Oh God he just tried this back to see what up guys welcome back to the search YouTube channel you already know what's good shark gang Greenspan we're out here at a CX and I'm actually about to die right now because my legs are overly sore because of this tall human beside me her name is Jordan and we actually made a sick video on her channel so go check it out but right now it is 11:00 that night and Seoul came all the way to her mo my brother actually my girlfriend's brother and Jordans here so right now actually guys but you don't really know what we're doing yet but before we go any farther into this video make sure to give it a thumbs up comment down below any other video ideas that you want to see us do also make sure to subscribe to both of our YouTube channels links can be down in the description and follow all of us on Instagram okay also at the end of the video I'm gonna do a notification shout out so all you got to do is subscribe turn on the post notifications and at the end of this video we're gonna shout out one random person you're not random you're one of the short game cringe fan but anyways guys I'm so tired alright Jordan are you ready I'm ready great you're tired is that a good way to teach someone to do something um you know what let's cut all tired words out we're not tired we have energy coming down below if you think Jordans gonna be able to land this back look I think he's gonna have it by the end of the night cuz Randy can do one obviously like come on they're like I mean Oh No yeah what what she saying alright Jordan I can't do it okay stop bouncing around your joints are gonna break off you put all the five as you call me I'm calling you old I'm telling no in the inside inside the outside catching up with me though alright guys we don't know if he's actually gonna land that's Randy you think he's got it absolutely 100% so all the foampit you love let's try it man it's the worst thing Randy what's the worst thing that's ever happened to me they try to backlit and fail into the pit nothing oh yeah we're good all right we're gonna start out into the pit right so the first thing we're gonna do is you're gonna start right here come on 15 minutes is all it's gonna take him actually less than 15 minutes we're gonna stand here all you're gonna do how you lay down in your bed at night yeah you sleep on your stomach or on your back I sleep on my side curled up you wanna show me all right well tonight you sleep on your back so you're gonna jump like you sleep just in the air I'm excited to see this what is the oldest person you've ever taught to do this how do you I'm over 30 okay over 30 that's the oldest person I've ever taught well I'm just kidding guys I actually taught my grandma who's 74 years old how to do this go check out that video it is somewhere on my channels to go find it but anyways by the way if you wanted a hole I am checkout celebrity birthdays boom okay famous fried you code famous birthdays oh yeah she's tired I promise this is not a joke he's going to land it in t-minus dude you have to I want to sleep I flat here at 6:00 okay yeah but we're gonna extend that flight all right already just jump and land on your back okay here we go I hope you don't break your hip you're not going for the flip yet you're just jumping on your back you got it Friday 3 anything few shoe fine I know but it's a little scary I've never done this so what all you got to do is jump and push your hips up to the roof that's Jordan Jordan we're not spotting you until you're ready for the flip he's just demonstrated ok guys you have a couple minutes left to get this back foot so you better speed it up oh that look on the face yeah that was basically no way I got that last one we're gonna do you got blood dripping on designer' so last thing we're gonna do you're just gonna don't worry about it already bleeding this is not good comment down below if you think he's going to neck it just so we can make sure that you have this I want you to rub your belly and pat your head at the same time not bad well you missed your pads all right stop look we're just gonna go for it ready so here's what you're gonna do Randy eli watches right now Andy I trust you will you just make sure that what should we double spot him we can double spot my Wow yeah I don't know what happened they've got me bleeding you ready here's gene because that ACX we are very safety-conscious into safety country you're gonna do the same thing is there we jump on your back then you're gonna ball up and then scream for your mom and we're going to put ready just make sure your hands listen do not go wide with your hands you'll knock me and I do not feel properly prepared I did that first thing very badly let's admit it yeah and we told me this is a crash course they want to know what's happening right now they just want to go to bed okay that's what's happening this is jordyn you're overcomplicating it three two one jump as hard as you can straight up three two one bun like the hot like just jump alright ready we got two three wait wait wait I'm freaking out in all seriousness I'm supposed to go oh that's way too close straight up Jordan you're overthinking it man alright watch you just bend your legs not swing your arms in the air then make your knees hit your elbows Oh Randy okay just let me just make sure I understand I go up and your knees touch and I bend my knees like this I've seen a lot okay you've never done one – alright guys comment down below if you think he's gonna neck that Randy is not strong enough to lift me okay not even worried yes a lot worse than I thought listen Jordan I know it might be hard to bend those knees at that age but you gotta bend the knees i but Randy's you said just go up and we're gonna get send you on a ride honestly dude you you jumped and then that's all you did are you sure you not vertigo yeah no look pull it you're next to you okay Eli's I've been approximating look you said all this stuff imagine really he's like look don't worry about it just jump up it's like a ride you have to do anything so it's like okay I didn't do anything and then I don't know what happened how did it look there look good it looked hot do it in slow motion to look really good your one rep in and you have four minutes to land oh wait a minute guys Randy came in with the band-aids and the I don't know what's doing that is disinfect them I'm wounded and I'm dying it anyway wounded wounded I mean this is intense right that was there before the blood my blood off the mat yeah God he just tried this back to see that shows that guys he just gonna back [Laughter] Lorne's quick I'm sorry guys we're teaching I'm sorry there's a height differential okay it's a lot harder for sixth floor to do this because it's a lot harder for someone that's short to get off the ground okay yeah all right Jordan round two let's go putting a bandaid on his boo-boo barest enough I'm gonna put my bandit you know what that's the band-aid Oh get out of my way no he just did it your Jordan you don't have a backflip neither did so ten seconds ago yeah is there any first time here we go we might need a third spot so that's an option guys he's running away you can't run from your fears you got to face them hey take it back what did I do wrong wait let me let me show him one thing real quick all right hold on Wow Randi's while Randy's coaching me and so are gonna do a quick montage do some flips you want to go first Ben slight for you guys all right you're not gonna get it bro Heights all know what it is leave a like and comment and subscribe shot game crunch fam Crockett alright I'm gonna do a quick something because I know all those are retirement guys this is a retirement training session right now 37 years old already you're off by decades between the key did you want to see my and your body need to go this yeah let's see a fast foot so it falafel do you guys like that nickname comment on below 7720 there's no way guys no matter how much training Jordan get based off the first flip that's not happening we have been training all day I am no longer living alright ready you want to spot okay all right guys I'm spotting whoa Jordans but worse than Eli's back okay an age thing yeah I don't know um all right you're gonna go again I think Eli should go no way coming soon all right there's hot there's a lot of hospital your ride dog Eli is coaching me now the guys never done it backflips of two minutes ago two minutes to Lana's first one and it's taken you like 64 years guys comment on below if you know Oh Diaz I really have no idea and I don't know what celebrities birthday says he's famous birthday come on grandpa you got this that kind of hurt will hurt less than this Jordan aka Big Shot aka all the acro flipping gym not all stuffy films broke can you even do it alright that's your mental coach getting coached by Eli stretch event really oh wait no what's gonna happen again okay you're gonna flip me up how does this guy have this much energy at 11:00 at night right not this ready and I'm not ready but wait wait I saw just boom and then guys he just keeps talking over and I'm gonna talk and we're gonna get this together as a team no I gotta go up like you like this okay ready how did you do it okay let's do it – one throwing no all right this guy is way too extra but give it a three give it a thumbs up this is print RAM right here what's happening all right last one and you're done all right okay guys – he's pretty close he has it he landed on his neck for the first one landed on his knees for the second one I don't know how he's gonna land that third one comment down below also make sure to subscribe because that's what's got me crazy right babe also guys over here at ACX they offer retirement classes so if you're in a retirement home come to AC a good grandma tiger grandpa just ask me I'm really kind of questions did you guys eat a spot watch what Oh knees I made it look hard but all I didn't mean that looks hard yeah I stutter all right all he does arms up behind your knees do you guys think I did it like why do we have to do this again I got out free I mean like I'm not injured you ever heard the sang one and done yeah that doesn't apply here before and then you're done why okay [Laughter] something fam shut high fives yeah huge fail but amazing effort that was pretty awesome thumbs up you want to go lay with him because I don't think he's gonna be able to get out mmm let me say and we're out all right are you done yeah and we're out obviously Jordan never backflip before and never will again come on you got it look what I did for the shark oh you got a boo-boo for the shark yeah that was the fail but you know one thing at least to do this shoots my video sandy chase he can't do it either what all right guys we're gonna have to call not you got I'm a one-dog all right all right here you go let's go sandy yeah that looked too easy for him all right me and sour beats been a long day for everybody whoo thank you guys for watching this video it's been super awesome I did not think that he was gonna get a bat well actually thought it was gonna get a back foot but she really did it I didn't but I did leave some blood here okay she got injured guys say a prayer for her down below anyways make sure to give this video a thumbs up comment down below any other video ideas that you want to see me do also make sure to follow both of us all three of us the only reason I didn't hit that backflip for real is because I want you guys to request a part two where I do show you what I can do so comment below if you want a part two and I'll be back and I'll do it for real this time your auntie boom boom boom boom boom boom Oh guys someone needs to get this year to chill pill and boom pill this for certification shoutout goes to Devin Henson thanks for turning on the post notifications and subscribing guys it's super late here but thank you guys for watching this video make sure subscribe to both our YouTube channels keyword is Oh aunt is Jordan failed it's two words you said thanks for the love we love you too alright peace out guys peace short gang stay boom stay cringy guys this dude is insane I just we might we can never film with him again


  1. Affaf why are are you being mean you can't do a backflip so she should stop be mean at least he is trying stop being mean no affence

  2. Love u all (and Cringe Fam)! 🙂 And I really want a shoutout so I would really be happy if you did!!!!!!!!!

    Jordan: I thought you were gonna' spot me or something?
    Jack(Shark): We're not spotting you until you're ready for the flip.

    (Affaf is right. He's too old) :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):) HaHaHa

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