Teaching Mindfulness To Children At Home And In Schools

34 thoughts on “Teaching Mindfulness To Children At Home And In Schools”

  1. Nice try. I admire trying to teach ancient eastern philosophies to kids, but it simply don't work. First because western people are thought to be fast in mind and to never do mistakes. You must first change the culture of the society and then polish the people to behave accordingly (altruistically). Not the opposite. This are the words of someone who is doing (trying) yoga and meditation for 10 years…

  2. Becoming present to the moment should be a staple taught to children just like learning to read or doing math, arguably this is more practical and beneficial in real than either

  3. When u meditate, do you focus on the problem or away from it to be able to let go and have emotional resiliency?

  4. Mindfulness-based treatment is going to be the future of psychotherapy. I've seen profound effects both professionally and personally.

  5. wow
    this is great !
    sometimes when i feel lonely i will practice feeling the air pass across my skin
    my shoulders my hands my back my cheeks
    even with little air flow i can still feel the air
    thank you so much !
    great practice !

  6. interesting points ,if anyone else needs to find out about how can i focus on the present try Megarno Fast Focus Magician(do a google search ) ? Ive heard some incredible things about it and my colleague got cool results with it. 

  7. I adore this video so much. Wanted to use it in a training. Unfortunately, because it said "based on buddhist practice" our group decided it would upset parents. sigh

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