Teaching Juanpa how to "Farp" – Vlog 007

Wow I'm gonna beat you I'm sorry what did you say to each other anytime le waiting for you hello human so it is Monday to new week I decided to venture out this morning without the baby which is the second time I've been alone since having him in three weeks so I was a little bit scary I went to go and have a skin treatment with this lady in London doctor Tatiana and she was amazing we're just doing like a starting a plan to help my pigmentation from pregnancy so we're just trying to get rid of that which is all breastfeeding safe and we're just like doing it in a very calm and gentle way here is the little guy so he was home for about three hours on his own with my mum he had a bottle with her from my express milk from my boob everyone's asking me about this little pump thing that I use it's really good basically but suctions onto the other boob what you feed the baby and then it collects milk so I haven't had to use an electric pump yet I just use that and I collect bottles which is really good javi is still in Switzerland we are missing him lots and lots but he's going to be back or Thursday so yeah say bye to my sister now excited spatulas Paris Wow oh I might take Noah no he's very happy yeah oh my god oh you thing bye okay the final goodbye not the final goodbye bye for four weeks gonna miss you guys gonna miss the humans just wanted to say a joke what's the fastest cake in the world it's gone I'm laughing because it's so lame goodbye sis love you bye sis a lot more lovely humans I have a ride you ever noticed something that white hair Oh goodbye goodbye goodbye we are in a beautiful house in the hills this is Beverly came down always obsessed with music worked a couple summers at a pool snack bar when I was in Middle School and saved up the money to buy used gear built a studio and my parent's garage started charging kids in the neighborhood yeah it came down to LA studied music business at USC got signed to to Kanye so you're still making music right now yeah like a bush boy is one of my artists I have like a label with a roster full of artists which boy do you rap bring a sauce on it should be yeah little tall what he said but I bring that news goes awesome yeah yeah I say I mean I don't know about bad or good but if you're influencing others to just be authentic expressions of themselves which I guess I don't know a lot about you but I would guess you are by just being an authentic expression of yourself I am about immigrants because they're afraid yeah but but but that means you're reflecting your acting is when you are fully embodying yourself you're acting as a mirror [Applause] humans I haven't talked with this guy that's a set right here do I know you have we talked we've never talked to me you saw me over there but I say the same words did I say that I'm just American yeah yeah and so you're whatever people are projecting you're reflecting back to them to just literally witnessing their own projections which is a beautiful gift fun times beautiful he got it like anything right away he's like this may be one of the most loving or empowering thing you can do for a person is honored their their accountability their responsibility in managing their experience by not interfere not an experience that's the reason I do not help people I just help myself and be very open with my lights so they get inspired because they can do it themselves and if you let them do it themselves then that's the most highest way of looking so what would you say real love is I always have a definition that I tell people that it which is procure your freedom even if it doesn't include me that would be love for me so for me it's the opposite as being married because it has to include otherwise I don't love you like if you're not exclusive I don't love you right if you don't text me back I don't look if I sit in this room yeah it's condition and it's total bullshit you know that's why people like say unconditional love come on like it right then it means it must mean that there's condition as long as you these requirements and do these things for me then I will continue to show you this kind of big and that's not love that's an agreement and you can say it you know we can be open about right it's not love but I think and see love didn't like the abstract entity of love is one thing in relationship exact is another thing that's why I call love agreements right okay vlog we're here at Francisco's place we're gonna have dinner here we're now socializing a little bit today was a pretty chill days you guys could see him just eating walking around the lake and yeah meeting friends and people that's it having some great timing so this is a first song that I made yes I just like left Miami with no mourning nothing and i'm annhe my heels like yeah bro you can stay at my house whatever let me and then everything worked out so that I'm moving with him and Becky's cousin and this up DJ yeah you go are you sober um yes I'm totally sober and I don't drink at all you guys know they don't know I don't know okay I don't drink at all and if I do I never do it and if I do it's one mascot and they were smoking I don't smoke because in LA it's legal but I wasn't smoking so what else no that's it show them you can have fun without in without needing to drink or without any weight sensor um yes I think you can have fun without drinking without smoking I have a lot of fun these guys are really really really impressive making music they're very talented and tomorrow we're gonna make something I want to speak I want to do a podcast with that music behind there I don't know we're gonna create something shoot the monologue see tomorrow's okay humans I'm just looking at the comments on the episode vibe that we just launched and so many of you are supporting me keeping brackets but of course edges as you've seen already I took them off and I wanted to say sorry for those who I let down that we're supporting me to keep them but as I explained you already why I had to take them off it so here's my smile hey you messed up I'm going to the bathroom let me ask for the table thank you hi good it's under Jose Lila this is perfect hey Gladys what's up what's up what's up you guys what's up naked humans this is another negative human very amazing naked few and he sings he comes from a family of artists and now his kids are artists to an amazing family and we sit down and talk eat this place is great pepper thank you no it's amazing when you come to LA you should visit watch Pisa I was telling Diego that this is what started all the noble world because this was in America like the flagship chefs Nobu Matsuhisa that's his name this restaurant is much we're just saying that we want to exchange it for a while just for today's humiliate me with this car I was gonna probably get this one for my wife and got this one for me it's down oh my god Connect connect a lorry we didn't we didn't know each other basic basically but it's very weird because I feel like I know him forever and I think he also feels like that the same it's very weird because this just happens to rush like a lot of paradigms you know a believes that people think that you need to see a person in person or physically in order to know them in order to connect and that is not the case at least it was not the case this time and and I nursed love even though I haven't I hadn't hugged you until today so exactly I'm something inside that it's pretty freaking amazing to prove that you actually have body to move and to feel and to let go and totally and to live good to see we are very happy enjoying lovely weather great humans nice timing good food everything this is called a transition which I want to go on a musical trip in your brain because I can see that it comes down very cool and then see where it takes me my cell phone so basically we just tried a little bit of a possibility of making a song together with wave I think something great is coming I feel there's a lot of connection here smile people look so ok we're gonna make this quick we have to leave go to the hotel get shower get change does your hair head just so we're going for dinner and we have no time this is going to be the transition my name is Greg a message you want to give out to people looking at you out there now go this youtuber like this is like these are all there is no pressure they should Torito yeah Chicharito yeah it's him yeah I sighs my homie Chicharito brah I met him like a good like two years ago hang out ever since he's like good friends honestly if you don't follow him on like Instagram I said maybe not even real not even real yo you're a real one you're going to bro this the homey right here yeah we think is just gonna be like personal comfort I watch it alone thank you so much yeah boy we need to get that – guys I'm at a farmers market Wow super it's amazing hey it's closed so we ate a wet zone we went two times is it an English yeah okay so I've been messing up no you don't mess up your you do you mess up okay okay we're gonna recap again I'm sorry guys okay we went to Wetzel's twice double cheese hate that now we're going back to my apartment and we're wondering or a shake shake cause we don't want this guy to New York my house yeah don't have the recap we're going to his followers ppppp Siri how do how do you say in Russian every time I see a banana I cry knowledge oblige them city how do you say in Russian my name is Nicola and I'm gonna kill you I think we're going in circles well I think we lost a few for a few okay ready ready I start please did I start what's that to start your question is do you think that was a start or this is the stuff do you think me asking is the actual start or when you were born know what I really think is if that question was the first question or is there another one that I didn't understand from you and then I can decide where the beginning is maybe the bigger question is what's the beginning what so the bigger question has a bigger question mark or is the question bigger the question is mentally bigger but mentally textually if you put in the paper is as big as like if you put a saw question or how are you would be the same in the paper yes in the paper you know in the heart maybe in the other human's heart over there in that Honda Civic we don't know because otherwise we would be assuming an assumption is a mother of all fuck-ups you're right are we fuck ups that's something that only we know I don't assume thing you're a frog I'm the Frog sometimes you're afraid I'm a frog interpret I'm afraid of frogs sometimes because I'm a frog but sometimes when I'm afraid I'm not otherwise I wouldn't be afraid of me you know frogs are afraid of me because I am big as big as how are you in the paper you believe in love after love I do believe in love after love my example i buy beef it's a question and you have the answer beer hesitating to say I know is she looking are you there love after love she might be I will say yes I both example and belief because if there's no love after love and you have love and then it ends you fuck well you can always follow your passion that must be love you're assuming that love has to do with a human sorry all right here right okay we missed it yeah I know you you sneezed again tight it's okay it's like Mercker yeah it's a Mario Kart going backwards because there might be some bees there except if you back up it's very expensive okay guys so nigga found this on the floor and they're actually eating why are you laying for the views man bar bomb like hate like yeah we're with today what if someone is trying to poison us if we die were to say like your last words what do you want them to be when you ever feel alone you are okay [Laughter] they're so vampires this ad that makes noises and turns lights on no you're gonna stand there bro no you're not gonna do it what Christina you want want to go out and enjoy this yeah so there comes a time when you meet someone that is so special that can teach you an experience that can totally change the way that you live life so I just taught one Pat a very name okay we're getting there we've been doing other stuff that video is you know very deep conversations and important stuff like party do you know how hard it is to fart and burp at the same time I just did it like 20 seconds ago laughs I just did yes and he's okay here explode that's a brand say it again say you're gonna die oh yeah mixer Alicia I'm not Alexa I loved your lecture no this is wampa cooling your legs as not this is Diego and then and then this is one person hi hello this is Nick oh no no there was Papa we are telling a legs up to lower the volume here compilers go you coming angels are we going or what let's go I really want to go guys I'm not sure we're gonna finish this conversation he learned to fart and burp at the same time which is very difficult there's a probability that we found on internet which is point zero zero zero zero zero zero zero one two three and that's a probability for someone in this planet if you think about it if you lose there it sucks yes loser it's good oh yeah there's a vacuum that's where your check rest your line and you feel like it was like a black hole inside it's an emotional I still don't know what I'm gonna do let's go come on no what there comes a time when you sleep when an opportunity presents to you when random friends coming to your house and hang out with you and you end up discovering a new ability from your own bubble yes and try and takia any when we started this company we had one vision behind we are only risk takers we're not here to play it safe we're not here to own each department or uber and that's why tonight I decided not to work but out of the house are here but the further do it and let's show these girls who is the fucking boss of LA party in LA is waiting for us grab something he's asleep good morning humans I thought I would share this glorious moment with you this is Noah's vomit this is Noah very happy and sleeping fantastic now I need to have a shower he clearly didn't want to wear this outfit today did you know mummy could start to a Wednesday Blagh I wanted to say that today we have exploring and doing what instagramers and bloggers and diego's do and I go find nice spots get some good footage take some nice pictures [Applause] hey guys that's my friend Andrea I love it man look at that oh my god who's my friend Andrea what's up me leave that look at this man I'm painting this with paint of course so we're doing a collaboration for my production line right now this gentleman right here is gonna use this canvas as a new art piece from our company yes cuz this house it was open this house channels like artistic so let's do that we just take and you didn't you say you we're gonna do it with somebody wearing it yeah but the splatter not the logo oh you're right the worst what is he gonna write sinner my producer named woe should write but it takes a little bit known two hours oh no I just want to dry it a little bit more so I can destroy the whole jacket without really covering the whole name so I'm here talking with 1500 what happened he was a hater and he said our vlog sucked couldn't you talk to him there isn't that what you do people this is paint I didn't kill anybody killing is not spiritual at all don't do it at home it's not good at home don't try it with an adult always eat correctly and a lot of sugar will kill you car made specially for Enid Mitchell she was the wife of the owner of General Motors and this was hers yet and now don't you get cold now and driving at this time no because it's pretty close here it's not that bad yeah I used to have the heater and then he broke I had a girl here and she's like my feet are all wet and I come here you're wet like what kind of sexual joke is that and she's like no it's leaking it's leaking we're gonna die cause it caught on fire the brakes ended on me on a hill like and a lot of things happen with this thing away but there's no such thing as another one of these yeah no don't don't sell it it's amazing yeah okay so so it ends another day tomorrow headed to San Diego because Diego's giving an event there early so to tomorrow hello guys hey the last day here in Switzerland we have a friendly match against an Austrian team yeah and after that we go to London and I'm gonna be with my son Sarah it's gonna be great because I miss them so much and then on Saturday then we have Friday off and then on Saturday like midday we go to China and we stay there like 10 days you may be cool I will try to film as much as I can I'm looking forward to it hopefully today it's a great match goodbye like a human's I love you no it's just sleeping on me and he's just yeah taking it up that was a smile we're very excited today because javis coming home it's been ten days without it yeah well it's like one of the longest times we've spent apart since we met and yes and we have one night together and then he flies to China which he goes for another seven eight days and then he'll be back and then we'll be back in a normal routine with training and stuff so we're about halfway there through the big like preseason oh wait I'm so we're gonna see how we go yeah bold humans are in fashion good morning we are going to San Diego and it's a beautiful day I'm fitting with a dream that's so crazy hey guys we just got to San Diego Diego is having a meet-and-greet here in a coffee shop and then in a couple hours is gonna have a conference of eight hours in the hotel the ride from LA to San Diego was pretty fucking long a lot of traffic how is there so many cars not working on a Wednesday Thursday at 10:00 in the morning I have no clue about that but oh wow found an amazing person randomly on the street the thing that I'm gonna see him I smile that's pretty much it update soon hi guys so it is now lunch time I just went out for breakfast and went to the market with my mom and that is today and we're very very excited because and he's excited absolutely he's mean face handing him everyday but it's obviously not the same and I think obviously he's not conscious that he misses him but he would definitely miss his presence in that house because all javi aka your father is a very loud person right yes oh say hi we'll see you guys later okay I did I miss you he's being very expressive with you hello humans I'm back in London tomorrow go to China so yeah that's day pre-seasoned life guys traveling traveling traveling traveling you can listen does a favorite song of Norah that is is the device we put him in his foot and it tells when it's off but he loves that look who is that no I had a very good night last night and he was very excited that he's dad comes home we're going at 3 p.m. to the Mexican Consulate to get his Mexican birth certificate and his password ERD hearses Australian so he's waiting for being able to travel while entertaining plan we love you guys – yeah humans we just got back to LA 4 hours in traffic actually impressive now quick breakfast in this pretty place looks amazing and then Diego has its event and we should be done after that okay let's see what the other humans are up to these controls view in the car you just don't do very uncomfortable fall so I'm just really trying to help get you enjoying your favorite TV show I'm a very nice a confirm position in the car one person here that sat for nine hours he doesn't speak Spanish so he was he served first row he didn't sleep and he was here so to be honest if you have any question of anything or any comment we'll do this in English you will be a naked humans and this question and you will be there so let's do this anything you want to say we devised something that something happens sitting there for nine hours listening to this foreign language am I crazy that's cool I hope I can get more people that speak English so we can make a little group what I would do also for the slapping people that speak English is I would like for you to subscribe to a next workshop in English even though we speak Spanish so we can invite at least one person too and we begin there otherwise I will never get into I will never tap into the American or English market you know so I live in London I come to America now let's do something I hope we can do this and this was just for naked human so you can see there's a lot of humans thank you for everything well due to the Spanish it'll be back hello I'm like I'm drunk I spoke for 15 hours and we just ate the most amazing pasta because I'm with two Italians Nicola and Andrea and she comes from the past actually everything on him is old it was a good stuff this was in Woodstock actually was this was in Woodstock my professor my hippie professor gave it to me and I was like I need that and he's like that's the only thing I'm not selling and I'm like I love that what is the history is like I did a sit on that when I was like 19 years old and I was like okay I need that and you know what I like driving in the front seat like that you know it's like a living room in here he says he drives sometimes like moved over here in the middle so it's been a very long and good day today I spoke a lot and it ends everything ends so thank you la Thank You San Diego great humans over here life is great yes I'm leaving to China so yes I'm finishing packing Pammy I want to go because it's China to a nice country good experience I love to travel but being away from Sarah and Nora and of life here is going to be difficult because noise just like four or five weeks also yeah it's complicated but is part of life this extraordinary life that I chose so it's keep going oh why are you crying he's down again I explained to them that is hard but we're gonna be fine it's very good growing she's an excellent mother so everything will be fine of course look my family gave me this my parents I just found out I didn't use it so I'm gonna use it because I love it then my family gave me this bracelet too this is not then this is something that Sarah gave me too so I have all of them so yes I always want to show you that to you guys

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