1. I’ve been driving Manuel my whole life There is no need to Have the car in neutral While driving on the road it’s a nuisance as You have to put it back in gear. this man knows nothing about Manuel 😂

  2. All cool and fresh, but you can't start going by just releasing clutch, in most petrol-gas cars you have to press the gas pedal. In diesel cars you can start going without pressing gas, though.

  3. These GTIs and Golf Rs manual transmissions are so smooth, they almost drive themselves. I would have liked to learn on that. I learned on a Suzuki Samurai… not exactly as smooth haha.

  4. I bet she can drive my manual stick too cuz the only difference is that the stick is a bit bigger and longer but I don't think she minds a big stick

  5. any boring guy can increase his channel's attraction by a blond sister. Thanks god he gave us sisters!

  6. I live in NY and am buying my car in Pennsylvania, should i buy a manual? I have to drive it myself back to NY and i don’t have someone to teach me

  7. Whenever I want to use my manual mode I start in automatic then while I drive switch to manual then when I stop, I slap that badboy back in auto 😂, impossible for me to fail and I still get to enjoy the fun of manual.

  8. When i drove a manual car for the first time, i didnt stall a singel time! But i also rides dirt bikes 7 times a week

  9. Now teach her to shift without a clutch. You only need a clutch when starting from a stand still, or powershifting.

  10. Just learning to drive my neighbors 2005 Honda accord standard. Freaky at first but fun once you get past stalling

  11. You are such a good trainer and your trainee is so great at learning… she's got all the enthusiasts…

  12. I was referring to another video with your girlfriend. (Have yet to see it.) ANYWAY, your sister is a natural. If it is not a "Hustle", then she is as smart as you. and a damn pinch prettier! 🙂 She is an awesome driver. It's in the blood. Great content and delivery.

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