there are only three let me count and now a Braille on common hey guys it's Molly here again for another video and share with me and I have the one and only fashion coding Queen Karlie Kloss hi Molly I'm so excited to finally be doing a collaboration together I know this has been in the works for a long Katie got the ball rolling back with my saw and finally we're here I'm so excited because I think you're gonna be teaching me a thing or two today and I have always wanted to learn how to eat brown for like this that's just the codon Queen because you have clocks I've coded glossy and we teach girls how to code and just kind of a high level how tech works and you know I think technology is this it has changed our lives in so many ways as it is a language at the end of the day code is a language that builds kind of the just the underlying architecture of how everything works I'm sure you didn't like learn it in a day so it's the same with Braille it took it took years you're not gonna learn in a day but I mean like there's lots of sighted people that know Braille personally don't know any excited Braille readers that finger read okay so most Braille readers coresight it's read by looking at the shadows that the dots create okay now what does what does sighted reader versus finger reader selected as a difference blind people we finger readers sometimes we wouldn't be able to see the shadows but a sighted person wouldn't have the sensitivity in their fingers to be able to finger read so before I even started learning Braille I would like a year of finger sense to be training I would model things with clay to build a finger strength they would have things like fabric books where they would be on a page there'd be like eight different fabrics that were very similar but two of them were exact this is like exactly the same so you have to feel all the and figure out which two were the exact same to me it's just like this these are my finger meiotic they're just this sensitive this is the way I don't worry and also you have really cute nails like hey it's dad oh so there are so many things so many questions I have but okay so I'll teach you all of them so I have a lot of fun Braille paper oh yeah regular Braille paper is like boring and I think life always needs to be fun and patterned if Braille paper came in metallics I would buy it but it doesn't so we also have Dicky Braille paper wait this is so exciting so how how what are we looking at here we have two braillers in front of us now these are like classic old school Perkins Brailler okay so I have combined for me you can feel how heavy this is by the way I love the cigarettes thank you this is aggressive I've had this since I was five no that's why how those stickers on it and a lot of the more tactile so you can feel about giraffes right when I was five I would insist on carrying this myself down the school hallway so I would be like this tiny girl and I feel like lifting it all down the school hallway and somebody actually called my mom it was like one of the parent volunteers the school was like her breath teachers abusing her and me and my mom was like no she's just I'm a person I'm like I'll do it if I can do it myself I'm doing it see you a mural bring my it is actually not much lighter a little lighter and it's a friend yeah cute no stickers don't you yes that's my newer one I've only had enough for a couple years so the first lesson is help with the paper end so there's these tabs here let those look at this time okay great now you want to make sure that this slider is all the way pushed to the left side this okay and then I'm going to give you one of the patterns pieces and I will take the sticky paper because what we're gonna do with this is we are going to make your office accessible we're gonna Braille is it up around the office which will be raising so you want to make sure like little I guess what would that be it would be like your cursor like your caterers computer here so you want to push that in and all the way to the left push it and it always book and it just goes that far it should just yeah it should stop up then and then you want to close your tabs so like locks the paper in isn't all right of it okay and then you take these rollers on the side and you roll the paper up and it's great room did I mess it up you might be messing I did here let me try let me see what's going on I test it both the brailers last night so it definitely should be working girl all right all right it's all about switch back here and then once you do it I already did it for yours but once the paper is all the way in you push the key on your left down so that is essentially put you down line so fun and then this is like your backspace okay so we've got the two keys on the end of the Brailler this is like building it and this makes up it doesn't actually delete the boss doesn't like that it just actually goes back to delete the dots you kind of have to like push them down with your finger got it we have the spacebar right in the middle oh cool okay so to show Horatio the peeps at home this goes back space things goes down the line this in the middle is our spacebar and then everything in Braille every letter every number every symbol is made with six dots how is that possible I know like we've one of those fun parts of the language rewind let's just process this real quick so there are nine nine buttons or total total and not only six of those make dots and only six actually write the entire encoding like music notes come on every thanks and find out okay Wow so we number the dots and that's how you kind of talk about them so this one right to the left of your spacebar is dot one and then beside it is dot-to-dot free polka dot 4 dot v dot six okay good playing piano and all when you show you the fingers you keep on them or your your three middle fingers so all six if you put all six down yes that will copy called a full Braille cell one okay so you can feel these six dots now rest I can feel that and that's a full stop a yes is that one that's easy enough B dot wanted to okay and it just keeps moving forward yeah so kind of goes for you so C is dot one and not for D is 1 4 5 okay e is one and five that's pretty this is like pretty methodical in essence F is one two and four so you're basically combining me and C into one and some other one okay and then G is all four of your first off so one two four five Wow so there you have a to G you also have one to zero really okay huh so the first Molly you're already losing man yeah are also your numbers but how it changes is you put a number sign so what would you number sign look like a number sign is top three four five six this is a very similar to code in a lot of ways because in like when you're coding something or when you're writing code it's it's a very abstract way of thinking about how words represent functions this is very abstract and what I want to know is how do you write words is it a compilation of letters or are there so there's two forms it's the basic one is the compilation of letters just like it would be English you know ABO UT very much is a decoding language so that's the prompt you're literally reading it because you read Braille we cherish you a pointer finger learner and you only read it with two fingers Lou so you read Braille like this and then to go down the line you scroll back the line you did go down to the next letter and then follow it with your next finger now it's very slow it's very cumbersome got my math books we're like for math in school I will be toting around like 40 binders for the one thin text book so do you do type in Braille now or do you is URL as we emailed my bed yeah so I do most things now all my computer technology like you said it's an amazing thing it's life-changing it really is especially for blind people because we have access to so much more knowledge information than ever before with technology with programs like voice over on Apple or Android has talkback there's lots of different opportunity and and how do those work I'm so I'm able to scroll my finger over the screen and what's under my finger talks back to me yeah we're gonna label some things in your office I would use this to like Braille label my makeup okay so that I know which lipstick is which because if I have 10 MAC lipsticks it's very hard to know which ones which and you don't want to put the purple with the red dress it's not good luck color clashing do you ever read Braille for like what do you want to read a book if there's no audible hit me up I like the full version of your service like I think Braille has like a really important place for blind people I would never know which bathroom I'm walking into or restroom over here washroom washer and bathroom I always forget when I come here or you know knowing on the elevator which button to push those things are really important but it's also very important for learning grammar the English language is not phonetic you know and if you only ever learn with a voice talking program on a computer you don't ever learn grammar and spelling and what's funny about Braille is if somebody hands you a piece of Braille because everything is made with six dots yeah if they handed you upside-down it still makes letters and numbers and everything it just doesn't make sense what I thought we would do right now is I want to quickly Braille some different things to put around your apartment durant or your office here this office needs some Braille so i'm gonna browse sticky some sticky paper and i'm gonna stick it up for you yeah so what words would you like please Fred welcome to classy office welcome to classy welcome to closet yes go like orchestrating an entire there's like a infinity just typing out so fast it was insanely like I necessary love it is that actually like with up that was a multi e like it's just the letter T right ladies room for the bathroom I feel like the bathroom needs are sure are the floor but what else do we need your keys I love that yeah yeah let me just write your name wall yes how I'm gonna do it all capitalized and so if you wanna mates so like a capital sign is just on sex so if a letter is capitalized but if you want to make the whole word capitalized to do dot six up six so we have some we have some non gets on here and then we also have some helpful things so what I'm gonna have a sighted person during its cut between these and then you and I are gonna go around the statement this is so exciting Wow Molly you are transforming the plazi office here it can take all the sticky backs off and you want to do the honors I'll let you to me okay okay I'll give you the garbage just thank you so up here where do you I don't want to cover your letter it's just six yes right there there you go welcome to closely first step of making the play successful so this one's ladies room so the feedback related we don't want to label one of your teeth late yes we need this okay so this one's green tea I'll give it to you and you can stick it right they up this is the right way up okay mutti now next time I come I can make myself at home and make my a seat now in your kitchen do you have a lot of things labeled I do I just got a new apartment so I'm gonna have to go around and start like labeling especially microwaves nowadays are always touchscreen I'm gonna fill any of the buttons and this is your Karlie Kloss oh this is oh I don't know where you want to polish it with that your name I'm gonna put that on my desk awesome and we should just stick on I think ours is better alright ladies room it's more it's a little more smart class okay now tell me which way yes that's a matrix right customized on behalf of classy office thank you for your service for all future Braille readers Thank You Molly Thank You galavan alright so now I've kind of taught you some of the basics weave Brill's to eat some of your voice is needed needed your love and made it some Braille and it's amazing to meet you and to learn a new language you know I'm always up for a challenge but well I think it's harder than even any computer code I've learned next time we're both not traveling the world and we're in the same city at once we can do this again where I got shoes some lycra makeup hat yes we I can teach you all of the blind line fake girl we have many more tutorials I need to learn first of all how you do your hair and makeup so well because you are very talented not only at reading Braille but doing many things and I'm just so happy to meet you and it's really really incredible to just see the way that you live your life and teach others about so many things including me and this language that I fail miserably are you guys not so you did not you did well for your first time we had a very short period of time to get the basics in and so I think you did really well and – thank you for being so wonderful and open and such a queen doing us with me and waiting for you some Canadian some Canadian things here oh my gosh we root fruit friggin love Bruce so here we have a Braille keychain oh my gosh happy happy but you can make people happy put down your keys here and then this little gift in there Molly yeah okay guys my Braille lessons did not cover enough to be able to read this yet today but I'm going good you like me to read it for you translate from I will translate it for you so it says thank you for being you stay classy because I think it's so cute that was like classy and this is xoxo your Canadian friends Molly and Ella Oh Molly Gallup you guys are amazing this you are making my entire day we in your life you are amazing and Gallup I have to admit Gallup is like Gallup picks this out for you so hopefully you like it job anytime you want to come hang on the coffee office you're more than welcome oh my gosh yes oh my gosh go you see that real roots maple syrup yeah real maple syrup no it is boiling in this range which is why I said you won't marry excited about this this winter a leader in Zurich here in New York is as cold as winter Toronto it is so cute well then I have one more but my favorite Canadian things that you can leave here at the office since we Braille some of your tea yeah I am now leaving you even more tea to Braille Rubik's tear like the to use canadian me and I'm like addicted to it I have to share the love I know you love like food and good things I love I'm a foodie and this is like food and tea for you know and you don't quite honestly that needs to be our next tasting tutorial it's online fold it taste test with cheese that's our next video woohoo like their basic bestsellers that you must try and beautiful alright so that was teaching Carly some Braille thank you again for being on my channel I hope you guys enjoyed it head over to Carly's channel if you didn't know she was an amazing channel you can keep up with her whirlwind lifestyle over here and I'll see in the next one bye guys bye guys


  1. Just a weak ago I started watching you and I have actually not watched anyone else but you since then so I was inspired to learn Braille and I am also able to read it with my fingers

  2. I love you Molly! All your videos are very entertaining but this is the most interesting by far! Thank you!

  3. weird fun fact. I work at a semiconductor company, one of the engineers who did layout had a blind child so the 'labels' he put in were all in braille. it actually patterns much better than standard numbers and letters.

  4. This is incredible. I started learning braille yesterday and I’m really encouraged by watching this video. I really want to get a Brailer. Are they expensive?

  5. Where do you get your Braille Sticky paper from or your other Braille paper? It looks fancy and I would like to get me some to make labels around my house. Thank you for your time.

  6. In school we watched a movie about Hellen Keller, so we did a Braille project! We grabbed a file folder and we would glue the Braille letters, numbers, and punctuation marks! It’s pretty cool!

  7. Braille is literally it's own language! It definitely takes time to learn, even as a young child. I was born with vision problems so I was taught early just in case I lost my sight (luckily I haven't yet!! And I am stable). But I started learning at kindergarten so I was definitely able to learn quicker than I would have if I learned as an adult.

    Unfortunately I did not keep up with it after high school so I definitely need to brush up. But once I start reading it, it all comes back!

    I must say though, I do know how to read and write it but those two things are two completely different challenges!

  8. πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–

  9. How do you know we’re to position your camera or turn it on ps I know your blind I’m not trying to say your not πŸ™ƒ

  10. curious, when using paper and stylos, are you going from left to right and doing each cell backwards so when you turn over the paper you can read it right to left?

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