Teaching Learning Material & Categories of TLM

hello friends myself dr Nietzsche data
and today in this lesson we will discuss the teaching learning material there is
a saying probably you have heard that I hear I forget I see I remember but I do
I understand they remember 20% of what we hear 30% of what we see 50% of what
we see and hear but we remember 90% of what we do after this listen you will be
able to define TLM teaching learning material you will be able to categorize
TLM you will be able to distinguish between audio visual and audio visible
teaching learning material you will be able to distinguish between projected
non projected and experiential PLM first of all we will discuss that what is dlm
any object or material that is used to facilitate learning and teaching process
can be considered as a teaching learning material in a very simple words to make
the learning effective when the teacher uses certain materials to make the
concepts clear in a very simpler manner that is the TLM by using TLM in teaching
learning process learning effectiveness can be increased can be enhanced by the
theorem there are certain categories of TLM famous educationist Edward Dale has
given a very unique classification of audio-visual aids through corn off
experience see this is the cone of experience on the top the text and
verbal symbols and pictures and visual symbols are there in the initially I
told you that whatever we see we remember only 20% and gradually when we
increase in learning by doing then 90% of the learning takes place and we can
observe is through the cone of experience there
are certain methods certain talents are mentioned here text verbal symbols
picture visual symbols audio recordings and photos motion pictures exhibits
field trips demonstrations dramatized experiences contrived experiences and
direct and per square peaceful experiences from cognitive skills to
psychomotor skills all can be developed through this by using the CRM what are
the real objects the students get first-hand experiences by directly using
real objects persons and events around them the teachers should try to show the
real objects through the student while teaching so they can get the direct
experience of the objects of the concept they are expected to learn if the
teacher is simply saying and saying that this happens is this this looks like
this this looks like that I think concepts cannot be made clear but if the
teacher is teaching the concept of mineral suppose minerals grains soil
whatever the soil whichever the soil is easily available in your local
environment you can show them so that they can observe those soil those
minerals those grains which are easily available at home and Mendel’s many
types of minerals are available at home only so this can be shown by the teacher
so this will be the real experiences touch by hand experience for the student
in subjects like science and Social Sciences many direct experiences can be
given to the student for understanding the difficult concept in a effective
manner when the students learn the concepts and feel that thing it becomes
more effective children can get direct experience existing in their
surroundings like observing they can watch real flowers not only in the
pictures elitist verbally saying that flowers
looks like this and that they can show the real flowers also they can observe
the leaves relays actual leaves and they can observe the plan sure big trees on
their by their own experiences insects many type of insects was found in and
around our surroundings so they can observe those insects teacher can take a
walk in the forest or in a garden and collect useful Forest Products visiting
different organizations like suppose you are teaching panchayat system whatever
is written in the textbook it cannot be effective until endless student does not
visit the original bank or panchayat or post office whatever is this whenever it
is feasible the students can take a visit can take a walk up to the bank
post office and they can observe their functioning suppose in the mass the
teacher wants to make the concept clear regarding the shifts in the classroom
itself there are many things we can show them to make their concepts clear
suppose a duster is there duster it is rectangular in shape the teacher can
show the shape whichever is available in the classroom and make the concepts here
and if the he the teacher wants to make the concept layer of circle anything
teacher via bangle teacher can show the bangle anybody viewers watch can the
watch dial is a circle any any type of example can be given in the classroom
examples itself not from the outside some TLM some teaching learning
materials are prepared by the teacher maps charts pictures models tries
marbles to count for the calculation for learning the tables and mathematical
concepts colorist takes flashcards number
alphabet cars are examples of some of the most common preparer TLM which is
used by teachers teacher used teacher prepares teaching aids to make the
concept clear for classroom requirement teacher acquired this material teacher
gain these materials in two ways either she can buy he or she can buy he/she can
procure from it from the market or the teacher can develop own or sometimes
involving the students this type of teaching learning material can be
prepared some teaching materials is procured from the market like maps globe
which require accuracy because if you prepare globe accuracy cannot be
achieved so these type of materials you can purchase from the market no need to
develop your own now the teaching learning material can be divided into
three categories like audio visual and audio visual audio means where the child
where the learner can learn through listening for example suppose we want to
improve the pronunciation of children then we can play the cassettes to
correct the pronunciation of the students and some dialogues some
speeches can be played through cassette and CD player radio is a very useful for
audio teaching aid some information can be given through audio materials and
examples are radio broadcasts castles and CD players etc another teaching
learning material is visual visual means learning through doing something as
earlier I told you that we learn 20% of what we hear but 30% of what we see
naturally the learning increases learning level increases when we see
something they said that a picture word picture is
worth ten thousand words by seeing a picture the retaining power of brain
increases for examples we everybody every time the students cannot go to the
real places cannot get the real experiences and cannot get the field
experience suppose we want to show the different shapes you want to do the
mathematical concepts of the shapes it is easily available in in and our
surroundings table rectangular it can be square mirror dice decks students cheer
and so on many many examples can be given in classroom through the pictures
we can teach the shapes by making this type of cutting the food in different
shapes watermelon is cut into the triangle shape orange and Kiwi in
different shapes so these type of concepts can be taught to the students
by through the pictures and visualization becomes more effective
than hearing suppose we want to show some monuments this is Gateway of India
we want to make them recognize the Gateway of India so every time we cannot
go to the Bombay we cannot go to the Mumbai to see the Gateway of India
so through picture students can see how it looks like like India Gate the
students who are far away from Delhi students who are residing in rural area
they can see the picture of India gate and wherever they see in reality they
can recall that this is India gate similarly in science we want to teach
the concept of water cycle through by making the diagram either in the black
bow or in the chart the teacher can mint the
concepts clear to how operation take face then condensation and then
precipitation and how in this way the whole water cycle comes through the
picture consists can be made clear in a very easy manner and in a simpler manner
and the students can grasp it in a very easy way now next is the audiovisual
learning through both where the audio is also included and the visual is also
included this time by using the ICT ICT what is ICT information and
communication technology both it both the senses are included the students are
listening one can listen and when can view also TV when you watch something it
leaves a great impact and long lasting impact basically so through TV watching
films educational films and computer assisted instruction teacher can enhance
the learning capability of the students and can remove the boredom of the
classroom now another category of TLM is projected non projected and experiential
projected means which is casted on the screen and non rejected which cannot be
casted on a screen in projected devices OHP overhead projector many things we
want to suppose a picture is a very small in your notebook or in your book
and you get a very small picture from somewhere and you want to you want to
make it enlarged so through HP you can show the picture in a large manner to
the students through LCD projector you can give important information through
LCD projector these days is our classrooms are in the schools and
many many concepts even biological concepts physics chemistry social
science many concepts are made clear through LCD projector and small
documentary films so that students can learn in a better way
next is the non projected which cannot be casted on the screen like chalkboard
on a simple chalk with the help of a simple chalk the teacher can do the
wonders in the classroom bulletin boards there are different type of bulletin
boards where the in pomp important information can be displayed and the
students can get a lot of knowledge globes ropes can be prepared earlier I
told you that there are two types of teaching learning material which is one
is Precure from the market and another is which the teacher makes himself or
herself but Globes and maps are something very accurate type of teaching
material which which needs accuracy and this cannot be achieved by making it at
home or by making by the students so grossss charts etc these are the non
rejected teaching learning material and one is experiencial it means based on
your personal experiences you have seen the picture of Gateway of India you have
seen the picture of India Gate but whenever you go to Delhi or Mumbai then
you see the real image of India gate or gate fear of India or Taj Mahal or any
any other monument immediately you recall that picture and you remember
that yes I have seen it in the picture now this is your real so field trip and
educational excursion gives a long lasting effect and increase your
knowledge and that is your personal experience that is
your on-the-ground experience which you gained through field trips and
educational excursions so at Philly trips are very very important as a JLM
with every every concept every time we cannot go to the field trips every time
we cannot go to the educational excursion so there are different types
of teaching learning material when and where and how it is used it depends on
the circumstances it depends on the concepts it depends on the classroom
situation as per the classroom situations as per the need of the
students as for the feasibility the teacher can use different types of
teaching learning materials to make his or her learning effective and more more
interesting and learning can be very very interesting as we know that our
senses are the gateways of learning from variable on we learn by seeing we learn
by hearing we learn by touching we learn by tasting and v v something smell and
we can say that this is sore and this is something else
so by using our different sense organs we learn some things we learn many
things in our lives so senses are the gate phase of learning
that’s why teaching by using appropriate teaching learning material teaching
learning process can be made interesting and lively otherwise the classroom
atmosphere will not be lively and the students will get bored easily their
attention cannot be because the students are very small and their attention is
fan is very less so if you want to take the attention of the student it is
necessary that by using different type of tlm we can make our class interesting
and lively secondly Bodom engaging learning process can be removed
obviously if the class is lively than boredom cannot take space in the class
lecture not that’s why a lecture method is not at
all suitable for the primary or pay primary or for the junior classes
difficult concepts can be easily taught by using the differently LM by using
different type of using different type of senses we can teach the difficult
concepts in a very easy manner and most of all most important thing is that
learners interest in learning can be enhanced and learning will be more
effective and permanent by using tear them in a simple class then their
teacher is not at all using any teaching learning material the teacher’s class
can no it cannot be lively and cannot be full of attention so to seek the
attention of the students it is necessary that teachers should use the T
teaching learning material to make the learning permanent thank you Oh
this lesson will be useful for you thank you very much

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  1. A very good lecture about the use TLM. It makes our teaching better and easier. Use of TLM is more important and necessary for us.

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