Teaching My Dogs How To Swim

32 thoughts on “Teaching My Dogs How To Swim”

  1. Marbles:ring leader
    Kermit:nasty boy follower
    Peach:Stupid dumb bitch that neither of the siblings like follower

  2. I'd love to see Bunny learn to swim (when she's more comfortable and less nervous about like, being alive, of course)

  3. Jenna : he looks so handsome in that life jacket
    Also Jenna: shut up you're in a life jacket you look stupid

  4. Julien: marble you can’t skip swim lessons dude

    Marble: 👁👄👁
    I swim here

    Love you Jenna and julien ❤️🐾

  5. I taught my dog how to swim just like you did after watching this video, and one day after that she accidentally fell into the pool while running like Kermit did, but she was able to swim to the staircase and save herself very quickly! So thank you Jenna! Helping clumsy dogs everywhere hehe

  6. I'm so proud of them especially after Kemert took that fall I wish I had a pool to go for swims with my dogs four dogs and me in a pool that would be awesome. Leave a like if you love Jenna and the dogs.

  7. at 4:56 when jenna said “where’s marble?” idky but the first time i heard that i was dying 😂😂 flash to marble 30 feet away from swim lessons 💀

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