20 thoughts on “Teaching in Korea | Co-Teacher Problems + Story Time”

  1. I'm so sorry you had that truly miserable experience with that co-teacher. It sounds like you handled it to the best of your ability. She was Madame Extra. I was an early childhood special education teacher for 7 years and during that time I had a few miserable incidents with people in power or in co-positions who not only did not want to do their jobs, but felt it necessary to attack anyone who "made them look bad". Apparently asking them to perform their job or objecting to being treated like a lesser being caused them to attack because they experienced objections as " akin them look bad". As for why does God let these things happen? I hate conflict too. The situations I mentioned pushed me to stand up for myself. It was less painful to have the confrontations then to feel I had let myself down by not standing up for myself. I bet the next time someone behaved the way that co-teacher did with you, you were able to handle it more easily. Thanks for all your great teaching and travel videos.

  2. This might be a stupid question, but how do you not have to know any Korean? Do the children know English? xx

  3. LOL When I tell you I felt the frustration you felt on a SPIRITUAL level! Whoo! "What kind of alternate universe am I living on when yes really means no and no really means yes?!" INCOMPETENCE! Having to work with an incompetent, confusing, frustrating co-worker is THE WORST.

  4. I had a co-teacher like that last semester here in Korea. I'm glad that I'm not the only one. Makes me feel better.

  5. belive me bad things happen so we learn from it and be a better person, and not do the same mistakes that others do. and you don't know maybe in the future you will be the main teacher and aother teacher needs you or you will be the others boss, and from your experinces you goig to be the anomaly bright side in thire life.

  6. I haven't taught abroad, but I do have my Education degree (and would like to teach abroad). However, my first practicum, I really had a bad mentor teacher. And it was so subtle, that I didn't realize how bad she was until my new practicum with a new mentor teacher who was ABSOLUTELY fantastic.
    My first mentor teacher treated me like a TA, doing copies and helping the students with disabilities instead of teaching the group and letting me find ways to individualize the lessons for certain students. And I barely made the required level of teaching per day, because she was such a control freak and altered my stuff then told me I couldn't teach something even though it was in the curriculum and she was just….
    not the best mentor teacher someone could have. That's for sure.

  7. Hey Melody I was thinking of visiting South Korea after my high school graduation with my parents. would this be a good experience or not.

  8. omg i've been following you since 5ever and i'm gonna graduate soon i wanna be an EPIK teacher ! i've been dreaming to go to korea and watching your vids inspired me to be in the EPIK program ! but what's the requirements/classes needed in college for it? x

  9. I really like your videos. Very informational and all becauae after I get my BA I would like to teach in korea. Someday! It is awesome to see what my life could be like and what coteacher i might get stuck with. Thank u! 🙂

  10. I was so interested in hearing your reason why God gave you that evil CT then you said "I'm still working on the why" and I literally laughed out loud! Got me all hooked and then BAM! Disappointment. lol Btw I love the color of your room! I use to think God gave me that CT, the one who asked me how to pronounce those gospel words, to teach me patience, but it honestly made me more irritable. lol

  11. One of the beautiful thing about this vid is that your trying see what God is doing , Alot of the time we react to the person but not the spirit they come in. Stay being a Blessing.

  12. Wow that really sucks, I can only imagine the frustration, and stress having to deal with that on an almost daily basis. Did you ever attempt to obtain a replacement for this individual? What about a 3rd party to serve as a mediator to help work thru situations, including limitations due to the language barrier?

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