Teaching Korean To America//Countryhumans

Sara well listen today I'm gonna teach you actual Korean I am crying no you're not I know okay let's start with that I know onion what is that okay whatever close enough how about this Oh nope here okay you see this right here say with me oh no where are you getting the art from No you

35 thoughts on “Teaching Korean To America//Countryhumans”

  1. I can't believe this video got 27,000+ views! You guys are crazy that you guys like this video XD
    Thank you regardless though, ;u; <3

  2. wAiTinG fOr yOu AnPaNmAn~ (lemme hear ya say, lemma hear ya say)

    wAiTinG fOr yOu AnPaNmAn~ (turn it up, turn it up, turn it up)

    rEeEEeEE, tHe oUtrO, BTS! 💜

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