hey babies welcome back to our Channel and if you new here I'm Lex and this is my charity goes to do brows like cute guys and we are back today with a vlog I thought I have a long in a very long time but today we're gonna do a bunch of random crap so let's see where we go first stop this is the plan I usually never ever go this plan we plan on going Starbucks going to RPI Bach going to target target and then after target getting a basketball we are going to the basketball court teach me how to pull it she's gonna teach me how to play basketball and then we have a little competition so you can make them ice bucket okay coming down below your Starbucks ordering we're at Starbucks and I don't know what to get even though I got the same thing every single time but I still know to get it look you look so cool before it's like all mixed together it looks super white now – do you know what you want to eat that's a great question we never know who we want to eat let's go to the PA box since you're close and we can think about we want you on the way there mom I don't know what to eat what do you want – bubby don't ask me cuz you know your new man I get so mad at her like I swear so mad you don't choose either no because I always choose every single time I choose and I feel like she only says okay because she doesn't want to choose and she don't eat whatever I want to eat but I want to know what she wants to eat what she's craving yeah I don't crave anything so I always have to choose but finally when I'm like what do you want to eat I don't know you choose and I'm like themes that's coming out of my ears and horns start to come out of my head yep mommy he farted a minute ago huh farted a minute ago I didn't even smell it I know that's why I was like okay that stings up in the window literally we're just sitting here finally we're just like staring and there's men on talking end-edge I don't know where she was okay of a secret I was like I farted a minute ago first I had to is eating me alive we have the biggest one too and the people working or like do you really need the big one you're like yeah you get a lot of Mel we're like it's full we ended up having to go back because those little slips me neither like when you send something they didn't pay enough for us we have to pay to get our package but you look like 15 cents so it's okay but we just checked our p.o box like a few days ago and we did not expect to have so much and so many boxes we have so many and the first place we have so many letters and then we have so many boxes on top of that it's just insane like you'll get a little motion we're like wow we were getting a little discouraged because we're like like just video ideas and just kind of like pleasing you guys like obviously we want to please the babies and give you guys give you guys good content we were having some issues with YouTube I mean a little discouraged but receiving all your mail and seeing all the letters Sena we're like okay this is our purpose you guys are our purpose and why we're doing this so we feel great that you guys take the time to write a letter send the letter pay your little postage due to send us a letter but I think because maybe if the peel bucks gets a little too much like too much mail all our instagrams there the increments are opening our mail on Instagram I think once a month we'll do like a P o box opening but for the time in-between we're just gonna show it on our Instagram so I think we're gonna go to my house and do that right now no okay scratch that we're not going to the house because you have to go to the PIO block the other peel back for it close is because she got a mail that she has to sign for and we have to go for it and they sent into a whole different post office so whenever we have a plan to do something really always oh yeah we go somewhere else and when we get all jumbled up and that's us though guy it is July 15th and I ordered you a gift like the first week of June really that was the first second week of June so over a month to Kiki hmm okay this is one of fattiest birthday present that was supposed to be part of like the bundle of gifts but it barely came and I didn't know that this is what it was but might be open it okay let me give the speech this one was the future and I'm so excited for our future together and all the places we'll go and all the blood seems to come so this is for our future this is for our future well you already know what it is you want to open it it sounds like scratch-off maps so hopefully when we move in together we can get up and stretch up the places we tried minute turns rainbow when we scratch it yeah when you scratch it off this is going to show you closer this is what it looks like it's super big but when you scratch off the places it's like a rainbow under Thank You lovey this is the first thing that's gonna be going up in our our new home let's go hey what do how we were walking on the cart go reverse reverse wait oh girl it's a game over here to the sewage yeah but she saw this but they have just danced and now she's obsessed with the Nintendo suits and she's getting the memories back of the Wii I always play the Wii like so much that like we would switch it off some ideas like we'd have it for a month and they'd have it first and I had every single Just Dance game but let's see let's see let's get it and battle it out but we also want to get this one this tennis one and maybe Mario Party but I don't know the other games if you guys have a switch tell us what we should get so we're leaving Target I'm with amore they're intended to so we got the just ants pork strips and then exactly just dancing the blog oh shoot we said I did the whole hour and a half later we were saying okay we're gonna go here and then we went here and then we went here and there me right here so now we forgot to get food we finished with everything that we got everything out of the way and now we need to eat but where are we gonna eat this is literally us on the daily our weirdness level we like for the camera we kind of toned down our words miss you have really like imagine our cringy selves times 10 all times of the day like that the short clip on our last video of lace sugar plum cinnamon apple i think it's funny but I don't want you guys like it weird about my eyes I think they are but you're my sugar plum cinnamon apple love of my life wait food food okay decided good Chipotle and I've never even tried it before cuz it just seems like I'm like how did a few time but but I don't know it looks kind of decent so I'll tell you guys never tries to what we got though yeah – I'll see if it's up to par so Wow Lex left me oh okay so holodecks left me left me bored so I built my girl I built a fort out of all of the Mayo we got it was 30 something I think 36 because this is not a peel box opening video we're going to shout out a few names and states of random letters that we pick out right now okay start yes you like like this oh and I ever ask me where I get these I got these from Chili's my black ones are from American Eagle buy my favorite are American Eagle first one random Melissa Vega from Texas I don't know this name but I'm gonna put your name up here focus I can't do the name but from I can't even say where it's from the name Oswego Illinois Stephanie astronomer in Ovalle Jennifer Ortiz Wasco California Patricia from Rummel and Calvin up a Pope's car it's just a postcard from London Jocelyn from Fresno California hey Lily Ortiz Oxnard California Ella from Longmont Colorado cadence from Virginia I think enos from Buena for California Hannah from Brooklyn Oh Nicholas Minnesota okay second holy crap okay so oh okay so we got two of these boxes I thought it was from a company or something cuz it looked like it but it turns out from one of our supporters from Australia they sent a little kangaroo with the flag we each got one they sent me one to head down it's called down under bucks a taste of Australia inside is a special collection of Aussie treats picked just for you don't be able to crab that heck a taste of Australia Melbourne Australia oh my gosh it has snacks and stuff okay so in our next video we're gonna just try all of these snacks yeah okay so you guys can see us trying all of these aliens man yes this is amazing I've always wanted to try one of these I always want a little watch wait these types of videos and juana juana tried snacks from different places so this was gonna be so this is gonna be our next video of us trying these snacks oh my god I'm so excited from Carla Carla with the sea thank you so much we love you and we're so excited to make a video about this okay the Sun is finally down enough to where she's taking selfies we can play basketball it's literally down the street so I'm just going to be on the cute right hold on buddy and holding I don't know cozy if you know you know what that's from do we know that's from diary room the kids will literally holy I was fixing the cam room just right here warm-up okay so we figured out a little competition that we're gonna have we're gonna practice shooting for a little bit so each of us are gonna have one minute each to shoot as many recipes as we can and whoever makes the most wins but we're just gonna practice out of it and then we'll get into the competition you're one minute timer starts in three two one go I think it's Parker there's no net and there's no square at the top of it bub you only have one so far 36 seconds cuz it's have sex to 15 seconds but 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 the only made 3 and for me she gave me no no you gave me a 15 second advantage okay fine you only made 3 imagine I can make zero but it's cuz they all bounced out you could be lucky timer starts now the line the line the crack you still have a minute 50 seconds you broke your ankle Oh 140 seconds but you have to back up to those I'll give you 30 seconds oh back up okay yeah 20 seconds oh ah 3 you're tied back you have a 10 seconds Bob you're cheating ah do one yeah I know that were missed you're late we're tied we tied okay a layup round laughs ran a lap around only right hand and we'll just go no oh we should have brought water 30 seconds you 45 1 2 3 go we should have brought water 5 seconds 4 3 2 1 that's not fair I'm new keep track well no when the vlog will count them in the vlog 3 2 1 go 1 go round Bob you're traveling yeah – but that's cheating no that is a cow oh you misread it okay come on oh you have – yeah six more seconds good one oh okay guys this is the hard love you didn't jiggle I told you didn't want to okay I think the next competition guys look at my hands that is so gross so he does got to her house and she kicked the ball trying to like kick it drove me to door yeah and what you're gonna kick the door though she hit that little curb thing and look okay try to do it again and it flew like that into her stomach like this video for us going out and doing visible activity for you guys I know because even though that was all of my life for the past I don't know how many years I took a long break in that was the worst time my side has not crammed I didn't even remember the feeling in like four years and today it cramp and I was like we're gonna close out this video right here cue the music today's post notifications shoutout goes to my love today's post Center vacation shoutout goes to Christabel being your application we'll be right here we love you love you good luck in nursing school over your nursing license if you guys want to post an education shoutout all you guys have to do is subscribe press a button and comment when done you're always and I was reading some of your guys comments and you guys were getting mad at the fact that I don't open the videos but we came to agreement where Sheila and we never even came to agreement we kind of naturally just did it you guys that's our the agreement okay okay we came to agreement tour she opens videos and I closed them and I just don't like opening she'll it's so awkward opening and I always felt so awkward close it so it's just like natural yeah but don't come from Beauty heart yeah as if I'm not living my baby I love this girl you're sweaty yeah okay we're gonna drown ourselves in the hose water k bye okay guys so it's Friday the 19th a couple of days later but the UPS just came and my baby said to go check it and I look outside wait no you did right look like look at this wait look at this look at this I don't care we just got a Flav on in they don't have one but it's in but it's in there I need to open it my heart's racing oh my god my heart you started to pack w how long has it been four months March April May June July almost August almost five months so four and a half months and we have our but we're doing oh my god baby unravel it oh my gosh baby oh we have it I can't touch it it's here bro say something it just came right now bro this is the best birthday present ever hmm we have it airy judge is just a to me crazy


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    Much love

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