Teaching My Boyfriend How To Pitch A Softball

42 thoughts on “Teaching My Boyfriend How To Pitch A Softball”

  1. I’m so scared the ball is going to hit me in the face, and it’s just a video.
    I’m ActUaLlY fLincHiNg!

  2. I think "blue" would be calling an illegal pitch IMMEDIATELY 😂😂😂 His stride is hilarious! Release at the hip, Julien! Ahahaha.

  3. I never knew you played!!!! My daughter is a catcher, who's currently being recruited! Your "cool factor" just went WAY UP in my book ♡ A lot of my subscribers also played so it's like instant connection ♡

  4. I've never watched softball and was so GODDAMN impressed by her pitching!! Did not know you did it that way and it just looked so effortlessly

  5. Whenever Jenna reminds me that she used to play softball makes me so happy because I played softball since I was 6 up until my senior year of high school and loved it😊🥎

  6. I actually thought the music was and ice cream truck in the beginning and i was thinking EHY ARE YOU NOT RUNNING TO THE ICECRRAM TRUCK!!!!

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