if you don't like this video in the next three seconds you're gonna have ten years of bad luck so like the dang video so I don't even know how to shoot or build or anything I know our to issue l to his aim I should probably write this down now no you're gonna be fine it's just like Call of Duty oh well I'd be able to build right when I go into the game um Naughton what you gotta get material first how do I get them I walk up to the material and then how do I get out my eggs what Oh what are you talking about man I'm about to get class alright are you here combat medic I'm here alright where do I go okay we're gonna jump at the last second and we're gonna go lonely lot you see my marker on the map yep we're gonna go there and then how do I support my parachute I think X again okay alright hit X now let's go I'll lower you or do you go he's super high up no you don't have to deploy it that soon I didn't deploy yet oh oh oh you deploy you can like if you aim your guy down he flies down faster yeah I was doing that and then I panicked okay perfect if you hear or see anyone yell oh how do I swing my ash I try to access mushrooms you can know you're gonna hold down our two I can hear you click it you see how many material do you have look it's right it's on the right side of the screen mode Britain medal 166 wood alright if you hit circle you'll pull up your builds okay and then see how it says like l2 stairs like r1 is floor or something if you press l2 here press l2 press l2 yep see you got the stairs okay you can build like any of those and then to bring out your pickaxe again I think it's triangle you're already better than Connor there you could you want to ride with Spencer up on the back of that bad boy what if I want to get off he's scaring me thank you old square oh wait jump you're building let's that's your building built up build some ramps up this mountain build us up there no the stairs I thought I was on the stairs oh yeah yeah and then you got to keep doing that look at its back here okay yep there we go okay oh there's somebody right there yep hold on are you ready to shoot this guy he's um on my marker northeast oh he hit me I don't see him he's hitting you Spencer shooting out of ruler to time combat medic well no no not behind you behind you dude to the roof and me yeah over here weak he's building up he's over here right here I don't know I got him I got him I don't know how to get out of this I'm coming you locked them in there Pluto there's an opening in the back all right all right yeah it's hit circle on this wall okay okay and then put two yeah two lines from the middle one to the bottom one and then hit confirm them three before I got hit by a bow down these kids are like screaming over I just i stunk myself I thought I had my minis out I'm an idiot Marilla hey Perillo you guys who's always going down I had to carry that game have me and I got you you did you did what am I supposed to jump off this thing we'll go somewhere else no no no no no we're still on see the marker nope yeah okay dive straight down yeah aim straight at the ground and go as fast as you can there's a bunch of people here yeah they're scared that's all combat medic flying in and they bail up that's climbing I don't have a gun I can't wait I have an impulse grenade the rough start it hurts a little bit think I think we should go back to the lonely la femme de we got it we got second place going lonely so second yeah hate to see that I i stunk myself on accident I then have a win yet now he's a hundred percent too long I'll have a kill just don't know where to look so there's a red one over there now is that means someone else is going toward it that's marker that's a Bailey's marker and just this Oh but yeah that's all your teammate someone is going here with us though he doesn't want why there's a whole team going here why what is this he's got my minis oh this guy this guy's weak help over here combat where are you see right all right in here right in here Oh Spencer god I'm Thurston Thurston for us skids one shot right here Spencer hit him prayed right here Sam somebody just blood off they killed his teammate good work boys let's see combat medic farming away I didn't that would I'm gathering all this stuff to get killed in about three seconds yeah all right here can you build up this this little hill and see it see those villains alright here we go nice okay alright ramp nice nice I fell I think do you hood down on the d-pad does something come up then you use your right stick to hover over the dance and then hit X there we go there's just one over this one that's our knock one leave one if you can we'd all a bad one oh oh we got a tango Down tango Down yep because just waiting for me oh they has the new launcher God dang it dude that's what'll help I'm on my way I always have to come help us that kid one shot over there odd he's holding the L on me oh he's attacked me down there's Mike Howard oh no what'd I hit leave match yeah back to the lobby I may be bananas I I've come to the realization that it's gonna be it's gonna be tired of entirely on me to get a win for us for two guys let's not get that done be careful oh yeah there's so many people from every angle oh yeah yeah get inside get inside then you run to me I don't even know where you are I'm in a panic right now I'm down I'm coming medic oh my god another hell I'm not this guy shot me alright now I can have my candy bar yeah there's more there's more yes it's hard I'm sitting in a window first Tom Bears SMG oh yeah we're all coming back boys dad how does it make you feel that your son is friends with the real parallel Spencer the famous youtuber parallel Spencer you know you're judged by the company you keep though if you're friends with him then you're in good company ah kinda man yeah I can tell you this all the times that I have watched you play the game I've never seen anybody crawl around on the ground more than him [Laughter] it's a break man it's a brave man very very I take I take bullets for you bro I think at this one I can build all the way around myself you see them I see them oh yeah right there run away boys I don't want any trouble yeah Ron Ron Ron Ron Ron you sure about to get ugly not even here that hurt Freeman celebrated cuz I made it will quarter through life some godly like thank you


  1. At 1:50 he says press L2 when you are on controller you start on combat pro so he didn't just start playing

  2. I love pula dad he is so good at fortnite and I subed, turned notification on and like the vid so can I get a shout out pls that would be great thx❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  3. I didn't like and now and I'm back 2 weeks later to say my fortnite account locked me out and the is going to be a meem. Sad

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