Teaching Invention Literacy With Makey Makey

this is a makeymakey and it is a tool that allows people to experience what it's like to be a creator what is the mindset of an inventor how do inventors think my name is Tom heck and I'm the vice president for education initiatives at makey makey and I teach the invention literacy workshop for k-12 educators what we're doing today with the makey makey is we're delving deep into that mindset of the inventor of exploration makey makey is a beautifully simple device that connects to any computer and when you connect it with a USB cable the computer believe that you have plugged in a external keyboard and it allows you to control what's on the screen through these little areas here that we alligator clip to many of our kids are looking for right and wrong and if I didn't get it right then I am wrong so when it comes to inventing and creating we need to change the mindset from that to something very different what people learn in this workshop is one to explore and to experiment with finding answers to their own problems as opposed to being told what the answer is so that's where I want to give you permission for today and especially as what we're about to do as we work through the day the challenges with the device get greater and greater and then in the afternoon we apply everything that we've learned in what we call a design challenge where participants are asked to design something that's real and useful to them and then they share what they've created with their peers and their peers ask questions and everybody learns through the experience here's what's going to happen in one hour we're going to take on a design challenge you're going to build a prototype with the makey makey to solve an actual problem you or your team have the end of one hour you must have built it trusted it and be ready to present it to the rest of us use whatever material as you want but I'd like you to think through what you're going to do any questions here we go so you're going to build this star yes and what is the balloons part we're thinking about baby is really using it was just like the playing David is the makey makey allows us to interact with the digital world at the same time we're able to interact with the world around us outside of the screen one minute I think the magic of a workshop like this is that we're here together and the medium of the message is an opportunity to explore and look for answers and experiment which leads us to the world of invention sorry all right we're all coming over here to check out this group here explain what you intended to invent the teacher will record what the homework is for that week and they would our idea was to take a start tag and a finish mat so that when kids are on a race it automatically constantly when they step on this start timer and when they finish and they step on the finish mat oh yeah you got two boys at the beginning of a workshop I'll often ask how many of you see yourselves as an inventor a few people might raise their hand then by the end of the workshop many more people see themselves as an inventor because they've now had the experience of it and that is transformative they've changed how they see themselves if they do that they're more likely to carry that energy back to the classroom our design is your orientation face to that making we made a loud crash gel souvenir you

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