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[MUSIC] As classrooms become
increasingly multicultural, what do you think helps create
inclusive learning environments? How can you build confidence
to address challenges and communicate effectively with
students across difference? I encourage students to kinda
think back to their own biography and how that shapes their
understanding of an issue. I think I would want a professor to
know that I’m more than what you see. I put those out there. This is who I am. I’m excited to learn from you. Learning about biases,
we just have to be very, very open. Teaching & Learning in the Diverse
Classroom was designed for you. One of the prime benefits for this course will be better
faculty-student interactions. The course offers guidance on inclusive
course design, exercises helpful and facilitating discussion, and modeling
inclusivity when unexpected issues arise, and strategies that effectively
support student engagement. You’ll have a chance to reflect on
your own experiences and to listen and learn through the experiences of others. A change in pedagogy has
an enormous effect on our students. Join us, and together we’ll
explore how we can create and sustain inclusive learning environments. [MUSIC]

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