Teaching MOM How To Use a BAITCASTER (She HOOKED Me)

if you guys hit this video to 3,000 likes we'll go out on the lake and I'll get her on some Lake Lanier bass what is going on everybody welcome to another video first things first I watch the low joe's video about a month ago he did this with his son and I thought it was just hilarious this video is actually past overdue I got my mom with me today and she's gonna be learning how to do some bass fishing okay this is kicking the rest TV baby I mean my mom's gotta know how to bass fish too right there's a little trick to this I gotta teach her how to cast a baitcaster because that's the first thing to this whole step you know everybody was asking I was actually supposed to do this video a long time ago but I haven't had a chance to do so now that I'm home a little bit for the summer we're gonna film it today tell them that you haven't i've never casted a baitcaster when I was younger I'm not gonna sail it all because I know yes but I was yeah whenever I was young like young yang so about a hundred years ago was the last time she threw a fish you're not so it's gonna be interesting today guys I have a few baits rigged up on a few rods which I'm gonna explain so let's go ahead and go check that out so mom showing me the pool is that I brought outside oh you know nothing about Ellen FS help in the situation but yeah grab that one first yeah so guys this is old Xebec o33 i know most of you guys know what this is this is just the start out listen this is the cast of bait this isn't a baitcaster model this is just a push button that's a bait caster okay this is the main purpose of the video but I did bring this guy out with a little rig on it today just because I want you to get like the casting down before we before I hand you that you know I'm saying so we can get the casting out with this I have just a little Ned rig with the crawl on it so we're hoping to catch a fish today as well and then this one we just got like a bigger little Ned rig so like I said starting off with the old Xebec oh just to get your casting down okay like just a swinging motion because the last thing I want is you to hook me in the face we're gonna move on to the bait caster so first things first let's go ahead and get the Xebec ooh ow mom alright hold that thing up do you know how to hold a fishing rod honestly I don't even know how to hold this thing living testament I see all my hand is your hands are smaller but yeah boom just like that but if you want to give yourself like a little bit like you maybe good that's the thing with these is a little bit different with the baitcaster that's what you'll be doing but like try to do a little cast in motion come back a little bit more yeah like like so you're gonna get put put some some booty into it go oh yeah yeah but if you want to you can also you know from the side just it's mainly your wrists you don't saying or you can go over your head so there's two different motions you know from the side and then over your head probably right now from the side and it'd be easier for you not to hook me I'll probably stand about a hundred foot away from you on that side with the camera zoomed in alright let's get it started let's see what we gotta do Oh Oh calm down mom are you doing no it just I had it hooked in the thing when going bass fish your mom's first step you gotta check your drag so hold the rod make sure you don't see I'm sayin see how it comes out a little bit that's honestly a little good we might tighten it down yeah that's fine that's fine so you always gotta check your drags you don't wanna break or you don't want the fish to come off and you know I get the hook pushed in them so alright let's start over here it's a test number one is epic ooh 33 baby I think that's probably almost everyone's first rod and reel setup they started using we're just testing this out mom is the saying the main person this gonna be easy listen you gotta ace this test right here so alright I am gonna show you how to use let me grab the tripod so this be a little easier alright we're gonna get this started all right I gotta at least teach you how to cast it so this is the button okay I already stopped the drag and everything you don't really need to worry about that so this is the bone that's gonna release the line watch on I press it watch the beak how it comes out that release is everything so the thing is when you press this button to cast if you just press it and let go it's gonna come out to a lay tail yes just don't hold my camera now I'm watching oh you did it literally first try since you actually got it out there I'm actually pretty impressed of all that reel up the slack a little bit all right not kind of hop it actually cares like a five pounder first guess all right it's a try it again I want you to try it just a few times before we hop to the bait caster so you know the motion that's not bad though because I've done the same thing because I rise a little shorter so really back in I mean I mean I'm just saying that's pretty good that you might catch a fish out of it I think you have yeah no I'm just saying oh you got one okay okay wait I know you don't have one you know I like that was my fault yeah yeah you got it like a rock that was no I got too excited oh gosh oh gosh oh god okay I'm freaking out oh god that's why I step back right there whoa mom I guess we could say step one is officially complete baby we got she said it herself okay mommy you said that's easy but the bait caster now I got to set this up for you now for anyone who's watching obviously you guys don't know my settings on my bait casters but all my friends my dad any ones who throw my stuff they can't throw it because I was having so loose so I definitely got to set this up so she will not backlash it and ruin my reel all right so now it's time for the old bait caster mom what do you think about this you think something easy push button was easy this is gonna be a little difficult guys so anyways like I said my stuff's very loose so the internal breaks I'm definitely gonna be tightening down let's go ahead and do that so this is the internal braking system you got zero through six right here so zero is gonna be the loose loosest six is gonna be the tightest so I don't know about going I've never like brought one of the reels all the way over that way but maybe maybe mom watch my thumb okay it's how I teach you in a second but see it kinda a little bit came out oh yeah this come this is a done deal guys you're gonna have to give it a little more than what you were doing with the other one yeah so when throwing a bait caster this is the button obviously click it bait comes out when throwing in you're gonna click the bell you're not gonna let go right away obviously I showed you on the other one two hours later okay boys let's uh let's see how this one runs I'm watching out for you okay all right another thing you see how the baits you want to keep it like a decent distance from your rod tip so like I'd say about right there instead of like down here because see how much room you have you could hook yourself in the back so you can see that you don't want that to happen listen that's all up to you I don't know what you're gonna be better at so yeah holy cow first cast yeah see I see you I say if that one's going you going to give it a little more oomph alright not reel it up alright so you clicked it and now you just yes oh my gosh okay calm down now calm down all right you know like I said you're gonna think give it a little bit of oomph a little bit more oomph and you gotta give it some power Sam Sam gosh oh okay yeah did you get a backlash at all it's on the same thing ah Oh in the water there let me get this for you alright I got it alright ma I'm being extra see oh oh my gosh okay did I do it oh that's not bad though that's not like a bird's nest yeah they couldn't no heck no dad does it way worse than this listen have you got it you got it Oh God what's the problem what's the problem let go with your thumb yes I'm saying just keep cutting no no whoa now you're going overhead with it you said you couldn't do overhead actually give us a cast that we will always remember you for we're right here that's gonna make or break you right here on you know I don't hook me you're good I hope see that's what I'm worried about I'm just worried about the bait just going looking knowing leg yeah see that's not bad I guess that's actually pretty good feel that little like yeah thing down here yeah that's better that looks more comfortable right oh my gosh no way no freaking way there is no freaking way you just caught a fish you freaking caught a fish there's no way you literally caught a fish when I was explaining to you how to hold your reel I cannot believe that yeah see that's our first it's probably not your first fish but she did that one on her own a hundred percent you guys saw it I was showing her how to hold the reel if you want to hit this paralyze them so they can't move if you grip their gills down they can't do anything not their stomach their gills a lot of people don't know that or you just slip them by the lip in a large mouth you slip them on the lip all right mom you want to try to hold it and you see this is probably the best one for you to hold though if you catch anything else cuz he's small you know you don't have to see your son grouping one right there he's really lethargic he's not hyper you know same old motes the camera here hop in the frame [Laughter] poor fish don't put that in there always going in the video all right there's my mom's first fish good job you got it you got to hold it you got to catch it on your own and you caught yourself fish let's get him back in the mom what did you just do listen this is way too close for comfort zone mom that it was barely in right here but I that is just too much I was sitting here moving the triplex we're about to move down on Fisher over there and she comes back and just sticks me straight up sticks me yeah that how to push you in the water the viewers would have loved that one mom yours what a load though all right mom give it a shot cast in that corner national bass oh boy get him get him get him get him oh my gosh I was just resetting the GoPro you got him holy crap that's insane you had one you had a good one on right before him – you know I wonder this time well that's for second fish mom holy cow he's got snow on her own on a freakin baitcaster I'm pretty impressed honestly let's give this buddy back in the water oh yeah this is this is unbelievable on a bait caster – I can't believe it look at that bird I neither small a second I can't believe it you know what's so funny is they're all three or both of those were in the same cast you know I'm also you look like a big one they're like just a let me get it in that corner it's hard to cast cuz of how tied it is it might even be I think you might have won you're running with it a knee yep he's running with you see small yeah when I cast it in there I kind of fell and grabbed it but the reason I knew is because you know I threw by that tree and your bait was going to the right real tiny that one is mom this is your interview after what so what happened I probably had ten back no you didn't birds nested although I caught three with on my own like on my own cast and what no you cut all of them were on your own guys weren't they no yeah was there was there because it was tangled up or something fun now I know how to write alright guys that is going to do it for today's video I hope you guys enjoyed it be sure to hit that like button if you guys want if you guys hit this video to 3,000 likes me and mom already agreed on it right here will go out on the lake and I'll get her on some lake lanier bats once my boat arrives and that whole lot I don't even I said that whatever if you guys are watching this far in the videos and you get the know the surprise so anyways thank you guys for support hit that subscribe button if you haven't already I love you guys so much brig ami mr. Bennett I told you to stop

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  1. Awesome video man and congrats on your mom throwing the baitcaster and catching those fish. I couldnt stop laughing when she hooked you at least it didn't catch skin bro but awesome video I would love to meet you lojo and norm and all of us go fishing together

  2. No disrespect bro I mean this in the most respectful way possible but your mom is beautiful if I didn't know she was your mom I would of thought she's your sister…great catches Noah's mom…love your content I haven't missed a video since I found your channel

  3. I think you should do a video where parents take your fishing lures logos family mom your mom and North mom

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