of those kid cars when I was little. I didn’t get into the main road until I was 17 (my age now) cause I would always drive on the backroads. And now, I’m just waiting until August to get my license (my birthday) cause I got my permit this year in January. She’ll get it when she drives more, it just takes practice. β™₯️

  2. he don’t yell my my bf trynna teach me how to drive πŸ™„ so now i press the gas and i get anxiety from that 😭

  3. This is literally me learning how to drive ahahah now I know what I look like πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ this made me laugh

  4. OMG thx you guys , I'm about to start learning to drive and I'm freaking out , thx to you both I feel little more confident :)* fingers crossed ( hope I won't crash anywhere lol)

  5. Wow you are literally the most patient person I’ve seen teaching someone to drive πŸ‘πŸ»

  6. You guys are mean. Pretty scary to drive a car for the first time in a busy neighborhood! Most people learn the first time in an empty parking lot. Give this girl a break!!!

  7. I don't feel bad about my first time now. I did really good, I was just scared of going over 35. To fix this problem, my dad made me turn on to a road, which apparently led me to a very, VERY busy interstate during rush hour. I was flanked on all sides by giant trucks, and I had to go at least 65 to keep up with traffic. I was close to tears, but since then, everything else has been a piece of cake, and I prefer to go a bit faster.

  8. Good teacher my only thing is he’s gotta stop grabbing the wheel I understand she needs help but she needs to get a feel for it and she can’t do that if he keeps grabbing the wheel

  9. I just had my first driving lesson with an instructor an hr ago. I wish my lesson was this much fun….he literally made me feel like crap

  10. My teacher was like "Don't drive like a drunk person" because I'm not good in controlling steering πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  11. She is so ignorantπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚you literally right you couldn’t see on coming traffic on the left or right if you pull up on the stop sign way too farπŸ˜‚

  12. She is sooo lucky her brother teaching her but my brother πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ˜ I passed my permit two months ago, I have to pass my test but no body is here to teach me So I'm good in driving and parallel parking but not in Reverse
    Sorry guys my English is not good πŸ˜†πŸ˜„

  13. Shes literally me. I'm learning how to drive also and I hate every second of it 😭😭😭

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