Teaching Excellence Summit 2018: highlights

Stena we have higher education we have the city we have business we have government and that I think really is the recipe for success in higher education as a famous Nelson Mandela quote state education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world creating the opportunity to teach in innovative ways or to teach in ways that go beyond the lecture is an important step there's no point in lecturing anymore it's clearly compelling that that's not effective there is more force than you are told of at the end of the lecture that almost anything it's in education and there's a great deal of horse manure developed in education this class is every class because I'm looking around the room some people are saying I bet I can solve that and others of you look like I don't think I can solve that and those of you looking this is stupid I'm not gonna try and solve that so every class is here we head we're socializing and we're taking part in extracurriculars we're not we're working you know we're working really hard if you want staff to invest in this you need to make the time and the rewards available in terms of engagement we look at five different areas or rather we group operations into five different areas so four of our questions move into this measure of student engagement and we really want to understand am i being engaged by the learning process we talk so much about global economic competitiveness and how important in higher education is to global economic competitiveness but let's make no mistakes about it it is equally or more important to maintaining democratic societies I think the great thing about this summit is that we've had such diverse views and I think that's we need more of these to try and see exactly how we as institutions begin to address the challenge of driving excellence forward it's been a great summit and I'm really excited to be clear that we have a lasting legacy we have a host for next year's teaching excellence summit to build on the conversations we've had and thrilled to announce that Western University in London Ontario is hosting next year please join us then we very much look forward to welcoming you next year to continue the dialogue so that we can have great exchanges of ideas and share our best practices with each other to advance our teaching and education mission it'll be delightful to have academic leaders from across the world to come to London to share your thoughts your ideas and to inspire each other from our experiences across the world

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